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Gary Lancaster • 4 months ago

The Senate will never sign this!

prouddeplorablebeastdogs8 • 4 months ago

Neither will Trump.

ricocat1 • 4 months ago

Protect the Second Amendment. TRUMP 2020!

Dr StrangelyDeplorable • 4 months ago

Everything that comes out of those demented Moon pirates pie-holes smacks of UN-patriotic, irrational, totalitarian, Stalinist BS. Besides that, they are a grand old band of slobbering misfits and psychopaths.

coolercoleman • 4 months ago

More symbolism by the psycho Dems. They know it will never become law. There is no substance in the Democrat party.

Luke101 • 4 months ago

"Saving Zero lives , but it does allow us to make Criminals of the Right"

Southernyankee • 4 months ago

This proposed bill has as much chance of being enacted as Hilldog has to be president, NONE.

-=Nevada_Nomad=- • 4 months ago

Do it all you want. Even if the Senate voted FOR it (they won't) as a law-abiding citizen, ALL of my life, and a licensed gunsmith, I'd IGNORE your stupid pfucking "law". Enforce it, motherpfuckers...

Ned Day • 4 months ago

A great day to pick up another dozen 30 round magazines.

varnuke • 4 months ago

75-round drums. Or for that matter, 6-5-round magazines that can be changed out in milliseconds.

Ned Day • 4 months ago

Good for you. Anything more than 30 seems to jam too much for me. I use a coupler to hold two 30 round magazines together.

Rαтαмαςυє76 • 4 months ago

This won't go anywhere. It's just another act in the circus that ends with handing the House back to the GOP in 2020.

Sir Chancelot • 4 months ago

If the government says you don't need a gun, then you need a gun.

STQ • 4 months ago

And they call Trump "Hitler"

Spud51 • 4 months ago

At least two guns, with sufficient ammunition, and regular practice.!!!

Rightoe • 4 months ago

To ALL Democrats everywhere: F U!

Dem-Smasher • 4 months ago


Full blown Communists have taken over what used to be the Democrat Party.

Spud51 • 4 months ago

The Marxist DemonicRats were always up for anything that would destroy the integrity of the Republic; it's their Party Platform.!!!

Robin • 4 months ago

They are going to throw every extreme left radical thing they can think of out there knowing it will get vetoed so in 2020 they can accuse Trump of obstruction. They know this won’t pass the senate or Trump.

AC1USNRetired • 4 months ago

Everything the Democrats wish to impose regarding firearms can be found in four laws enacted form 1928 to 1938 ... in Germany.

Gary Golicher • 4 months ago

And they call us Nazi's!

AC1USNRetired • 4 months ago

This guy lived the NAZI experience


landofaaahs • 4 months ago

To let folks know; it’s okay to love your country and hate your government. They are not one and the same.

Patriotdescendant1778 • 4 months ago


Johnny ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • 4 months ago

these dem scumbags are seriously mentally ill ,,

tommer • 4 months ago

My rights don't come from the government,I GOT THEM FROM GOD so you socialists can pis s off.

KJinOC • 4 months ago

Wouldn't this mean they'd have to arrest some of their own (Holder & Obama) who were responsible for selling 2000 guns to Mexican drug cartels under 'Fast & Furious'? Oh I forgot, they don't have to obey the laws they pass.

Patriot_765 • 4 months ago

Two more years of daily attacks on our freedom, liberty, constitution, and bill of rights.
Its the best way ever to reassure that Trump and real conservatives will sweep the 2020 elections.
God bless DJT.

HosedInAmerica • 4 months ago

The communists are an excellent example of the true purpose of the Second Amendment - OUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS IS TO REPEL TYRANTS!!!

Ernie “glad 2 c u” • 4 months ago

Attacking the voting system with a two prong strategy, now opening a front against the second amendment . Already turning immigration on its head and against the American citizen. These Demoncrats are a dangerous lot looking to cut out Americas bowels and leaving its citizenry without the inalienable rights guaranteed by a Constitution that these Demoncrats are eating alive. The machinations include a strategy of misdirection often used by magicians. In this case its identity politics, race baiting, #metoo, Toxic masculinity, etc. - artificial constructs to distract the citizens attention from the actual target - your freedom, your society, your rights, your Constitution, your country by keeping the citizens at each others throats, divided into dozens of manageable groups. It will end up should they succeed where by the people for the people will become government first, last and always. Your influence over that government will be minimal at best, you as a citizen can already see this happening if you open your eyes. They still have a ways to go to reach their goal but by the things the Demoncrats are announcing the last few days it appears they are going to accelerate their strategy. The modern day Demoncrat does not have the patience for time as the progressives that started this train rolling decades ago had. I hope you think about this America. Pay attention to whats happening. Do not let the magicians sleight of hand rob you and yours of what is, despite the nay sayers, the greatest country in the world. Thanks for taking time to read this, what do you think ??

LastnameFirst • 4 months ago

If we could only get them out of the herd mentality. The majority only know to pile-on to the bash-mob of the day.

Capt.Jack Slap • 4 months ago

How about criminalizing illegal immigration.

Bavak • 4 months ago

Or helping mentally ill people. Did you know that under obummercare, about the only thing that can be not included in our overpriced insurance is mental health? Yep.

Horseface • 4 months ago

Helping the mentally ill? The Dems are already trying to suck every penny from us.

dman • 4 months ago

I pridict this congress will accomplish nothing in two years other then statements

Bigfoot Waverider 🏄🏽 • 4 months ago

They are off to a fabulous start...

noleftturn • 4 months ago

One commie Democrat wants to abolish the Electoral College, another wants to screw firearm owning citizens, others want a flood of diseased illegals entering the country, and still others flap their lips about impeaching the country. Yesterday's commies, today's Democrats.

Guest • 4 months ago
Heartland Patriot • 4 months ago

Shhh, you aren't supposed to ask questions that make sense, no Democrat Socialist will stand for it!

Chris W. • 4 months ago

Trump will need carpal tunnel surgery from vetoing all these nonsense bills for the next two years.

Juan Publik • 4 months ago

They will never get to his desk...

Spud51 • 4 months ago

There is a quicker way to handle the problem, and it's Constitutional.!!!

steve_2 • 4 months ago

..... shall not be infringed.

RedPill Nation! • 4 months ago

"Shall Not Be Infringed" does not mean: It's ok to regulate the crap out of our Right until it's strangled, it's says "Shall Not Be Infringed" which is a direct Order meant directly to lawmakers and government ...PERIOD! The Constitution was not written towards citizens, it was written towards and directed at government and examples "Some" of the Rights it cannot regulate and furthermore MUST protect on behalf of citizens. Our government does not possess the authority to do the contrary unless it acts unlawfully in which case it becomes void de FACTO. BY LAW, and the duty of citizens not our government to remove and replace the government or actors within who violate the Constitution.

Guest • 4 months ago
livid american • 4 months ago

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it

SimpleJackTard • 4 months ago


singlestack • 4 months ago

We will not comply. Next.

GreatScot • 4 months ago

This is just Virtue Signaling. Something they are going to do for the next 2 years. But, it proves the Democrats don't give a crap about the Constitution.

MSMediacritic • 4 months ago

"Ironically, her attacker passed a background check to acquire his gun, so this bill would have done nothing to prevent her from being shot."

Not ironic at all. I don't expect any measures put forward by democrats to actually impact the problems that they claim they are addressing. Actual purpose is much different from the one they give us.