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Raptormann • 3 years ago

Most of those approving of Transgenderism are in the Air Force.....

Weed Hopper • 3 years ago

Naw they are the Soy Boy's and Girls in the rear with the gear. You poll the front line troops and it will be less than 5% and that 5% will be those still recovering from head injuries so they are forgiven.

ricocat1 (# FJB) • 3 years ago

When I was in the Army long ago the goal was to turn boys into MEN, not to turn boys into GIRLS!

Weed Hopper • 3 years ago

When I served Boot Camp was a real nightmare, the Drill Instructors did whatever the hell they felt they needed to do to get us combat ready.

Now damn near anyone can make it through boot camp from what I understand you can't even raise your voice at a boot anymore.

That was four decades ago, Shìt has changed and changed for the worse

proreason • 3 years ago

Don't kid yourselves. This poll is pure bllsheet.

There is no way that 39% of the military approves of transgenders in the military.

The people voluntarily responded to an email invitation from Smithsonian subscibers. That means the margin of error is infinite. 3.9% is too high; the truth is probably closer to .39%. The Fake Media uses this kraap as propaganda.

gman • 3 years ago

39% of military members approve of transgenders serving?
I was not aware that 39% of our military is most likely homosexual.
My O My...

We used to have GI Joe
Now we have "GI don't know"

Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.

Ghost of Sparta • 3 years ago

WOMEN are from VENUS. MEN are from MARS. All other genders are from URANUS.

Schrödinger's cat • 3 years ago

Women don't have penises !!!

Straight up news !!!


gman • 3 years ago

That is true Catmeister. ,,,
But I know a lot of women that have balls! Lol
Many of them are right here on this discussion board.

idealist • 3 years ago

so they ... more or less adapt.

and to be quite honest.

but they do not function in joy or to good affects.

because deep down inside, they know that somewhere along the education assembly line, learning got all tangled up with unnatural perverse authorizations.

but killers don't need balls, no, they need the right wrong contradicting parts of mind and matter to present its estranging conflicting parts and ...

lawyers for the doj get out the secret codes.

and damage controls.

idealist • 3 years ago

did you know that up-wards of 95% of legal heads are not psychological or natural biological intelligents to explain maternities or baby care and many of they are women, nowadays.?.

there are other problems too.

yeah the military is a mess of confusion to unnatural and human disorder.

did you know their on board doctors and counselors are frightened and concerned for their reputations ?

more work for media and law to administer to.

idealist • 3 years ago

its not their balls that concern me.

they got minds, of their own with thoughts of state and church and media that would make many intelligent babies leave orbit.

mary12000 • 3 years ago

To all good and decent young people if you want to be treated fairly and seek advancement do not join the US Military

idealist • 3 years ago

military works for special interests rich.

and the media .......

idealist • 3 years ago

correct. a person that respects their own mind and body that enter into the military ... (or many other in/secure socio-economic environments and associations) ...

shall must give over their facilities of mind and body to figures and agents of power that are consigned to exploit such a person for the benefit and benefits of the ruling members, projects and systems.

quite much the same relationship what mother and child opt to or be forced into for the services of with-in prevailing communications, mobile, recreation and governing installations.

the auto, gas, and media industries much appreciate (economically) that you put the young and women to the high-way and telephone or affiliated non-convention places.

you know, for the more complete endoctrinations that media news, entertainment and education mal-nurtured to.

peace out

idealist • 3 years ago

i suppose that would cramp the legal and recruiting and counseling mind of most concerned citizens in or out of military, but most ball carrying citizens are not prepared to dialogue.

know what i mean ?

idealist • 3 years ago

most collectives and military included are developing cult like securities and insecurities associations.

it is complicated though.

i mean, how difficult for the young pleasing woman of hostile deceptive unprepared mind development to enter into a melting pot of political religious economic unnatural environments for the purpose and purposes to integrate and disintegrate ...

according to the various and operating codes of conduct.

total phukc upp !

idealist • 3 years ago

they are particularly troubling that become squeezed or forced into roles that are quite unmanageable.

similar to men, but with exceptional differences.

yes, the mind of both men and women would bring them or others relationship that may or may not include biological reproductive parts.

and each role and relation up for assessment.

but women in para-militant like roles, in these conditions, a very bad idea.

most youth would feel the tension that minds had not explained.

so, they hide in the shadows hoping that their similarly identifying cult associations afford and watch closely, more or less active or compliant to social conscious cues.

you know how cults function ?

Taxpaying Citizen • 3 years ago

Right up, cat.
Though some women strap one on to try to circumvent via imitation what nature provides naturally.

Guest • 3 years ago
plh • 3 years ago

Thanks! Now I got it.

bordo • 3 years ago

Women have all the penises they want. Always.

richardhed • 3 years ago

Guess you got that pegged.

imdeplorabletoo • 3 years ago

Holy crap, how did Breitbart manage to pry you away from Oxford, Cat??

idealist • 3 years ago

ha ha.

now you stop.

thats not the full truth.

dang them sensationalist astrological treatises.

but funny.


Steven Pellar • 3 years ago

Females haveXX chromosome. Males have XY chromosomes.

Taxpaying Citizen • 3 years ago

Can't change the building blocks nature uses in that distinction, can they now?

Taxpaying Citizen • 3 years ago

And the two are designed by NATURE to work together.
California championed lifestyles have perverted that.

Against All Enemies F&D • 3 years ago

True....anything else is counterfeit!

Guest • 3 years ago

I tell it to everyone.

idealist • 3 years ago

yeah but vagina has learned to use the telephone to commisserate with other vaginas about tax breaks and sacrifice.

and many lawyers know that the way to the ladies vagina is to reward it.

and that too is learning to think and talk.

i think little girls must be separated from state (and church) politics.

the media is up to no good.

Ummm.... Oooookay.

Guest • 3 years ago
gman • 3 years ago

I think you meant, two peas in a pod. Lol

Gordon Go • 3 years ago

is that supposed to be ground-breaking news?

or is it just a tired cliche that you people use when you can't think of anything better?

It's a movie quote as well as a simple statement of fact.
Sometimes there's nothing better than a statement of fact.
The fact that it is timeless means that it can't be a "tired cliche".
If statements of fact bother people like you, all the better.

Thunderbird • 3 years ago

Gman, many of the "39%" are probably service people who are in the lowly, more bureaucratic areas of the forces. From a number of the troops I've seen (along with their posts online), I don't think very many of the actual soldiers support this crap whatsoever. Just speaking from what I've seen in recent years.

Ghost of Sparta • 3 years ago

this must be the same poll that said Hitlery had a 99% chance to win. Not reliable

SargintRock • 3 years ago

There ya go!

littlefish • 3 years ago

plus all the ones who got out because of this junk. they did not trust the people to watch their backs

lorenz genovich • 3 years ago

They should have polled few companies from the Marines, Screaming Eagles or Army Rangers going into a fight and ask them about their opinions of going on the attack with trannies next to them.

Jerry • 3 years ago

Yeah Obama had a lot to do with these types populating the POG corps. Guess Mattis hasn’t done much to clean this up.

gman • 3 years ago

You're probably right.
But the fact that it's even a story makes me respond in the fashion that I did.

idealist • 3 years ago

aha. but it could also indicate recruitment knows too many bureaucrats that know too many lawyers that know too many doctors.

and they all know too many media.

who know too many children. that turned on their television sets.

whom know too little ...

about mars, venus, uranus or the mother lode.

and that will be five dollars or five cents from all of you. to me.

33degTemplar • 3 years ago

Yes- Chelsea was doing code work- not combat.

Steve77 • 3 years ago

Not at all. What we have now is politically motivated lies presented as news.

RTColorado • 3 years ago

GI don't know...that's really good.