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We'll see about McCarthy • 3 months ago

Metaverse is cringy beyond description. Zuck is a nut job.

Frank Drebin • 3 months ago

Zuckerberg is a one hit wonder. He scored big with Facebook. It wasn't the first website of its type, but his was better and Facebook won.

Now though, some newcomers are starting to edge out Facebook, and Zuckerberg has nothing. Facebook will shrink over the next decade, and VR's current resurrection (which happens every 10 to 15 years) will fizzle out again.

BryanM • 3 months ago

My kids say facebook is for Boomers. Since we are out of the 25-54 group that buys a lot of stuff there is only 1 way for facebook to go. A lot of my Boomer friends quit facebook after Zucks 2020 election meddling also.


ScarletPimpernil • 3 months ago

A crook does not have to be a genius, or even smart, to steal and get away with it. F'rberg knew how to do one thing and got lucky. Hopefully, his luck has run its course.

Clum • 3 months ago

Wasn't even his.

P Smith • 3 months ago

Metaverse is almost as cringy as Tim Cook's sexual proclivities.
...hopefully Zuckerburg will pour everything he has into it rather than the next election.

Donald DeSantis • 3 months ago

He has plenty to go around, unfortunately.

We'll see about McCarthy • 3 months ago

That would be a welcome unintended result.

John Truman • 3 months ago

Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat

poetcomic1 • 3 months ago

"Those whom God wills to destroy, he first makes mad."

And you can go even further back to the Greek tragic 'hubris'.

AppreciateIt • 3 months ago

“Hubris” — a word rarely used anymore but one which applies to all the “mad” demoncrats.

We'll see about McCarthy • 3 months ago

Bonus points for Latin! Nice!

analyzethis • 3 months ago

4-5 years from now Apple will roll out practically the same thing with a different name and tout some minor tweak as making their product completely original while millions of Apple fanboys bark in approval.

Les Deplorable's • 3 months ago


analyzethis • 3 months ago


Ekarun Tekhila • 3 months ago

If they want a definition, here is a definition: the Metaverse is like a permanent pandemic lockdown.

ElenaGarz • 3 months ago

No surprise. Zuckerberg stumbled into Facebook and made a fortune. But he’s no genius or visionary although he thinks he is.

Sr. Joe Cool • 3 months ago

"Mark Zuckerberg was accused of stealing the idea for “Facebook” from “ConnectU” which involved three classmates who wanted a social website for Harvard students.
Facebook ended up paying Zuck’s ex-classmates, Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss & Tyler Winklevoss $65 million."

AwideAwake • 3 months ago

FB then bought Instagram and WhatsApp. So there hasn't been any innovation, really. Just buying other companies that innovate.

bwazcat • 3 months ago

Yep. In his case it's.....Mommy, look what I bought! Are you proud of me? Please say you are!

Eric Scher • 3 months ago

META = Make Everything Trump Again

Larry W • 3 months ago

We should all hope Zuck is wrong. People are already too disengaged from reality because of social media as it is today. Making it MORE immersive will only tear at the fabric of society, perhaps beyond repair.

AppreciateIt • 3 months ago

Larry, I will never ever forget the day my husband and I were discussing MySpace and he said “Look — the end of childrens’ lives.” He was much more prescient than I was at the time.

Jonney Quest • 3 months ago

Let the zombies in social media plant themselves in their chairs and recliners forever. They are addicted to that garbage like junkies are to drugs. Eventually they will either die of eating garbage food and zero exercise or wake up and get a real life. My bet is many will be dying before they hit 50 from being stupid, fat, filthy, having carpel tunnel syndrome and poor eyesight. Then we'll see all kinds of advertisements from lawyers saying they can sue the social media, virtual reality and video game companies.

Larry W • 3 months ago

You're correct, it's like a drug and like a drug it becomes self-destructive. Unfortunately, we've created a society that no longer takes personal responsibility for their decisions and will be more than willing to dive down the VR rabbit hole. How many generations will be lost before people realize just how bad it is? (Cigarettes are a good example of big corporations using addiction to enrich themselves and contributed to literally millions of years of lost lives due to early death.)

Frank Drebin • 3 months ago

And those companies have so much money, the lawyers will be salivating. Start the lawsuits soon though, because Facebooknis burning through lots of cash.

Frank Drebin • 3 months ago

VR is not going mainstream anytime soon. People don't like wearing things over their eyes for too long, and people also are hesitant to move around in VR for fear of running into a wall. Most peoole don't have a nice empty room with padded walls to do VR in their house.

Larry W • 3 months ago

Today. And Zuck and Cook and the rest of the tech world are all aware of the hurdles and are working to overcome them. As I said, let's hope it doesn't happen.

Frank Drebin • 3 months ago

Tim Cook doesn't buy into VR. He, and a lot of other people see AR (Augmented Reality) as more viable.

Larry W • 3 months ago

Tomaytoe ... tomahtoe

Frank Drebin • 3 months ago

No there's a big difference.

VR (Virtual Reality) has a headset with a screen on the inside. When you wear it, you see an image of the world you are in. As you turn your head, you can look around the world. Typically you can move through the virtual world on the screen. Throughout the experience, you cannot see the real world you are located in.

AR (Augmented Reality) usually involves wearing regular glasses that you can still see the real world through. There is typically a small projector that can project graphics onto one of the lenses, so it acts as a heads up display. It can add information to things that you are looking at in the real world. Or it can do things like show text on the lense of your glasses of what someone is saying to you if your deaf and cannot hear them.

So 2 very different technologies and different use cases.

Larry W • 3 months ago

I am well aware of the difference. You're missing the point. VR or AR results in the same pox on civilization. The effect it will have on society will be devastating regardless of the technology used to get there.

Frank Drebin • 3 months ago

Yes, that's true.

DavyCrockett • 3 months ago

Meta is so Beta…

Wink Wilkinson • 3 months ago

Recently I rented an apartment in Metaverse only to discover a bum who shart his pants passed out in front of my apt. door. I had to walk over him to exit the premise where I was met by two Metaverse muggers who stole my wallet at knifepoint. Upon getting to the office, I was told by a Metaverse cop that the office building no longer existed as a result of a fire set upon it by protestors. I convened to a nearby bar where I was charged $45 for a pint of flat beer. My last night in Metaverse I went out on a Metaverse date only to be told by the individual that she was a he. We shook hands and parted ways. Note: Metaverse is flat. I've fallen off it twice.

AppreciateIt • 3 months ago

Outstanding! 💯!

Jayden Lawson • 3 months ago

Metaverse has one fatal flaw: it's not real. And things that aren't real aren't as good as things that are. So it is doomed to never be something other than a gimmick.

ipso_facto • 3 months ago

Sounds like the Fed.

W Mahan • 3 months ago

Best laugh I've had all day. And, sadly, true.

MojaveForks • 3 months ago

Metaverse? Sounds like just another online game where the object is for the creators to make a buck while obtaining as much player's personal information as possible.

Nuyvas Pekklø • 3 months ago

All due respect... the so-called "Metaverse" should be renamed "Loserville."

BryanM • 3 months ago

If it's not a Star Trek full blown Holideck then I'm not interested. Yawn.

ConservativeInMinnesota • 3 months ago

Tim Apple perfectly nailed Facebook's problem "the average person can't even define what the metaverse is". Zuckerberg's metaverse shows the result of what happens when a billionaire lives in an echo chamber for years. No one dares to tell the emperor he was no clothes. Billions get wasted on crazy ideas that make no sense while the employees live in fear of being fired.

ipso_facto • 3 months ago

'It is a floor wax AND a dessert topping.'

TennesseeRedDog • 3 months ago

He thinks he's Steve Jobs.

1sttexan49 • 3 months ago

So did Steve Jobs.

SethWatt • 3 months ago

“And I’m really not sure the average person can tell you what the metaverse is.”

Sure they can, its a poisonous distraction designed to take you away from your family, your friends, and everything else that actually matters and get you to lay still as the Globalist rape you.

thatindividual • 3 months ago

Wasn’t Facebook someone else’s idea? Maybe Zuck isn’t good at this.

Virtus_et_Libertas • 3 months ago

I just took a Zuck and flushed it down my Meta.

Social media is the opium of the masses. Even this comment site is suspect.