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Guest • 10 months ago
WCAGA • 10 months ago

This move by Trump is Genius!

Dems will Never support DACA NOW since Trump Will get Credit for Immigration Reform (They ONLY wanted the "we really care about you" votes), and RINO'S will pay at the polls if they support it, since it ONLY Favors their Donors.

Trump has found a way to end DACA and Congress will get the blame.

He played his hand And both party's very well.

TheBigKitty • 10 months ago

Some guys are smarter than others.

If the Dems want the DACAs and their extended families let them take it to the polls.

aKa Randy Yonkers • 10 months ago

huffington post...still a worthless pile
of digital monkey dung !!

Reality Wins • 10 months ago

"Paul Blumenthal at the Huffington Post declares a “major policy win” for Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, and the RULE OF LAW movement that put Donald Trump into office.

Fixed it.

You forgot "The AMERICAN People"

Reality Wins • 10 months ago

American citizens are the RULE OF LAW MOVEMENT.

Davescomm • 10 months ago

We didn't build this country from the end of WW II to accommodate Latin Americans flooding in over the past 50 years looking to squat in our comparative luxury. We didn't build it for their children. We built it for OUR children.

Latin Americans had their chances to build their own civilizations going back long before the colonists from England arrived here to start a new adventure, enduring the hardships of the new frontier, starvation, wilderness, organizing, declaring the War of Independence against the superpower of the times - and winning it. Latin Americans had their chances to start well over a thousand years ago. They had resources, farmland, livestock, fresh water, metals, oil. Latin America is know for what, today? Drug wars? Venezuelan dictatorship? Massive corruption in Brazil? FARC in Colombia? Communism in Bolivia?

We didn't build what the USA is today for their children. We built it for OUR children.

SB • 10 months ago

You get enough of latinos here and you will get a "Latin" America right here in America ... 3rd world gabrons will bring their 3rd world problems and attitude with them ... believe it!

Libsareclowns • 10 months ago

Follow the Law? What a concept....


friend • 10 months ago

That doesn't mean change the law in order to accommodate those who broke the law. Just enforce the current law.

ThoseWithLoadedGuns • 10 months ago

MAGA! Trump pulled the pin on that DACA live grenade & lobbed it over to congress! Brilliant!

from THE 3rd PATCH • 10 months ago

And by the time Congress gets done with it .... our Country will be done for sure. Mark my words.

0pini0nated • 10 months ago

I think u are right. The dems will make this issue their top priority to open borders forever and the stupid republicans will jump in to show how good hearted they are and prove they aren't racists. This will end badly. Congress doesn't care about us one bit.

love2rumba • 10 months ago

The why RINOs exist is that they pledge to be conservative when they get into office and then renege after their election/re-election. Then their worthless followers defend them with a mantra that "no matter what, an R is always better than a D" and proceed to smack the people who know better. What Trump has done and done quite bloodlessly is fulfill his campaign promises while making sure that his political opponents squirm while in office. Neither the demos or reps have any cover any longer.and the 'my congressman is great but yours suck' crowd have no cover either.

from THE 3rd PATCH • 10 months ago

Dear OpiniOnated ... thank you for your reply. I have taken so much heat about my mere opinion ... well .... I just appreciate it !

from THE 3rd PATCH • 10 months ago

HOPE "we" can "manage".
Did it for EIGHT STINKING YEARS with Obama. Don't know if we have another 4 STINKING YEARS with Trump left in us.
Best of luck

Indiana Jeans • 10 months ago

Oooh, that's right. They're coming. Hordes of them. Like the zombies in the Walking Dead. Diseased, raping and pillaging. You'd better stock up, get some more guns. Maybe a dozen buckets of Jim Bakker's "Tasty Pantry" food, which he was promoting to Harvey victims at $175 a pop, without a twinge of shame (he could have just donated that crap, but then, who'd want it?).

Cause they're comin! Oh my god, they're comin for your guns. They're comin for your women. They're comin for your brains. We're not gonna make it, man! We're all gonna die!!!

Oooh, bery bery scary!

What a snowflake!

from THE 3rd PATCH • 10 months ago


Grow Your Own • 10 months ago

Great play on words. I Love It.

tbrenovator • 10 months ago

Please don't forget the 3rd world diseases which they have already brought. The same diseases that were virtually eradicated here in the civilized world

MGTOW-man • 10 months ago

Have you noticed how even colds are weird now? Myself and others I know, have, in the past few years, personally witnessed colds that have changed dramatically. Could this be because of foreign carriers are infiltrating and spreading their filthy diseases that we have no exposure to?

Elizabeth • 10 months ago

Its like alien trees introduced into nc that brought in the beetle that killed all the chestnut trees. . the Indians died of alien bugs from Europeans...

Nadzieja Batki • 10 months ago

Don't get clever, it doesn't work anymore as there is too much knowledge and the archeological finds that make your comment a lie. Cannibalism and bestiality and wars and disease that those wrought did not make the "native americans" any healthier.

LMMFAO! Get this sentence! This Nadzieja Batki wrote (and I quote) "Cannibalism and bestiality and wars and disease that those wrought did not make the "native americans" any healthier." LMMFAO!!! CANNIBALISM??!! BESTIALITY??!! What...in...the...PHU*K are you talking about???!!! By the sounds of your name, I think it's safe to say that...you're NOT a native born American (if you're even American AT ALL). Maybe you should let those who know what the hell they're talking about speak instead of showing the rest of us how little you know about early American history.

Indiana Jeans • 10 months ago

That's right, immigrants bring diseases that are gonna getcha! Awww, did I spook you?

You could always become like our brave president, the Germaphobe-in-Chief. Had to go back down to Texas for a second bite at the apple of compassion, shook a hand or two, but you didn't see him really getting in amongst the flood victims and hugging them the way Obama and Bush 43 did. Naw, Trump's a real hands off kinda guy. Squeamish, is what we used to call that. Very particular. Paranoid. All symptoms of just one of several mental disorders he suffers from.

But you embrace that. You go there. Show us what sort of spirit and morality you want to see spread around the country. You do that.

Elizabeth • 10 months ago

Dr savage said an Italian girl died if malaria which was brought in by African migrants. he said malaria was wiped out in Italy since 1970 but now its back.

Indiana Jeans • 10 months ago

If true, it's due to global warming, not immigration.

I spend a great deal of time in Spain, which is just like southern italy in terms of proximity and an immigration issue with sub-saharan Africans fleeing horrible conditions. There is no malaria scare or concern in Spain.

HattieSHayes • 10 months ago

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Sir_Tanly • 10 months ago

My friend, an ordinary looking hooker, makes $150 an hour on her back. Your friends mother must be spectacularly ugly.

glokta79 • 10 months ago

I didn't think it was transmissable person to person..

Elizabeth • 10 months ago

He said mosquito in luggage.

glokta79 • 10 months ago

ahh, my bad, should have read it myself

Grow Your Own • 10 months ago

Yes, Measles & TB in Minnesota thanks to the Muslim immigration to the US.
"More than 70,000 refugees have been resettled in the United States annually for the past three decades by the federal government. It’s not just tuberculosis being brought in by these resettled refugees. Measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, and other diseases that were on their way to eradication are also coming in across the borders of the United States."
“Today four states – California, New York, Texas and Florida – have more than half the nation’s active TB cases, though they have only a third of the country’s population. The four states have the highest numbers of foreign-born residents,” according to the Star Tribune.

Indiana Jeans • 10 months ago

I would do the research elsewhere than Breitbart. Double check those so-called "facts," reporting, and analysis with a more reputable news organization, one that actually takes the mandate of the 4th Estate seriously.

from THE 3rd PATCH • 10 months ago

Keep in mind that Mr. Lou Dobbs was scorned and chastised for his
thoughts of April 14, 2005.

Island turned Applicants back due to health issues, and those Folks were
trying to obtain LEGAL entry into America. Now we are dealing with millions
that are intentionally breaking the laws of America and are not being
reviewed or scrutinized in any fashion.

Yes, legal and illegal immigrants
participate in, so we have been told, jobs that Americans do not want to
do. Perhaps the meat and vegetable processing facilities.
Perhaps the
restaurant industry and cruise lines. Perhaps the large food distribution
Perhaps the housekeeping profession at hotels and hospitals.
Have you heard of listeria, norovirus, E. Coli, cholera and
definitely tuberculosis etc etc ? Better do some research. The future of
America could get very complicated.

Field produce, from the area I now
live, was responsible for the death of 30+ souls in America.
I have lived
in foreign countries and know of, and seen the results of some of the above
mentioned ailments.
I also know what the immigration and visa laws "were"
until the
Leaders-Of-Our-Country stopped thinking of the health and well
being of Americans as a priority.

Ask someone if they
remember (the stories) when the Soldiers
came home from World War One.
..... So Mote It Be

Buzzles • 10 months ago

The media reports very little on this issue, yet California alone is fighting a rapid increase in TB and hepatitis. Local pools have been closed due to the muslims using them like toilets. Immigration without vetting and management will always create issues beyond just them breaking our laws. MAGA!!!

D-day • 10 months ago

We're already seeing the effects of the flood in CA as the schools are overrun with kids that don't speak English so the result is all kids suffer as the teacher has to slow her teaching abilities - from what I heard from a previous teacher who worked in a high school - it is a big mess he got out of

Rightoe • 10 months ago

That is PRECISELY the Democrat plan..

Al Hope • 10 months ago

Correct, the Marxists have only one focus; that being to ethnically cleanse European Americans, and all Europeans, via Mass Immivasion, childless feminism, extermination of self-rule, dispossession, and ultimately physical elimination on a large scale.

Grow Your Own • 10 months ago

Just like the Muslim Invaders are doing to Europe Thanks to Soros & his Puppet Merkel/EU.

Buzzles • 10 months ago

We've already seen it, the Hispanics, aka illegals, make more demands on us to accommodate them while refusing to respect our own country's values and traditions, and following our laws. If that was their intention, then go back where you came from, but don't come here and try to change us.

Appreciate • 10 months ago

And come here waving their Mexican flags and La Raza banners while spitting on us who financially support them! I do have empathy for the legal immigrants but at the same time want to know: WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE!!! LET US HEAR YOU! WHERE ARE YOU, LEGAL HISPANIC IMMIGRANTS!!!!

A Christian • 10 months ago

Notice NOW --- all of a sudden --- the "DACA recipients" are beginning to wave AMERICAN flags. Too little, too late?!


michaelmousedisqus • 10 months ago

you meant Billions!

Elizabeth • 10 months ago

I too noticed that! However once we give them "amnesty" they'll go back to being traders a fly their Mexican flags.....They always do. MAGA

sheepcreeper • 10 months ago

Mexicans you mean. Hispanics are a Aryan European breed from Spain who conquered these little mud puppies and taught them to speak in Spanish.

byobc23 • 10 months ago

More like broke the cruel iron grip the Aztec's had over their neighbors. As I recall, the Conquistadors had help.

Guest • 10 months ago
Rightoe • 10 months ago

Like it or not, the content is all factually correct