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Justin • 2 months ago

Anyone try using pure stevia (not cut with chicory, malto, etc powder) and if so, what amount did you use?

Jenn Pierce • 1 year ago

I hate coffee unless it is a mocha. Have tried to retrain my tastebuds for years to no avail. Decided to try the ice cream and it was good but wasnt sure how practical it was to drink daily or to make all the time. So I started putting it into ice cube trays as soon as blended. Now I pop a few into a cup of black coffee stir and go. It's delicious, keeps me alert, and so easy at work or on the go even. I dont need a blender and still get the froth like top.

Jen M • 1 year ago

Has anyone tried making this recipe with duck eggs rather than chicken eggs? (I have a much more reliable source of duck eggs.) Thanks!

Bulletproof Staff • 1 year ago

Hey Jen--that should work! Please report back and tell us how it goes!

Angela B • 1 year ago

Just made the ice cream. It’s a “no go “ for me. Major stomachache and just an overall bad feeling for several hours after eating it. Not working for me and I’m strict Keto. I just thought others might benefit from knowing that sometimes some of these recipes that sound good, just aren’t for everyone. It is creamy however and I’m sure it works for others... just not my thing.

NOLA_Darling • 1 year ago

You probably had a reaction to the Xylitol or Erythritol, which can cause diarrhea and stomach cramping if consumed in large amounts. Maybe stevia would be a better option.

Jen • 1 year ago

Has anyone developed a good substitute for the eggs? I’m allergic and can’t eat them anymore. :(

Bulletproof Staff • 1 year ago

Hi Jen! We've added more egg-free ice cream recipes since this one was developed. Try these ones instead!

Chocolate cookie dough ice cream: https://blog.bulletproof.co...

Coffee ice cream: https://blog.bulletproof.co...

Chocolate coconut ice cream: https://blog.bulletproof.co...


Mark Johnson • 1 year ago

What if you added a button that would send a PDF of the recipe to the printer or recipe book all neat and pretty? Then people could make it right now!... you will easily think of 12 things that providing a PDF-to-print/share can do for those of us doing your diet for the first time, if they can be deep in ice dreams in moments. And send it to a friend and post it, and on and on... and generate more revenue, I left that yummy one for the end so it would be on your mind when you set the recipe loose on the planet. (Instead of affecting the population...) My dad is returning after he forgot how to stroll down memory lane, at all. Thanks for holding your standards the highest, and for making it a delight to follow the roadmap and a marvel to watch someone you love more than anything come back from a long walk in netherworld, All the way back. You rock brah.

Mary Sue Claus • 1 year ago

What ice cream maker is best to use? Are there ones that have 'healthier' parts? I've never used one before.

Josh Nelson • 1 year ago

This Bulletproof Ice Cream is amazing. I love it!

FatBob75 • 2 years ago

I was making it with 60 grams, which was really good. My wife has made it couple times and it was missing something very noticeable. We came to find out I was weighing my substitute and she was using the table version. If you are using a different sugar substitute (stevia) and it doesn't taste as sweet as you would think, then you may want to use the weight as opposed to the tablespoon measurement. I realize this maybe common sense to most, but created a funny situation at our house so wanted to throw it out there just in case. We actually use this recipe for pudding, chocolate, instead of ice cream. It is very good as ice cream, but always makes more than we can finish. If you want to try it as pudding, I recommend using close to 1/2 cup of water..it will start out a bit runny but thicken up in the fridge.

Mohamed Mady • 2 years ago

cant we use chia seeds instead of egg yolks

Amanda Love • 2 years ago

I love this recipe and have made it 3 times in the past few days including once for a client that I cook for. I will say that the method in which it is made makes all the difference in the final product. I am a professional chef and have found that the best ice cream results when you use softened butter and melted coconut oil. This makes a far superior ice cream rather then using cold butter and hardened coconut oil. I have made this before with cacao butter and did not find it to be the best tasting. I would also suggest additional vanilla. 1 tablespoon of vanilla is the best in my opinion. I would also suggest one get a proper ice cream storage container in order to have the best texture when you go to the freezer later to retrieve it. These can be obtained at kitchen stores. Hope this helps~! Amanda Love, The Barefoot Cook

P.S. One more thing....one of the times I made this, I made the mixture only to discover that my ice cream maker wasn't frozen. I kept the blended ice cream mixture in the Vitamix planning to re-blend it later only to discover it had made a delicious chocolate mouse. So, if you don't have an ice cream maker, just blend the ice cream mixture and chill and you will still have a delicious dessert!

Ice Cream Guide • 2 years ago

Ever heard of this guy named Anthony Howard-Crow who went on an ice cream diet and had actually lost weight? According to a nutritionist, it may not be an ideal diet to permanently sustain, but the point of the experiment was to specifically show how an energy deficit can override specific food sources when it comes to weight or fat loss. By the basic principles of energy balance—calories-in, calories-out—you can lose weight. And with too many of the best ice cream makers on market today, it is now incredibly easy to make one at home.

TJ Nelson • 1 year ago

However when I eat quick acting carbs I get fat, when I eat lots of fat and protein my abs start to show, and I'm pretty sure the calories aren't much different.

Hormones have a big role to play in muscle and fat loss also. An increase in testosterone especially.

Kayla Brady • 2 years ago

Hi how often can this be indulged on?

Allison Bachmeier • 2 years ago

Can you use ghee in place of butter? Does the quantity vary if so?

Dave Friend • 2 years ago

I see no problem replacing the butter with Ghee. Ghee (ideally organic, grass fed) is Bulletproof and is also used an alternative to butter in Bulletproof coffee. From all the variations of ice-cream I've made so far, small changes like this are not noticeable (and I would use the same quantities). I'm due to make a batch tonight so will give ghee a try and will update again here.

Allison Bachmeier • 2 years ago

Excellent, I'm excited to hear about your experience Dave Friend!

Charlotte Brigham • 2 years ago

I feel so drained after eating this. It was DELICIOUS but I felt dead for 2 hours afterward until I got up and left the house. I just started strict keto, it's the third day, is this why I feel so bad?

Thomas the Corfiot • 2 years ago

Hoping the past 3 months have changed things for you Charlotte--it's possible the first 1-3 weeks, your body was still trying to produce high levels of insulin, so you may have been feeling some level of reactive hypoglycemia...if you're still on a ketogenic diet at this point, hopefully such feelings have passed and your body is reacting well.

Alannah Holder • 2 years ago

You need more sodium. Drink some broth or add some extra Himalayan salt to your meals and you will feel better

Gustavo Woltmann • 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this creamy coconut ice cream. This ice cream makes me feel really good.

- gustavo woltmann

Danella Jade • 2 years ago

I added a heap of gelatine to this and made it jelly squares instead of ice cream. Set in fridge rather than putting in the ice cream maker. Reduced the xylitol to about 60g cause it was too sweet for me. Feel like its the greatest thing ever created. I like it so much more than the ice-cream. But either way I'm excited.

Steve Hord • 2 years ago

Awesome, thanks for that, I always felt white rice "crystallised" some how when chilled after cooking. Now I know it's the RS increase :)

Legend as always :)


Justin Goldberg • 2 years ago


Maggie • 2 years ago

Can brain octane be used instead of xct oil?

Maggie • 2 years ago

Can Brain Octane be used instead of the XCT oil?

Elayne pallist • 3 years ago

First time making this and pardon my choice of words, but tasting it was like having a full mouth orgasm. I am not being funny. This is amazing stuff. I have mood disorder and constantly battle anxiety and depression. This fatty bit of paradise pulled me out of the doldrums and made me smile. I'm putting it in my coffee this morning even as we speak.

Wild Swan • 2 years ago

Perhaps you have a nutritional misfunction, not mood disorders, if eating healthy fats makes you feel balanced. I am glad it works.

Danielle Hayden • 3 years ago

I paused this at 1:22 to run off and make that vanilla drink. It's delicious, and I am already feeling smilier... :)

Mike Devlin • 3 years ago

is there a substitute for xylitol or erythritol? They are the only things that bother my stomach.

Dave Friend • 2 years ago

I use Stevia but you don't need much. Depends on how sweet you like it. Start off with 2 teaspoons and taste the mixture before you add it to the ice cream mixer.

Wael Fadel • 2 years ago

I use "Pure Monk" which is monk fruit (aka Luo Han Guo). It has zero calories and I enjoy the taste immensely. i am not a big fan of sugar alcohols. They do impact blood sugar and therefore insulin. I tried multiple sweeteners but that one is purely my favorite.

Amanda Moore • 3 years ago

I just made my first batch and it was good however even with the chocolate I still tasted coconut. As much as I love the benefits of coconut oil I don't like the taste of coconut oil. Is there a way to cut the coconut taste?

Dave Friend • 2 years ago

Yes replace the coconut oil with coconut butter. Cocout butter has no coconut taste or aroma. I also substitute some of the normal butter with Cacao butter.

Tara Cathrine Shimer • 2 years ago

You could try using the refined coconut oil. Like MCT oil, it has no coconut taste.

C. Douglass • 2 years ago

I'd like to know this too! I hate the taste of coconut.

joe6966 • 3 years ago

Calories, fat and protein?

LizaS • 3 years ago

Can I make the ice cream without an ice cream maker?

Yolanda • 3 years ago

Uh oh, mine came out delicious but a little too creamy. Iv'e never had the problem before. Should I had added more water to it. Any answers would be appreciated.

Peggy Holloway • 4 years ago

Made it tonight. I had all the ingredients and put together a batch. Reminded me of a Mounds bar (although my memories are from a long distant past since I've been a low-carber for 16 years). Very good. We're still waiting for our hormone boosts. :)

Ray Faulkenberry • 4 years ago

Good stuff, Mighty Dave! Been integrating BP into my life and have had a BP coffee 7 days a week for about 6 months straight! Ordered my first quarter cow of grass fed beef and am loving it... I'm about a decade older than you and the first thing I noticed about the BP life/diet was in the bedroom! 35 years with my wife and something turned on that began supercharging my engine... ;-) I'm very fit, educated, and tuned into the podcasts... Almost listened to them all.. great stuff mate... Will be trying the ice cream tonight... but, if it is like all other things, I'm sure it will be awesome... Looking forward to seeing some private coaching soon to take mine (and others) dreams to the next level. Thanks for the great work!

John Smith • 4 years ago

so, can i use more whole eggs? like six whole eggs with four yolks or, I wanna add more yolks, I have a cup of butter.

Jordan Gamble • 4 years ago

I am getting married in August and want to provide Get Some Ice Cream as the dessert. How would I get enough to feed 100 guests.

Greg Mueller • 2 years ago

Make a batch, then use a calculator.

Tavia • 4 years ago

We made this recipe last night. I did not have MCT oil, I did use 5 drops of essential wild orange oil. I used White Stevia for sweetener (what I had on hand). I popped this in the freezer in ice cube tray for about 4 hours while I did something else. We then titrated the ice cream cubes in our Norwalk juicer........oh, Oh, OH my, but is this not the best ice cream EVER!!!! The texture was incredibly smooth and exactly what one wants in ice cream. I am beyond stunned. WOW.

Cathy • 4 years ago

What is a good ice cream machine? I know most have aluminum bowls. Is it as dangerous to freeze in aluminum as it is to cook with it?

ilovemarkandlucy • 4 years ago

I got my fiance an ice cream maker and all the ingredients to #GetSome for Valentine's Day!! This video is amazing and so comprehensive; it answered all the questions I have going in. SO is in ABQ on set all day and will come home to a batch of this ;) Thank you Dave! Also, love how Dave said bulletproof coffee makes him happy. Yes! I seriously feel a deep sense of gratitude to bulletproof concepts and products.