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Georgie Thumbs • 1 year ago

It's the biggest POTUS theft EVER and the thing is we knew it was coming and nobody did anything about it. We had an ATTEMPTED COUP against a sitting President and incredibly nobody responsible was locked up for it

Deplorable Caucasian • 1 year ago

Trump gave them lots of rope to hang themselves and they did. Now it's up to the Republican Senates to refuse to give Electoral Votes and then it's up to the House of Reps with 1 vote per State and Republicans have the majority for that.

Yankee White Privilege • 1 year ago

Trump did something about it.

jayPC • 1 year ago

Sure. There’s so much evidence that it keeps getting thrown out of every single court room in the country

murgatroidmx • 1 year ago

Yes, there is so much evidence, that your pea-brain can't comprehend.

jayPC • 1 year ago

Are federal judges pea brained too?

Deplorable Caucasian • 1 year ago

Those who don't understand that Trump is losing on purpose so we can get to the SCOTUS for the final vote have pea brains.

jayPC • 1 year ago

Right, because they can present the real evidence to the SCOTUS.... of course!!!! Oh, wait, you don’t present new evidence to the Supreme Court, they only rule on the parameters of the case presented to the lower court. Guess you were absent the day they taught law in law school

California Corgi • 1 year ago

Um....so you're saying that all the judges are throwing the cases out to help Trump?

alioh61 • 1 year ago

Gotta love trolls. No matter how much evidence is shown to them, they act like children, cover their ears and eyes, stomp their feet and yell “no, no, no” over and over again. They know there’s fraud. They just don’t have the integrity to admit it.

Gary Eaker • 1 year ago

A mountain of Fraud.

Adequate in each swing state to overturn the results.

Freempg • 1 year ago

They tweaked the narrative, aka, the Big Lie. Now it's not widespread enough fraud

Jay Campbell • 1 year ago

Yep, they keep moving the goalposts.

Guest • 1 year ago
MaxHeadroom • 1 year ago

That would be: Mostly Honest Corruption....

jojo_ohio • 1 year ago

Change the word trolls to Trumpers and you hit the nail on the head.

Jim Boles • 1 year ago

Wow, what an impressive and we'll thought out retort NPC.
That is a sarcastic response in case you can't understand basic english.

Hot pockets are ready, back to your basement before your mommy yells at you for letting your food get cold. She works hard for those Pockets, respect her.

John C • 1 year ago

What’s the conservative obsession with mommy’s basement about anyway?

Jim Boles • 1 year ago

That's is where they live. Duh!

Jim • 1 year ago

Why do the courts keep tossing out the lawsuits if there’s so much evidence?

Jim Boles • 1 year ago

Good call.
The "HOT POCKET ARMY" is mostly, if not fully, comprised of losers who can't compete in a capitalist free market economy so they crave universal basic income for ALL which is the only way they will ever be able to support themselves and sooth their butthurt feelings of not being able to hold a real job like you and I do.
They desperately NEED a Nanny state, after all, their mommies and daddies are not going to live forever and they will be on their own.

12Trust • 1 year ago

So you are calling all the Judges that have ruled against Trump and his bogus evidence children throwing tantrums.

InternetRando • 1 year ago

Please post the fraud evidence that was presented and accepted in court.

MSTILDEN • 1 year ago

As a New Yorker and an American,I want to thank Rudy Giuliani.He destroyed the Mafia,he saved New York City, he led through 911 and at 78 he is giving his all to save the Republic.

brett a thompson • 1 year ago

When a comatose candidate like Biden wins, it's the biggest presidential theft ever.

CT • 1 year ago

He literally had no support.
20 people in a parking lot?

Swizzle Stix • 1 year ago

And many were likely paid to attend.

David Muncier • 1 year ago

More than 80M people showed up to vote for him, instead of wasting time with stupid rallies...

CT • 1 year ago

Yeah, that was it. Sorry I was so mistaken.

Toledo Window Box • 1 year ago

I don't think you are.

Robert Bennett • 1 year ago

Showed up at the mailbox.

Toledo Window Box • 1 year ago

He literally got 80 million votes, the most in US history.

CT • 1 year ago

No. He didn't
100,000 fake votes in WI
174,000 fake votes in MI
and so on
It will come out.
It's out now

Toledo Window Box • 1 year ago

So weird that zero proof of any of that has been presented in court, where it counts.

Oberon • 1 year ago

more than Obama. Right.

Toledo Window Box • 1 year ago


CanYouDeal • 1 year ago

Biden's dazzling rhetoric, engaging personality, and his rapier like wit sent people to the polls in droves....lol.

John C • 1 year ago

People were voting for whoever wasn’t Trump.

brett a thompson • 1 year ago

There's only one way Biden got more votes than Obama.

Guest • 1 year ago
Mad Dog • 1 year ago

Ha. That’s a good one. Thanks it good to have a laugh from time to time. In the primary, did you vote for Joe?

Fiodora Fyodora • 1 year ago

common core math, honey

CanYouDeal • 1 year ago

the extent of your "research"^^

patriot • 1 year ago

It's incredible to think that Democrats believe they can commit blatant fraud and expect all of us to roll over and accept it. It seems that in their hubris, along with the MSM and Big Tech, that they have all the guns on their side.

But they underestimated the American people and President Donald Trump. The fraud is being exposed state by state and soon we will see PA be overturned and other states to follow in line.

Newt is spot on, this is the biggest fraud, but it will be exposed and perps will be punished. No way Trump turns this crap over to Barr. I'm guessing after this is cleaned up, that FBI, CIA and DOJ are cleaned out. Flynn will be a big part of it!


Guest • 1 year ago
LTodd • 1 year ago

Nice play with words, but you're either lying or ignorant. I'm sure you're aware of the fraud charges in both the Michigan and Georgia complaints.

Guest • 1 year ago
LTodd • 1 year ago

The Michigan filing was worse than the Georgia filing in terms of document formatting. Sorry to say, I've seen worse submitted to court. (I'm a bit of a nerd about those things.) The deadline is more important. The complaint can always be amended.

Both complaints seek a permanent injunction and both allege fraud.

Mad Dog • 1 year ago

So how do you explain the more votes than voters?

Alexandra • 1 year ago

If we allow the GREATEST ELECTION FRAUD in US History to stand....we will lose our Republic Forever.....because Democrats will repeat this fraud again and again and again.