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Bobby Mullet • 5 years ago

Subhumanian should be fired and arrested immediately for sedition. There needs to be severe vetting to keep this kind of scum off the taxpayer's dime.

proreason • 5 years ago

Notice that he is Indian. India is a socialist country. They are true believers. All of their tech guys love socialism; they are the richest segment of a population over a billion...the top .1%.

Google and Fakebook have imported tens of thousands of them. They are now censoring what your children think is the news.

Geeman: • 5 years ago

In a sane world the Anti-American POS would be fired immediately, unfortunately we live in this one ....

SamsaraGuru • 5 years ago

If I were King - the words I would utter are "Off with his head"!

ONTIME • 5 years ago

And the perp is yelling off with your head.....he would call you, crime prevention....

Just another reason public unions need to go.

ONTIME • 5 years ago

Gov unions are illegal because they are a special interest and our laws don't support them...your gov management cost would be a lot cheaper..there was never a need for this illegal union...

Guest • 5 years ago

He should, yes, but with unions, it's easier to fail them upwards. Hopefully the bad press will keep that from happening.

Guest • 5 years ago
gman • 5 years ago

Hannity will report it

Serf #385691 • 5 years ago

big deal. Will anyone actually DO anything about it?

gman • 5 years ago

I think it will be enough exposure, something's got to give.

Al • 5 years ago

FBI will cover it up while the doj looks the other way.
Congress will continue to fund it using money extorted from innocent taxpaying victims.

askmeificare • 5 years ago


Andrew Scott Carlisle • 5 years ago

Google Employees are 70% H1-B workers, It is illegal for non Americans to interfere in our elections, Google’s stated goal is to make sure that MAGA is a ‘blip’ in History, conclusion: All H1-B visas for Google workers should be immediately canceled and Google should be barred from hiring foreign workers.

Schrödinger's cat • 5 years ago

Deport !!!


Al • 5 years ago

Shoulda's, coulda's...

Nothing will happen until good patriots take back what is theirs.

askmeificare • 5 years ago

Unfortunately, I'm afraid you're right. It's become maddening what our government has devolved into.

constitution protector • 5 years ago

and that is the sad and honest truth, but my concern is WHAT will make them act, a moslem plant with NO SS#, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE, wasn't enough, RINO's and libtards openly defying the laws, what is?

IrishMailey • 5 years ago

RIF. End the job and put him at the curb with a reduction in force. Businesses do it all the time.

BobbyBrownbb • 5 years ago

He should be jailed just like GOP office workers were and are. See Scott Walker staff who served jail time for sending out something on govt time

ClearSignal • 5 years ago

Problem here is that he is
1. A government worker
2. Unionized
3. A minority
It would be hard to fire this guy even I he admitted wrong-doing on camera (which he did!).

Guest • 5 years ago
Anon • 5 years ago

Thanks to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas for exposing what's going on inside the State Department. Seems like the entire place is made up of Democrat Socialists whose agenda is to thwart the President's agenda.

The State Department need to cleaned out from top to bottom. Too many Traitors in the house working against the President. Holdovers from the Kenyan Clown and Hillary. These traitorous bast44ds need to be removed from their position and sent to Prison.

I hope James stays safe to continue the project and expose the traitors.

Al • 5 years ago

Only low info lemmings did not already know this.
And, it's much worse than the video's show.
EVERY gov't employee is corrupt to the core, but people will still doubt that fact.

Most government agencies could shed a lot of their employees and still get more done. Many are just wastes of taxpayer money and should be eliminated.

Guest • 5 years ago
DeplorablyHigherDeeper • 5 years ago

It's a good start, but the socialists network rather well. I have personally seen many accumulate in other areas of the nation to spread their nonsense and dysfunction, with horrific results. It is not an accident when this happens.

Move the bureaus, and staff with locals. Vet ANYONE who isn't local VERY HARD. DAMHIK

bompoi • 5 years ago

vet every single employee on the taxpayers dime. I would be proud to contribute my fair share for the extra cost to ensure the jobs are filled with qualified confirmed patriots....MAGA BABY!!

Most_vilified_one • 5 years ago

Based on what was said they already have the resources to do vetting. Hell 10 to 20 hours per person of vetting time per week.

Frankie • 5 years ago

It's about time some are.

Rikkisan • 5 years ago

Yet when they don’t get the job done, they will say they don’t have enough people or money. They always need more.

yaegerl • 5 years ago

What?! You mean like the TSA?

Jim Barber • 5 years ago

No, they aren't. I am a government employee who served 21 years active duty military. Like most of my co-workers. We took an oath before we hired on as civil servants. Just as we did entering the military. We don't lie, cheat, or steal from the American people who pay out salaries. We don't spend time during work hours plotting seditious activities. We love this country and want to see it succeed. We DO NOT want to see this country slide into socialism. You, and people like you, need to stop painting government employees with such a broad brush. You need patriots on the inside, stop alienating the good guys.

Wessman • 5 years ago

Amen brother we are all not like this. Since bush and odumbo there has been a major decline in qaulity people entering the government. I been a civil servant for 30 yrs.

AlternativePresley • 5 years ago

ethnic quotas, affirmative action hires has helped make the swamp stronger

bompoi • 5 years ago

screw ethnic quotas and abolish affirmative action. give the jobs to confirmed qualified patriots.ONLY. AND SCREW THE REST

Warhawk • 5 years ago

There had been a major decline in workers across the whole economic system. I know local teamsters paying $30 An hour to people just for passing a drug test and not being on the cell phone while at work

Simon Says • 5 years ago

It’s not just the teamsters, pipe fitters, electricians, millwrights, they all are having a hard time finding people who will “work”.

Most_vilified_one • 5 years ago

I just heard a story about college students using an app on their phones to cheat on tests when the prof is not looking. Younger people do not value hard work or working hard. It is all about the easy way.

Warhawk • 5 years ago

Yes and they are the future managers etc that will not know what they are doing in the work place

Guest • 5 years ago
DeplorablyHigherDeeper • 5 years ago

Look at the National Laboratories. I am not kidding.

wilt agarn • 5 years ago

Maybe true. But we should not have been in 90% of the wars we have participated in. And therefore should have many less unfortunately injured soldiers, and less benefits for the uninjured soldiers that are excessive (compared with the private sector.) And the military brass i.e., the old guys who start the wars and send the young guys to die, are just part of the deep state, when they are not playing golf or getting paid to travel and speak on the media.

Wumingren • 5 years ago

You use “military brass” too loosely. In the end, it isn’t the military brass who start wars, it’s the politicians who do. I thought it was scandalous that Obama fired a long string of senior ranking military officers so he could promote his own stooges.

When I served in the USAF (Vietnam vet, 12 years active duty overseas, Honorable Discharge) I was required to obey all lawful orders, and to report any unlawful orders to more senior superiors. It was apparent that Obama placed only officers who would obey all of his orders, with the expectation that “unlawful” would never be an obstacle to the Socialist agenda.

In particular, friends of mine in the armed forces at the time were discussing what they’d do if commanded to engage with deadly force against American citizens. It was felt that Obama would do what other Socialist despots have always done: cull the die-hard capitalists from the resistance.

Let me remind you that it was unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who mentored Obama and helped him launch his political career. Ayers opined that some 10% of the population would need to be exterminated in order to secure the Communist revolution from die-hard Capitalists. Today, that would amount to over 37 million citizens killed by their own government.

Yes, the Founders knew the value of the 2nd Amendment.

Americuss • 5 years ago

Good guys need to start outing the bad ones.

Warhawk • 5 years ago

Yes but retaliation and alienation is rampant

Most_vilified_one • 5 years ago

But remember anonymity is gone.

golftilidrop • 5 years ago

Jim, no question there are many great American serving in our government.But the FBI and the DOJ being politically weponized by the Obama administration has many patriots on alert.