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AnotherVolley • 1 year ago

Personal threats and intimidation don't come from good and rational people. They come from evil, hate-filled, and desperate people.

Throwback 59 • 1 year ago

so you mean liberal democrats.

TL_Thompson • 1 year ago

And Never-Trumpers. When you see a member of the Lincoln In public, get in their face... let them know they are not welcome in polite society.

ricocat1 (# FJB) • 1 year ago

The FBI is quick to send agents to investigate garage door pulls and alleged threats against RINO Raffensperger but unable to investigate very real threats against conservatives. HAPPY THANKSGIVING PATRIOTS!

sandman93449dm • 1 year ago

Yep...somehow the left rules every aspect of society...nearly...they own the govt...the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ...God knows what else...and here is Biden yesterday "we’re going to save this planet… find cures for cancer and Alzheimers and diabetes, I promise you,” he said. “We’re finally going to root out systemic racism in this country.” What a load of crap...what does he mean by "finally" going to root out systemic racism'? SOUNDS LIKE RE-EDUCATION CAMPS FOR MOST OF US.

westriversd1 • 1 year ago

Wonder why he did NONE of that during his 47 years in Washington DC political offices? Oh, I'm sure the media presstitutes asked him about that.

Spock • 1 year ago

These New Democrat Party members and cohorts - they follow in the footprints of a long line of barbaric tyrants throughout history.

Our youth don’t have a clue as to how ugly life can get, and how blessed they are.

The lying propagandizing deceitful treasonous MSM must be stopped in their tracks.

I look forward to PDJT’s inauguration, and finishing what we started.

Texana • 1 year ago

We ave to do more ---get off Facebook, Twitter, stop using Google, boycotting companies that violate human rights...and more. We have to do our part.

Cult 45 • 1 year ago

I've terminated ALL relationships to Twitter, Facebook and Google. I'm a fan of Parler and Nebu2. I've gone to DuckDuckGo in lieu of Google, because it says it protects the user's privacy! I only go to youtube when required by the sender of an email.

Robert Garretson • 1 year ago


Paul3142 • 1 year ago

No, just take the carpet from under their feet.

Heidi Williams • 1 year ago

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Pat Smith • 1 year ago

Look! Heidi upvoted himself. It's the only way the spammer can get upvoted.

Guest • 1 year ago
Pat Smith • 1 year ago

So true! And it probably voted for hair sniffing Joe.
1 up vote for you.

Nerissa Connolly • 1 year ago

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BeholdThe2020BlueWave • 1 year ago

What if I don't want to work in the adult film industry?

Guest • 1 year ago
BeholdThe2020BlueWave • 1 year ago

WOW, these sound like the same type of psychopaths that don't have a problem with stealing an election! Democrats think their theft of our election succeeded. I watched a video of LiberalHivemind outlining another big legal win, and you can check it out top of page at Whatfinger News in crawler link. 600,000 vote dump in PA and Trump got just 3620 of that?! Nope! And this threat against Jenna is a textbook example of why Constitutional carry should be nation wide.

ThePrisonerNo6 • 1 year ago

If Trump concedes it will just embolden the left to steal again, and if he gets their fraud thrown out we'll all be getting threats like Ellis did. I found Whatfinger News as well because Drudge clearly doesn't care for Trump and I finally looked around, so folks can give that a look. I saw that Liberal Hivemind video there since they aggregate videos as well as articles. Solid stuff from LH as usual. This all comes down to Biden over performing at unnatural levels in just a few cities Democrats control, which the math doesn't support.

Joy Ann Roberts • 1 year ago

he is NOT going to concede !!!! do you remember how the beast ordered groping joey bite me NOT TO CONCEDE, NO MATTER WHAT ??? when the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they realized that in the future, there would be those who would try to steal elections through fraud !!!! so they came up with the TWELFTH AMENDMENT !!! it states that if there is so much fraud that a clear winner cannot be determined, then the election is to be thrown out .... and then the HOUSE will vote for the president !!!! but ONLY ONE VOTE PER STATE ALLOWED, not the whole bunch of maggot butts !!!! and since republicans hold over 30 states, you know they will vote for Trump !!!! and the PRESIDENT knows about the 12th, too !!!!! that is why he will NOT CONCEDE !!!! there is so much MASSIVE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD that it's almost funny !!! and the fact that they think that WE are stupid enough to believe the blatant lies shows just how little they know about ANYTHING !!!! so, along with all of the lawsuits being filed for fraud against so many states, it is going to be very interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks !!!

dogty • 1 year ago

Do to them what they are doing to us? Then why are we complaining? They're just early to the accident. We need to have a higher local.

dogty • 1 year ago

Just modify it to current standards. And send the Chinese national agents doing the restrictions / monitoring - back home.

jimhalfwit • 1 year ago

Good luck with that. Where is anyone going to find a court and judge who will take on their owners?

Dick York • 1 year ago

begin calls, emails, and letters to our representatives to get rid of section 230. Let's start on that all the time. The only thing will work is for possible removing the representatives if they just talk. Every two years. Find out what your reps are going to do about section 230

A Mel S • 1 year ago

but duckduckgo is on some bullmanure itself lately. it is not what it was a year ago.

wicker white • 1 year ago

Research Duck's relationship with Google. There is one. I've used DuckDuckGo for years, but I am now looking elsewhere.

ThePrisonerNo6 • 1 year ago

I use StartPage (formerly IXquick) which returns anonymous Google results with no tracking.

wicker white • 1 year ago

Thanks for the recommendation.

Dannyboy • 1 year ago

Yep, I stopped using it because of that.

Kunjal Patel • 1 year ago

I have done the same. You can use Rumble instead of Youtube.

Cult 45 • 1 year ago

I moved to Rumble almost a year ago. I sincerely hope Bongino has control of Rumble and Parler!

Davescomm • 1 year ago

There's also Peeker, a search engine that returns graphic images of websites found, if available. They may possibly be a bit better; still trying them out.

A Mel S • 1 year ago

thanks, I will have to take a look at this search engine. duckyduck seems 2b full of excrement lately.

Texana • 1 year ago

You are inspirational!!! Thank You!

Howard Johnson • 1 year ago

Check this one out. https://solikick.com/

Cult 45 • 1 year ago

Sorry, I'm not interested in joining another social network!

Guest • 1 year ago
Cult 45 • 1 year ago

You are sooooo right!

Getting By • 1 year ago

Try Rumble for a replacement to youtube.

Florian • 1 year ago

I don't think we should get off Facebook or Twitter or...anything. They will then offer the public only one point view. Those who comment in support of Pres. Trump make their point which is seen by Facebook viewers. That's something at least until someone puts together a network media site that supports traditional American values. If we give up then the tyrants win.

Cult 45 • 1 year ago

I hear you and understand! However, both social networks are already censoring people. Parler is the free speech choice I've made!

Dick York • 1 year ago

Change 230!

Bob Dann • 1 year ago

Me too.

CaptBill56 • 1 year ago


david5300 • 1 year ago

I look to the disbanding of FB, twittless & ghoulgle

Murf • 1 year ago

either way the lead is going to fly!

Guest • 1 year ago
ThePrisonerNo6 • 1 year ago

I'm old enough to remember when death threats were a crime. That was 4 years ago.

Guest • 1 year ago