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Gemma Seymour • 2 months ago

The idea that fertility rates are low in Singapore because of average housing size is laughable. 50 years ago, the average US home size was comparable to that of Singapore today. The author needs to study a bit more about the relationship between affluence and birthrates. Singapore ranks #4 in the world in per capita GDP by purchase price parity, with about 150% of the per capita GDP (PPP) of the US, which ranked #15.

Georgism does not require centralised planning or “big government”, nor does it require state ownership of land, as Henry George explicitly noted in “Progress and Poverty” all the way back in 1879. Conflating Georgism with Socialism/Communism is misleading in the extreme. Georgism only requires that taxes be shifted away from capital improvement values and toward land values. In the US, all this requires is changing tax policy; nothing else needs to be changed—simply raise taxes on land values, and lower them on everything else. All the mechanisms of assessment and collection are already in place.