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dreabear74 • 5 months ago

This makes no scientific sense. The vaccinated are getting the virus and spreading it as well as everyone else.

Montana1987 • 5 months ago

The playing field has nothing to do with logic. We're dealing with nazis. They're immune from logic, they simply need to be told to FO.

Descentman • 5 months ago

Actually the vaccinated, have outpaced the unvaccinated in getting sick, getting hospitalized, and dying from covid. THEY have become the disease.

Libertarian • 5 months ago

Not according to the news! Us unvaxxed are hospitalized and dying all over the place. lol

DEMOCRATS/RINOS are the anti-science & anti-fact(s) Fascists.

Taquoshi • 5 months ago

The more I hear about this, the less likely I am to seek medical help. They are creating two "castes" - basically the clean and the unclean. I get that the medical profession hates us and are blaming everything on us, but, geez Louise, give it a rest. Neither Fauci nor the newspaper are elected officials and one wonders about the medical background of both.

gospelmidi • 5 months ago

No. That is a fallacy backed by bad statistics.

The total count of vaxxed vs. unvaxxed affects the count of infections, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. Whichever group is larger has a disproportionate percentage of the total infections.

For each group, divide its total infections by the count of persons in that group. This is the INFECTIONS PER CAPITA. Here INFECTIONS PER CAPITA is the relevant statistic about the group, not the total infections in the group.

Please understand this principle now, so I don't have to keep explaining it.

Descentman • 5 months ago

We're not talking about per capita. We're talking about people in the hospital right now. Plus the fact that people who are not vaccinated generally do not have CDS, and are not running out every five minutes to get tested. This could skew the results if we were talking about per capital, but we're not. This is no fallacy. It's fact. My original comment stands.

Bwana • 5 months ago

It is not a vaccine. And this is the United States of America. We are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, NOT A democracy.
The truth and true words matter. Do not allow the enemy to control the language.

Mrs. Robertson • 5 months ago

Iโ€™m so sick of politicians screaming how our democracy is at stake. We arenโ€™t a democracy and democrats are not democratic.

susandiane0351 • 5 months ago

They keep using the word "democracy" because they know it can elicit such a visceral response and many Americans don't understand that the United States isn't a direct democracy but a representative democracy.

Joe Dink • 5 months ago

You don't understand this? Rasmussen released a poll yesterday that showed a majority of dims believe Purebloods belong on cattle cars en route to "special camps."
Clearly the theocrats feel the same way.

Crassus • 5 months ago

Perhaps the best reason to never, ever give up your 2A rights.

Libertarian • 5 months ago

and 29% of Libs think children should be taken away from unvaxxed.

Deplorable-Ed • 5 months ago

What will they say when they realize that they will be taking mostly black kids?

Rexd63 • 5 months ago

I hate NAZI.

David Koob • 5 months ago

99% of statistics are wrong 50% of the time, and ask the wrong question the other 50%.

susandiane0351 • 5 months ago

Maybe not a majority yet, but awfully close to it.

Caius Keys • 5 months ago

Makes all kinds of political, leftist, and totalitarian sense though!

6, 12, or 18 months ago,

Democrats would have dismissed this as, "a conspiracy theory."

cornpop • 5 months ago

or if trump had said it they'd all be foaming at the mouth.

Caius Keys • 5 months ago

Trump and Flynn threatened to expose the

Schiff done by 0bama, so they had to be

Stopped--by any and all means necessary!

norman blake • 5 months ago

further to your point, it's not a virus; it's a bioweapon. and it's not a vaccine; it's an experimental frankenstein goo that makes your body unleash deadly spike proteins that can kill and maim at present and whose long-term health effects are completely unknown and which is filled with metal particles whose purpose is still a mystery. now, all of this really makes no scientific sense. ranchers would not be allowed to treat cattle like this.

Orga777 • 5 months ago

The elites see us as less than cattle. They hate the human race and see us as nothing more than pests to be exterminated. They are all occult weirdo freaks who worship at the alter of transhumanist beliefs.

The Vaccinated are getting reinfected at a 40% rate vs unvaccinated with 3% (Latest COVID Delta: Massachusetts& Rhode Island).

David Koob • 5 months ago

One wonders what will happen when the dullards finally figure out that this has become a "pandemic" of the vaccinated? Will be vaxxed be banished to their homes to starve to death, or with everyone finally wake up from this authoritarian nightmare?

Rocketman • 5 months ago

.. NOTICE: There are MORE than ENOUGH
to support and maintain a
Historically . . . it only took about 3% !

lackric • 5 months ago

Yep. Went through my family starting with vaxxed and boosted relatives.

Speakup • 5 months ago

The root cause is bluism, we must make the effort to move the public belief towards the red pill, towards freedom.

Taquoshi • 5 months ago

That has been repeatedly demonstrated by the number of cruise ships that were 100% "vaccinated", yet had outbreaks. Go figure.

edgeoutlawed • 5 months ago

The boosted are blaming the unboosted and unvaccinated for infecting them. The fourth shot is just a fourth dose of a vaccine that failed the first three times. The insanity is real folks....

Master Gunny • 5 months ago

Great post. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Knew Normal • 5 months ago

Covid Derangement Syndrome is real.

FUTP_V2 • 5 months ago

Most sufferers of CDS also complain of severe TDS.

Descentman • 5 months ago

We're still dealing with TDS, now there's CDS??? Good grief!

Guest • 5 months ago
Descentman • 5 months ago

Isn't that redundant? ๐Ÿ˜„

nolongerworking • 5 months ago

MFP Mass formation psychosis and TDS.

Deplorable Displaced Texan • 5 months ago

The suffer's name is more often than not "Karen".

Chip • 5 months ago

I never thought Iโ€™d see Americans so easily whipped into mass psychosis. The Left has done more damage to our society than I realized.

Orga777 • 5 months ago

Why? It happens every single time. It happened in WWII. It happened after 9/11. And it is happening again now. Humans never learn their lesson. They just follow the media to their own enslavement.

Mark_Bristol_IN • 5 months ago

This IS what OUR 2nd Amendment and Open or Concealed Carry are about. Our forefathers new that evil and evil people exist.

FIXIT • 5 months ago

I have no problem with open carry, but to me, itโ€™s like carrying a sign saying โ€œshoot me first.โ€

gospelmidi • 5 months ago

It's impossible to conceal an American Eagle .50 or an M1 Garand.

mocanic • 5 months ago

Dear Salt Lake, guess what? Vaccinated people can contract and spread the virus. Are you going to make those spreaders stay home too?

desert rat • 5 months ago

Eventually the answer will be 'yes'. (About the time of the midterm elections.)

Tiger • 5 months ago

Why? Vaccines don't stop the spread of the virus. isn't it past time to put a sock in this nonsense? The horse died long ago it won't run.

Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Romney for Senate

So, there's that

Paul Scofield • 5 months ago

Careful there, Utah. Wasn't it persecution which drove the Mormans westward in the 19th century? Ah, but I forget. Nobody teaches history anymore.

RoadKillCafe • 5 months ago

or remembers it ........

Paul Scofield • 5 months ago

Touche. Exactly right!