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JeanLynnJimenez • 4 years ago

I guess time to disconnect at&t.

Brett • 4 years ago

comcast is JUST AS BAD.

LCLiberty • 4 years ago

Maybe worse...

Crewsader • 4 years ago

TV? I cut the cord 10 years ago. Now I can go with any Internet provider. That's freedom of choice! I could even watch free tv. But why would I watch propaganda? The consumer can be sheep or wolves. Sheep no more!

Larissa Douglas • 4 years ago

AT&T Continues Layoffs of More than 16K Americans to Outsource Jobs

They want to outsource those jobs to India, China, or some other Asian nation like they done with IBM and others.

John • 4 years ago

The Philippines in AT&Ts case.

haode • 4 years ago

the philippines are a natural source, english is one of the national languages as it is in india.

i believe that u.s. school systems and health care facilities advertise for filipino employees. as long as readers force their whelps to be gangster rappers and junkies.

haode • 4 years ago

for some incredible reason, for profit businesses like to make more money.

franklygross • 4 years ago

then they can do it while using the structure of the foreign countries they are going to for labor...

CharlieM • 4 years ago

I did the same many years ago. For a while I could get moderately entertaining programs OTA. But the number of programs pushing queer and trans lifestyles, and leftist ideologies has grown to the point that I hardly turn the TV on anymore.

Farthur • 4 years ago

Right on !!

restorefredom • 4 years ago

Propaganda it is!! Good post.

TruePatriot2 • 4 years ago

Me too! Don't have to pay the outrageous bill every month. I installed a TV antennae in my attic to get the local channels, just pay for fast internet. Free at last!

bless us all • 4 years ago

gotta find out how you do that...

Crewsader • 4 years ago

Almost everything really good and without Mary Sue snowflakes as actors are available through Kodi or other players with additions. Of course not the moment it comes to the box office, but a little later. Who can skip the hype can save stress and money. If the movie is really good and you want to support them you can also go to the movies later and watch it on a big screen. The choice, as always, is yours.

Guest • 4 years ago
Crewsader • 4 years ago

Well, you can search for satellite providers. They can install everywhere.

haode • 4 years ago

consumer sheeple cheer when herr trump dictates a tariff/consumption tax on them.

Guest • 4 years ago
Crewsader • 4 years ago

Thanks for asking! Well, I use Newwave, but you can also search for satellite providers. They can install everywhere. As long as you have free sight to the sky. ;)

Another option would be a cell phone data plan with unlimited data and speed ratings which are good enough. I'd actually privately go with that and I have that as backup. But need the landline provider for work which needs higher speed ratings. If you just need private stuff there may be cellphone plans available which may even cost less than a landline connection. If you boil in all the costs for the phone flatrate, etc.

Guest • 4 years ago
DixieAngel_76 • 4 years ago

And no struggling to understand broken english of 'customer service' people.

chrism12743 • 4 years ago

You mean the calls that show Boise Idaho and the caller has a Punjabi accent?

figaro86 • 4 years ago

...and when you ask who you're talking to, the Punjabi
replies: "This is George speaking, how can I help you?"

chrism12743 • 4 years ago


Cjoe C • 4 years ago

And his name is Frank and he wears a cowboy hat.

chrism12743 • 4 years ago

Yeah, yeah, that's the one! LOL!!!

reconriddler1973 • 4 years ago

Of course it's a spin on cowboy hat (aka:turban)

wyzrdofahs • 4 years ago

Ya mean they make 10 gallon Turbans ? lol

antsey • 4 years ago

BINGO !!!! MAGA, Trump 2020.

bless us all • 4 years ago

good to know

Rod • 4 years ago

"Can you here me now"?

AT&T and DirecTV is going to take it in the shorts like Blockbuster!

I pulled the cable/satellite plug months ago and found streaming my Vikings games with no problems!

If my game isn't on? Uber or Lyft to one of the 3 Vikings bars in Fabulous Las Vegas!

Unfortunate that the Raiders are coming to town, but I think that will be short lived!

norm bo graham • 4 years ago

Do you use a cell phone? Yup. What do those cell phone towers connect to? A fixed number of phone lines. AT&T s still here.

Fis Con, Soc Lib • 4 years ago

I guess those tax cuts (pardon, tax reform) didn't help too much. Oh wait, the at&t execs got some fat bonuses. Bernie was speaking up against the Trump tax cuts, but hey, let's make american executives great again, hahahahaha

keann • 4 years ago

Why don't you worry about the politics in Canada? Upset that Trudeau is losing???

Fis Con, Soc Lib • 4 years ago

Anything to the point?

PL RTZ • 4 years ago

Tax cuts have nothing to do with this, this has been happening for over 25 years my friend. Our elected leaders continually sell us out on this topic. Donald Trump is the first person and fortunately now POTUS to raise the flag on this and try to do something about it. Not much can or will be done regardless. If you are approaching 50 better start looking for your new job because your job is going over seas.

haode • 4 years ago

tax cuts, same as "earned income" irs refund checks are the usual vote buying schemes.

u.s. presidents appear to be hired like nfl place kickers. the one that kicks the football or "can" down the road the furthest, gets the job.

Fis Con, Soc Lib • 4 years ago

Dude, one of the main talking points of the tax cuts was that it will stop moving jobs because companies will have enough money to pay the workers; and that it will leade to wage increases.
Btw, the article's first aragraph just as a reminder:
"Though AT&T executives were heralded for giving their workers $1,000 bonuses after the tax cuts were passed by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by President Trump, Americans keep losing their jobs to outsourcing."

MGBSE • 4 years ago

Trump can only fix one 40+ year old RAT America-destroying mess at a time, thanks to RATS, RINOS & dead mccain.

1. the wall partially financed, going up in some places, slowing the infestation of illegals & ICE now free to do it's job - except in RAT sanctuary cities...and slowing the theft of American labor jobs
2. eliminated obama executive orders and regulations on oil, gas & coal putting tens of thousands of blue collar Americans back to work
3. shut down NAFTA and returning hundreds of thousands of American factory jobs as American companies return from foreign countries

...and now Trump is about to zero in on the H1-"BS" "foreign worker" and guaranteed citizenship scam that is STEALING ONE MILLION white collar / professional / corporation AMERICAN jobs EVERY YEAR...due to RINO and Chamber of Commerce lies and back room deals...RINOS are desperetly trying to sneak through a bill NOW that will double the current numbers of invaders...and Trump knows it...we shall see.

LCLiberty • 4 years ago

Because most everyone (including liberals) will go for the cheapest labor possible if given the opportunity...look at Silicon Valley...most are greedy, including Bernie...

haode • 4 years ago

the greedy poster buys the best value products and services.

haode • 4 years ago

tax cuts must be used to better the company's bottom line.

that means paying down debt, buying back outstanding shares, or the best, buying out a competitor.

why not ?

cooler yet would be to try to boost the company's product or services prices by the well advertised, herr trump tariff percentage. blaming the cost increase on herr trump's "protect american jobs" fatwah.

if the employee serfs get feisty, toss them some crumbs. mebbe a basketball court and foosball table in an employee break room.

Guest • 4 years ago
haode • 4 years ago

for profit businesses, until herr trump nationalizes them all, must continue to control all expenses.

after herr trump nationalizes a business or industry, it no longer has to be concerned with what stuff costs.

à¿—Infidel࿘ • 4 years ago

I'm looking to get rid of Comcast as my ISP, but don't have any residential choices. As far as carriers go, I'm w/ Verizon, so wonder whether they too have any such ugly dealings. Fortunately, I don't have any AT&T service and don't plan to either

I may have had an AT&T calling card 20+ years ago but nothing since then. T-Mobile outsources their customer service, too, as does Amazon.com.

bns-ahhhh • 4 years ago

As does every American company, including Trump's.

damonmccright • 4 years ago

Part time summer jobs are different from full time work you libtard.