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anotherday • 1 year ago

Now it's 2 billion?
Damn wimp, why not just come out and say you sold everyone's info?

John R R • 1 year ago

I deleted my FB many years ago and haven’t looked back.

aKa Randy Yonkers • 1 year ago

Fakebook users are Zucker's Suckers
"They trust me. Dumbf cks !!"
Mark Zuckerberg 2004
He's been exploiting the public trust from day one ! That's how he made his billions

amagi • 1 year ago

See. David Hogg could learn a lesson. Just because you think you're really smart (and maybe you are) doesn't mean you are mature.

Jay • 1 year ago

If you don't want your personal information shared with God knows who don't use Facebook.

grumpy_old_patriot • 1 year ago

If you don't want your personal information shared, you have to disconnect from society completely. The Democrats have made sure that doing so is impossible.

antiSocial • 1 year ago

First - change your search engine to duckduckgo instead of google. Second -go into fakebook and edit your profile and give them fake information about everything. Third - Like things you really don't. This will mess up all their statistics because they rely on people to tell the truth even though they don't.

DZnDef • 1 year ago

It will be even harder if they succeed with their "cashless society" plan.

jimmym99755 • 1 year ago

There's always Gab.

annoyed • 1 year ago

no one reads the terms of agreement for any of this.

EyesWideOpen • 1 year ago

i don't know about "democrats", but the NO party deep state is trying their best on that account

Guest • 1 year ago
Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago


Zuckerberg cashed a lot of his chips in before these increasingly appalling items of bad news were declared !!!

Where is the insider trading investigation ???

You or I would be behind bars now - why not him ???


So you can change your Privacy settings..haha Not likely when you’re revealing your life to the Public and looking for Self Stardom... look how many friends I have.

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago

LOL !!!

I did not have any friends so it was difficult to defriend me...

Anon • 1 year ago

I wanted to befriend the Schrody Cat, but I couldn't. Why? Because neither one of us signed up. I guess good sense counts for something. ha ha. I'm being silly today, pay no attention to me.

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago

Er... Who are you ??? ;-)

Anon • 1 year ago

I am who I am. Just me. I'm in recovery from my trip to silly land. I'm trying to get back to normal. Bear with me.

Pooh Bear • 1 year ago

You went over to the dark side, it will take awhile to recover.......#MAGA

Anon • 1 year ago

Not the dark side. Just over the border to Canada. Silly land.

ernldo • 1 year ago

I thought you meant Caliph0rnia....

Pooh Bear • 1 year ago

I was teasing you, "Dark Side", Darth Vader, make believe.........LOL Never heard of Canada being silly. Learn something new every day. Welcome back from silly land.

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago

Does that mean I have to take my clothes off !!!

Anon • 1 year ago

I think you should. It's the only way I'll know if you're as silly as I am:-)lol It may also help my recovery. ha ha

sfcpete • 1 year ago

In the past didn't you use the phrase "I yam who I yam" and your first name is Al?

Anon • 1 year ago

A yam is a vegetable, and I know I never said "I yam who I yam" or that my first name is Al. You have a case of mistaken identity. lol

sfcpete • 1 year ago

Ah com' on Popeye admit it.

I love his name and what it means, most dipsheets don't have a clue!

The Deplorable Hobbit • 1 year ago

A few of us who have studied physics have known about Schrödinger's cat for a long time.

Teachem-Twice • 1 year ago

Thank God I NEVER used my real name on FARCE-Book! Never use it to process ANY financial transaction.!.!

Newt Gingivitis • 1 year ago

It means sacrificing self for the good of the group.

annoyed • 1 year ago

when does a quantum system stop existing as a superposition of states and become one or the other?

Newt Gingivitis • 1 year ago

If everyone has the right to bear arms ---what is a right?

I'm with you, most people, especially other women, bore the crap out of me!

Guest • 1 year ago
roner • 1 year ago

See?! Proof positive. He has no FB friends, therefore he "has no life!" LOLOL!!

annoyed • 1 year ago

look at me!!!!! selfie selfie selfie...what a load of nonsense Facebook is...

T. H. Cobb • 1 year ago

Every single computing device in the US has built-in Spyware, courtesy of the CIA.

NoTreading • 1 year ago

CIA asset. That's why.

Keep it real • 1 year ago

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. NSA!

Newt Gingivitis • 1 year ago


pissedatthemall • 1 year ago

funny you should say that, it also looked liked many others did the same. I suspect we know who.

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago

It's a crime...

For crime they must do time !!!

For big crime they must do big time !!!


GadsdenFlyer ! • 1 year ago

Martha Stewart anyone???

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago

Without the recovery !!!

Mentorit • 1 year ago

Because he supports libs and hates conservatives and is actively working to suppress any anti liberal views. But you knew that :)

WayTruthLifeJesus • 1 year ago

THAT is a very important question !

Jabonz • 1 year ago

Actually Cat, those sales were scheduled. You can check the 8-K filings on the SEC website. No worries, zucker is guilty of other more nefarious things than dumping 144 stock. Please check my post on this threat and get on board.

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago

He runs the dang show !!!

He has know this was a likelihood sincehe was disturbed that HillaЯy had lost.

Guest • 1 year ago