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Gary Lancaster • 5 years ago

The Senate will never sign this!

prouddeplorablebeastdogs8 • 5 years ago

Neither will Trump.

Protect the Second Amendment. TRUMP 2020!

jryskd • 5 years ago

The Dems are just playing to their base...just like all the other lunatic plans they have this will be DOA in the Senate.

Schrödinger's cat • 5 years ago

Veto !!!



Real Show Low • 5 years ago

But now we see what we had in store for us had dems won in 2016....and a good revolution would have been a predictable outcome. Don't screw with armed old guys with nothing to lose....

Fank Thomas • 5 years ago

Conservatives have a pretty long fuse... We will take a lot of crap for the most part... But once old bastards like me are done.... Well, game over.

John (ULTRA-MAGAnum) • 5 years ago

A-freakin-men !!

The fuse is getting shorter every day and this old Nam vet is locked & loaded !


Right of Attilla • 5 years ago

I had a neighbor like you. He had his own bullet press. I sure miss him. Thank you for your service!

Deep State Watch • 5 years ago

--------- HIS NAME .... was Gary Willis , 60 , Murdered by Anne Arundel , Maryland police Nov. 5 2018 , while serving a no due process " SEIZURE " order at 5 AM after he had been declared a ' problem ' based only on hearsay in a secret SOVIET style tribunal.

He had committed NO crime. ........ you're next , Deplorable.

Republicans in several states , VT , FL , PA, are going along with this crap ... don't think RINO's in congress wont !

John (ULTRA-MAGAnum) • 5 years ago

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." --Thomas Jefferson

I fear our gubment !

lhecker51 • 5 years ago

I don't fear the government. I don't have to because I am armed and am part of a society that has far more guns than any government agency combined. Of that armed society, a significat number are combat veterans, many with insurgency operations experience.

Let history be a lesson for the trolls that will post insisting that we would be wiped out quickly by our military that has ground and air superiority:

Afghanistan vs Soviets
Sandinistas vs Nicaragua

7.62x54r • 5 years ago

Soviets were invited in by the Afghan gov't to rid the country of US armed and funded Sunni mercenaries before they destroyed the infrastructure. The Soviets left a functioning gov't in place. The US-armed Sunnis destroyed the cities. Now the US fights the Taliban whom it armed in the 1980's. Today's Ivy League Left Americans are not very smart- despite the cable TV advertising.

TrumpoTheGrateYuge • 5 years ago

The mujahideen in Afghanistan got heavy arms, notably RPGs and Stinger missiles, from the US military. The Sandinistas WERE the Nicaraguan government - their challengers, the Contras, got heavy weapons from (take a guess) the US military. You’re proposing fighting the US military. I wonder if they’ll give you heavy weapons? Nothing to worry about - you know a guy who knows a guy who says he has a bazooka.

MikefromMontana2 • 5 years ago

Right, and you foolishly assume the ENTIRE military will support the government. It won't, it will fracture along political lines

7.62x54r • 5 years ago

No, it will not. Young MAM's have no allegiance to the general population, and are in the military because they like the trappings of it. Waco's massacre and post-Katrina proved that.

lhecker51 • 5 years ago

The Sandanista's overthrew Somoza in 1979, idiot.

What do you THINK you know? Over 99.9999999% of weapons systems on military bases are locked up to incude all munitions and ordinance. Know what that means? Military bases are the largest gun free zones in the US. Guns, guns, everywhere but not a bullet, missile, grenade, mortar, artillery projectile, AT4, Hellfire missile, to be had.

Just how quickly could a well armed force with light and heavy machine guns run through that installation? I will have you know that full auto weapons, tanks, artillery, anti aircraft guns and other systems are ALREADY LEGALLY in the hands of private citizens. Those would not be needed. Only a small security force protects a base and would be the first to go should federal troops deploy against the people.

Red Team operators were tasked with testing nuclear base security and quickly overpowered them and effectively had control of nukes. They were tasked later to do it again to test security after lessons learned and failed a second time.

Why do you think Maj Nidal Hassan was able to kill so many on Ft Hood? You know nothing, punkass.

I am a veteran combat leader and was assigned to 7th ID whose primary mission was Central America in the '80s. Go back to eating paste.

John Bolton • 5 years ago

educate him on the concept of a combined arms army... He doesnt seem to grasp the concept that a war inside the US would be very different than one outside the US..Could you imagine US troops using a 155mm arrty battery in the US? on a US city?? LOL

John Bolton • 5 years ago

Do you understand modern combat??? You do understand what a combined arms army is right?? Do you honestly think that the US gov would use Apaches, F18's and 155mm arty INSIDE the US???? LOL you might want to rethink that..

savanah1 • 5 years ago

You left out U.S.vs Vietnam.

rdman_VietVet • 5 years ago

Remember a bumper sticker of the '70s... "I love my country, but fear my government"
This government crap been going on for decades. Enough is enough... its time to abolish the corruption!!

obhuicoksetyaetse1 . • 5 years ago

2a's better grow balls enuf to protect us all from tyranny of the US federal government. do you know what I mean? if you do we need to form a plan now

Warhawk • 5 years ago

Forming plans isn't the best choice be adaptable, have a few friends you trust with your families life. Survival stems from that

Guest • 5 years ago
Robin Gonsalves • 5 years ago

God gave you that power. You have the power to send you to heavan or hell!
It's as simple as excepting Jesus as your lord and saviour.

Rob Longwood • 5 years ago

We don't have RINO'S in Congress. They are "Stealth Democrats."

robert97 • 5 years ago

Deep, did any of his friends try to stop this in the courts? Sounds like 4th Amendment violation.

Guest • 5 years ago
JANET BROWN • 5 years ago

please supply a source for your post

LadyGreenEyes_MAGA • 5 years ago

It's true. After the Florid school shooting, he was talking about just that. Shocking, but true.

antiliberal00 • 5 years ago

I don't trust Trump any more than I trusted O butt breath. He was a democrat far longer than he has claimed to be a republican and based on the way republicans act now days, I trust them even less than I do the communists. At least you KNOW the communists are going for your juggler.

disqus_dRGrKClqBz • 5 years ago

When everyone sees how many republicans and Trump are going along with this or something similar it could get interesting...

Sinister66 • 5 years ago

All being pushed by the whitehouse

rdman_VietVet • 5 years ago

Count me in!!! I'm sickened by these insane Leftist Traitors!!!

FollowDaMoney • 5 years ago

Congress needs to be educated on the Constitution. Until they can fully recite the Bill of Rights from memory and explain them in detail need to be removed from Congress. Do to their lack of knowledge and understanding of the Constitution are wasting vast amounts of our tax dollars trying to figure out how to remove these rights from us.

LadyGreenEyes_MAGA • 5 years ago

Based on the DIs I knew some time back, who were both Vietnam vets, thank God we have such as you still around!

David E. Melton • 5 years ago

I never served and will always regret the fact. But, I would be humbled and honored to stand with you.

Guest • 5 years ago
sheepdog • 5 years ago

I own a 5 bedroom home on 40 acres of land and enjoy my country living, Raise my own beef, pork and chickens. I took an oath to uphold the constitution and stand by my word unlike the politicians that you so admire and bend over for.

SubCeyeball • 5 years ago

I raise a glass to you......while I dont have the other 39 acres and my own butcher shop I do have the house and a great family..LOL......people like us are what makes the heart of the nation tick. Cheers!!

Guest • 5 years ago
Chickie Fillette • 5 years ago


beef tenderloin, NY strip, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Homer Simpson)

PapaT • 5 years ago

I know, works every time!

Guest • 5 years ago
Chickie Fillette • 5 years ago

Anti-social behavior. Happens to the personality disordered.

Wear this attack like a badge of honor.

You didn't even really attack Chuckydontsurf. Can't take any constructive banter.

These are the people who will be in charge if Communism prevails.

Guest • 5 years ago
tommer • 5 years ago

Amen brother

Chickie Fillette • 5 years ago

You will be in good company.

usaok59 • 5 years ago

That would be good, but I don't think it will be like that. Communism is taking over slowly and surely, and we are letting it. Look at the absolute loons that have been entrenched into our government. It may take them a while but we are going to let them get their tentacles into the important committees, and take control. Charlie, you won't even get a chance to take any of them with you as it will be very subtle, and then we realize it's too late.

Guest • 5 years ago