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WhiteBluecollarRedneck • 2 years ago

What a difference the Trump administration makes. Obama loses again. Karma.

Be Still • 2 years ago

Remember, they hated Jesus before they hated us. I’m glad to have a win here.

Infidel • 2 years ago

Why would an article in a break room concern a meat inspector? Talk about government overreach. Is every meat inspector a little Nazis, or all inspectors little Nazis?

AirFrank • 2 years ago

Those USDA employees who threatened to walk, thus threatening this man's business, should be fired. We can't have fascists in our government at any level.

84Cheetah • 2 years ago

Of course. The leftist mantra is free speech for me , but not for thee.

Tony • 2 years ago

The LEFT(Hollywood, all Media, Liberals, Globalists, Muslims, etc.) ignores, spins, and changes history and news events using deceit and lies to label their opponents and to push their narratives. Mr. Obama, a LEFTIST, helped corrupt our government institutions to the detriment of our constitutional republic. Sadly, the LEFT has no good arguments but uses race, religion, gender, etc. to personally attack their opponents that disagree with them. Because the amoral LEFT knows it has no good reasons or evidence for its positions, the LEFT uses race, gender, religion, the legal system, the government, the political system, the media, the education system, and violence to stop any opposing viewpoints. Also, the LEFT promotes lower birthrates(eg. abortion, birth control, etc.) to help destroy each Western country using deceit and lies. Moreover, the LEFT removed religious ideology out of the schools and replaced it with LEFTIST ideology and ISLAM’S ideology in their deceptive effort to show the higher moral ground. The 57 or so Islamic countries have given oil money to the West’s LEFT to help corrupt the West’s governments, politics, academia, media, police, etc. The LEFT wants Money, Power, and then Control. The Islamic goal is the Islamization and the conquest of the West from within through Muslim migration with the LEFT’S help.