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Alex Sawa • 3 years ago

Covid lock downs have made it challenging for a new Catholic
like me to get into the practice of attending mass, etc. Scheduling
time slots, etc. All of this has been a particular challenge for me and
it has been easy to find excuses to not practise my faith the way I'm
supposed to...

Well today, I felt more determined than ever to book a time slot and go
to church this weekend. No more excuses... it's the right thing to do
and about time I do it. After all, I believe Christ is truly present in
the Blessed Sacrament. Fortunately I booked early enough in the
week to find a spot on the schedule for Sunday.

Later on I was talking to a Catholic friend, and casually mention this
among the things I did today...He told me today is the Feast of Corpus
Christi. I could hardly believe it so I had to look it up myself!

I can only conclude that when the Church celebrates a Feast, the
significance of the day powerfully resonates throughout the people and
although I'm new to this tradition, even in my ignorance I felt
compelled to respond to this mystical moving of the Holy Spirit.

Irene walker • 4 years ago

A day chosen by Christ himself. Why are we not taught about these events in religious studies?

ana nikolic • 5 years ago

Toma Akvinski on our language was much more than you write.. and by generations before my place is with Lajola...that means 2cenyry after..belong to both church...Orthodox by mother and Catholic by father..

Brian Hilson • 6 years ago

What a great shame that the feast day is no longer celebrated on the correct day;another example of the dilution of our religious traditions by the Bishops of England and Wales.At least we have reclaimed Ascension Day!

Chuck kelly • 6 years ago

God bless our Church and our beliefs

Nigel D'Souza • 6 years ago

Very interesting and educational. Thanks a lot.

Juliana • 6 years ago

Thank you for this great information. It has increased my devotion to the Holy Eucharist. Great also to know about St. Juliana, my patron saint who I always sought to know about. God bless.