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Spain62 • 4 years ago

Fascism, period.

BHFan • 4 years ago

Big money in this for these crooks

RoundPonda • 4 years ago

Reported $725 PER DAY to house the "prisoner babies"

idamag • 4 years ago

Are these camps going to have gas chambers?

Fred Gould • 4 years ago

Not until Trump steals 2020

RandyBastard • 4 years ago

Shhhh! Those are showers.

shadow12ea • 4 years ago

not to begin with, but later, expect a lot of people to die. there will be abuse, neglect, lack of sanitary facilities, food, health care, etc. and people will die. it will go undedicated for some months until work gets out, but citizens won't be able to do anything because trump will have them declared terrorist and they will find themselves in these camps also. Just rember what the Nazis did and you'll know what trump is going to do

idamag • 4 years ago

Questions that should have been asked before the fascist was allowed to initiate this action:
1. How many of the children have medical issues such as:
a. Celiac disease?
b allergies?
c. Cystic fibrosis?
2. With these children scattered over the nation, not
able to speak English how are they going to be
reunited with their parents?
3. Will interfering with the natural parent-child bond
that babies have cause the child to become
detached from society. Are they making criminals?

abken • 4 years ago

Navy ... don't they live on ships? Maybe a few used container ships and just refit them with new cages ... the people couldn't escape in international waters.
Many action and science fiction moves used the same scenario .

I'm sure Lord Donald would be impressed and in the coming civil war, I'm pretty sure being one of his favorite lackeys could help the Navy personal and their families who put forward and finished this plan!

larry • 4 years ago

fuck the cages...where are they going to go on a ship in open water....this is insane...trump wants to take away social security and medicare and dozens of other programs for poor americans but yet we will waste millions holding immigrants (instead of send them home)...all to hold america hostage for his dumbass wall

keirmeister • 4 years ago

Who is being contracted to do this work? This is another profiteering opportunity, and someone is getting rich off of the misery Trump is creating.

wehaveseenthisb4 • 4 years ago

Asses & elbows to the contracting table for our fabled military overcharging and double billing contractors. Maybe the APA can in on this, for humanitarian reasons of course. Is this a great country or what?

Icanthinkformyself • 4 years ago

Some times I think the "or what" part is apt. More often than not, of late. As for the contractors, it's just 'Disaster Capitalism At Work'. We should hang that sign on the Capitol Building.

Zach • 4 years ago

Is that what the "D.C." stands for in Washington, D.C."?

General Jack D. Ripper • 4 years ago

Likely pals of trump who own these businesses.

RoundPonda • 4 years ago

ONLY pals already selected, like the Krotch brothers...

Fred Gould • 4 years ago

Shouldn't be any contractors. The military has more than enough uniformed engineers.

Bigdaddyvike • 4 years ago

President Miller: "Great idea! Let's screw with these people, feed the base and make $millions. A win-win."

shadow12ea • 4 years ago

there are two very large military contractors who expect to be awarded the contracts. and when it comes to security expect Betsy DeVos's brother to get some of those contracts also. its all about the money.

HalfDemonInuyasha • 4 years ago

As always, follow the money.

pappadaddyo • 4 years ago

Isn't that the basic republican business model?😎

BHFan • 4 years ago

That’s exactly right

idamag • 4 years ago

You got it

Icanthinkformyself • 4 years ago

I was born in 1951, so it was before my time. But, I remember stories of another country that did something similar back in the 1930's. Is that what we've become under the leadership of the Republicans? Let's not forget, it's not just tRump. The entire party, rank and file and it's voters, are responsible. Make them pay in November and beyond.

idamag • 4 years ago

I was a child during that time. When I saw the horrific newsreels as to what our military found when they liberated the camps, I wondered how people could do that to other people. I have spent a lifetime studying nazi Germany. To begin with there was a lot of anti semitism. Hitler played to the white nationalists. He nurtured the ugliness.He actually took over the nazi party and made it what it was. The communists spoke out against hitler so they were on his s-list. He used propaganda to prove the Jews were bad. Doesn't that sound like what trump said about immigrants from Mexico. trump called countries, that have different races of people, shthole countries. That is bigotry plain and simple. The nazis and KKK came out of hiding as trump supports them. We are the shthole country now.

retireman • 4 years ago

If we don't stop them in Nov, someone else will have to stop them the same way it was done in 1945. As I type this, I see a grim irony in '45.

vet • 4 years ago

Yeah, it sounds really familiar.

wehaveseenthisb4 • 4 years ago

Without doubt we are closer to being that country than to the America of 1951. We have committted war crimes that have gone unpunished since the invasion of Iraq. Now we have the separation of children from their families like that country's Gestapo, while the whore Houses of Congress do nothing effective to stop it. We would have a very difficult time defending ourselves to our grandfathers at Nuremberg.

vet • 4 years ago

I thought there would be checks on this. But McConnell and Ryan just smirk and help tear it down. It's little comfort that their evil spawn will have to endure the future they made, too. I wouldn't want their legacy. I suppose it's possible they think, really, that they're right. Meaning they've been acting as secret agents of that agenda for years. Traitors, all of them.

shadow12ea • 4 years ago

Mitch won't be happy if they march his wife into one of those camps because if Steve miller and dtrump have their way there won't be any room for any one but whites in the usa

Jim • 4 years ago
fukum • 4 years ago

Very powerful.
Now to text to my Fox watching reles

Covfefe_Jesus • 4 years ago

l iike that she is fat, Though they forgot the trailer tranp tattoo

TreadingWater • 4 years ago

Forgot? She's wearing a thong. That flag is the tattoo.

vet • 4 years ago

"Or I'll hit you with my bible. And smother you with my flag. By sitting on your face."

Guest • 4 years ago
Msquad99 • 4 years ago

Someone else expressed this but I can't help repeating it. America elected a Black guy President and in response the racists in this country went nuts over it. This mofo and his right wing extremist, radical party are the direct result of racism gone wild, mad and unchecked starting with the "southern strategy" post 60's civil rights/social revolution. These f*cks have been plotting, planning and carrying out the destruction of this Democracy and this nation systematically. It is now at a point wherein all institutions of government and law are under attack, including the Constitution. The dynamics are wide and broad. Volumes are written about it and more will be written about it. One bottom line is the vote, the only meaningful weapon remaining in the hands of the people. I, for one, sincerely hope people come to realize that and use that weapon to wipe these mofos out of power, control and dominance. We can make this a better country and world.

idamag • 4 years ago

Everything you said is correct. However, you cannot reason with the bigoted ideologues who have so little worth, they use the color of their skin, which they did not accomplish.

Phoenix Justice • 4 years ago

I want to know how the military is funding it, considering Congress hasn't appropriated the funds.

20 years of laundered money hidden away in ammo bunkers, missing unaccounted for treasure from the bushco wars based on a pack of lies https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

idamag • 4 years ago

During the Iraqi fiasco there was 6 billion dollars that went missing.

That's 'trillion', I believe.

idamag • 4 years ago

My memory isn't good so I will assume your figure is the correct one. I remember seeing pallets showing what the amount would look like it they were $1000 bills. The pallets were huge. No one seems to be looking for that money if they ever did.

It's like physics, where being off by a factor of a thousand is no big deal.

LCoyote • 4 years ago

I expect to see his false teeth pop out every time he does that.

fukum • 4 years ago

No prob, they're appropriating it from the social security fund.

LCoyote • 4 years ago

"isn't this using the military to enforce civil law"

Yes, And Vladimir Putin loves it this way.

Filthy Harry • 4 years ago

I served 5 years in the Navy and someone asked me once if I'd be ok with my son joining the military and I thought about it and replied, yeah there was a time when I would have been, but after how the Bush admin used the military to wage a war of choice in Iraq for mostly personal and personal financial reasons, I didn't think that military service that can potentially be used that way was still an honorable choice. Sad to see I'm still justified for saying that.

idamag • 4 years ago

What makes it worse, they tell these servicemen they were fighting for our freedoms. The last time they really fought to keep this nation (and others) save was WWII.

Sam McCue • 4 years ago

“Man cannot give freedom; he can only take it away.”
Jacques Yves Cousteau