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catgirldreamer II • 2 years ago

All of this is by design, and with due malice to all, of the left:
they want a continuous food shortage across the nation, truck stoppages, and more.
Control food, water, utilities, and housing, and you control the people.

Phonecard Mike • 2 years ago

The Democrat policies created the issue and now they take credit for a minuscule improvement.

What a joke!

jordanminn • 2 years ago

Perv Joe Biden has brought back the 1980's...........

USSR bread lines..........

only this time they are in the world's bread basket of America.

Spock • 2 years ago

This presidency brought together the most incompetent executive branch in American history, for the purpose of our “fundamental transformation”. (Into a nightmarish Orwellian totalitarian sh­ith­ole.)

spectral 69 • 2 years ago

A local Walmart actually shut down over this past weekend which according to their release was due to giving people time to restock.

Translation, shelves were empty and have been empty all during Xiden's occupying.

Genesis • 2 years ago

No doubt, we won't get the truth from the WH occupiers and their minions. We need a reset but not like the Pinkos are planning. We need one country to show the way, but it's not going to be the citizens of the US at this rate.

spectral 69 • 2 years ago

News of a major chain shutting down during the Trump years would have been the top story on the alphabet nightly newscast blaming it on his Tariffs in addition to stories of hardship placed upon the community.

John (ULTRA-MAGAnum) • 2 years ago

Buttigieg Does Supply Chain Crisis Victory Lap as Grocery Shelves Go Empty

Anything to destroy America is always considered success from a commie P O S

EXFED Semi-Fascist • 2 years ago

Let’s face it, Little Petey’s life takes place inside his fantasyland brain, where men are women and failure is success. Empty promises, empty shelves and empty heads.

Will Hunt • 2 years ago

Remember, with socialism you get shoppers lining up to buy scarce goods from sellers. With capitalism you get sellers lining up to sell abundant goods to buyers. And no amount of lying by the pedo-marxist democrats can change this.

Chaunceywg • 2 years ago

Very good indeed. This needs to be taught to children and young adults. I remember it was explained to me as a kid with images of Russians in "Bread" lines.

Will Hunt • 2 years ago

But isn't it amazing that so many people don't understand this. Especially from the left. You know. The people who always tell us how they are smarter and better educated.

Chaunceywg • 2 years ago

Yes I agree. There are entire generations of "educated" that have resulted in them prioritizing climate, anti-whiteness, anti-Christianity, anti-business, destruction of the single family, racial division along with teaching that Socialism/Communism is better the Capitalism. Common sense, a knowledge of history and the application of logic can tell you most of what you need to know and what you need to do to correct an issue.

Wally • 2 years ago

Here in the blue Northeast there hasn't been much coffee on the shelves for over a month.

mark8302 • 2 years ago

Time for the guy to start breast feeding again.

John Martin • 2 years ago


fugitive cities • 2 years ago

Buttigieg has fixed nothing, Californiastan must wine and dine him for more government funds, the state has run out of money because of illegal alien freebies.

TurboGurn • 2 years ago

Let's go Brandon!
Let's go Buttyjuj!

John Martin • 2 years ago

let's go, turbogurn!

Mad dog • 2 years ago

Addition -: upon the minorities community- gotta keep their racist myth going …..

Emiliani • 2 years ago

Even money wager: next will be energy or the economy.

Jocko • 2 years ago

And nothing to restock. I worked in a grocery store years ago, we did not shutdown to restock, it is not that busy at night, the night crews always restocked.

John Baker • 2 years ago

My SIL works at the local Walmart. Their warehouse in the back of the store is virtually empty and shelves are barely filled.

Rossi711 • 2 years ago

Local Walmart has entire departments closed including Pharmacy!

nanazona • 2 years ago

Well, I stopped shopping our local Walmart about 4 years ago, because they would not stock their shelves and asked that you "order" you stuff ON LINE then drive to the store and stand in line to pick it up....NO THANKS. (This was BEFORE covid and now this location has CLOSED due to poor sales.)

Jason Brown • 2 years ago

There is a difference between incompetence and evil. Jimmy Carter’s administration was incompetent, Biden’s administration is pure evil!

Kevin355 • 2 years ago

Obama, Soros, Gates, Klain, Rice, the Clinton's are running this circus...Butt-Egg-Egg, Biden, Kumswala are just the clowns that are in front of the cameras.

And Yes, this administration is evil. FJB

Bildo1 • 2 years ago

You are correct. Thanks to Bama 'n Plugs, Ol' Jimmuh is prancing around Plains,Ga. Hollerin' "I'm number 3! I'm number 3!"

I have a serious respect for the word "evil". I never use it flippantly. I normally will use it when referring to the Holocaust, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. These people were responsible for the murder of 165 million civilians in the 20th Century. Frankly, I haven't figured whether FJB is "evil" or just plain stupid. If it is "evil" that is motivating him, he is in the process of destroying the lives of 330 million people by lowering their standard of living based on his conception to what he is fundamentally changing our country. If his goal is to change us into a collective type Banana Republic to satisfy his goals, then he truly is evil.

Robert Mueller • 2 years ago

Biden isn't in control of this. He's just the puppet.

I don't agree. :-)

Guest • 2 years ago

I still think he is running this show!

Guest • 2 years ago

Regardless, he is still the President, God help us. What you suggest means that damn near everybody in DC would be complicit in this conspiracy. And this would be a conspiracy that includes a coup that has already happened! Ganted, he's dumber than a road bump. There is an Article 25 in our Constitution that protects us if he truly has dementia. A comment. Biden has had a 50 year reputation for being the dumbest politician in DC. He is so dumb that it is impossible to see were stupid stops and dementia begins. If there really are people that are manipulating the Presidency, they have to be guilty of treason! Lord knows today that would not be much more than a misdemeanor.

Konata Kagami • 2 years ago


Popp40 • 2 years ago

Obama’s plan is playing out….and this works perfect because Biden takes the fall for being the most incompetent executive branch in American history….after all they couldn’t have the first black President have that title.

John Wayne • 2 years ago

This whole administration's plan is to play make believe though all their failures...

DemocRATs are all full of ess H eye tee...so it is natural for them to want to turn the country into a sh!thole.

Rocco_The_Package_Boy • 2 years ago

Checking the boxes to include weirdos, perverts and mentally ill far leftists was their top priority.....not competence.

Excellently expressed! May I borrow it?

Emiliani • 2 years ago

Trump began the lockdowns, began the massive money giveaway, and kept on people like Fauci ... and Biden took that and turned it into a complete s#!+ show.

Coming up on 2 years Trump still raves about the Shot that everyone knows not only doesn't work but is dangerous and creates Viral Escape and Enhancement.

What we are doing to ourselves is biblical.

Retep Kilocin • 2 years ago

Do something about them then How biden is still hanging on i will never know mind you how obama managed to get away with out getting rednecked i will never know

Frustrated citizen • 2 years ago

All courtesy of Joe Biden and his mentor Barack Hussein Obama: IDENTITY POLITICS!

Karan Prather • 2 years ago

Thank You! Your assessment of the EO signing FOOL and PUPPET Biden and his ANTI-AMERICAN/PRO-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WRECKING BALL Circus, Clown and Freak Show Administration hit the Nails of TRUTH and REALITY sqaure on the head with a Sledge Hammer. And someway or other they must be stalled and stopped during the next three years or WE WILL become a BANKRUPT, CORRUPT, DICTATORSHIP-LIKE 3rd world country CESSPOOL and IT"S not a matter of IF but just WHEN!

Jocko • 2 years ago

Jimmy Carter is really happy, he is no longer seen as the worst President in US history.

luke.chekovski • 2 years ago

All communist democrats demand grocers voluntarily refuse to fill their shelves so even more Americans can die of starvation.

244pluto • 2 years ago

Joe sucks

CassandraSmoke • 2 years ago


This is all due to his postpartum depression.