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JM 👀 cfp(-d-o-t-)com • 3 years ago

Sooo, 48% of Republicans think the steal was legitimate?

Doubt it. Why is BB posting so many articles declaring Xiden's stolen win?

C'mon, BB. Get back in the winner's circle. Trump is STILL POTUS. Until Jan 20.


KAG 2020 to save the REPUBLIC!

hey gee • 3 years ago

Any election using the Dominion electronic voter correction facility should be declared null and void

Marc Patterson • 3 years ago

What they’re saying is People voted for Biden then went Red the rest of the ballot

Mike Brafford • 3 years ago

Yes we gain 12 or more seats in the House and those folks didn't vote Trump?

Will Hunt • 3 years ago

All real Americans know that Trump won. There is no way that there were that many down ballot GOP victories while Trump still lost. This was a totally illegitimate election.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

Trump lost. You just can’t accept it. I did exactly what you said people wouldn’t do. I voted against Trump the ass hat.

Will Hunt • 3 years ago

You are a globalist slave and you are too stupid to know it.

Mrwirez • 3 years ago

NO. You're not using more BS to justify the worst president in our history.



HERE'S THE PROOF that I especially got a kick out of. It was all the Republican Senators today congratulating & fist bumping Kamala Harris on her VICTORY.

They know. They're appeasing Trump, so he don't nuke California... The writing is on the wall.

Will Hunt • 3 years ago

LOL. GTFOH you berserker.

Guest • 3 years ago
Will Hunt • 3 years ago

You seem like you are a "man" of experience. Is that all you have is perverted homosexual commentary? What an imbecile.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago


Virile Delphic • 3 years ago

The Pity Party.

Guest • 3 years ago
Gerald Boesen • 3 years ago

Good Bye Turd Boy

Guest • 3 years ago
Gerald Boesen • 3 years ago

Never argue with an angry toddler.

constitutionminded • 3 years ago

Interesting that you folks claimed that the last election was rigged because Trump won but now you believe this election was fair and square because the career crook who couldn’t get twenty people to a rally inspired more voters.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

I didn’t claim it was rigged. There was no one more surprised than I was back in 2016, but I got up the next morning and lived my life. Republicans should do the same in 2020, especially considering there is exactly 0 evidence of systemic fraud.

SageMan101 • 3 years ago

Just wear patch that says Dumbass, it will save you time having to explain yourself, moving forward.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

You’re going to have a rough next 4 years.

Perry • 3 years ago

Don't think so, willing to bet that my net worth and income are at levels you will not achieve in this lifetime = life is good!

You assume Biden has "won" despite Constitutional process not complete, just because fake news told you what to "believe" - best of luck navigating the rest of your life :)

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

I retired at 50 and am living off real estate investments and residual income from multi-family complexes, all the while taking full advantage of every tax deduction allowed.

Snuba • 3 years ago

why, are you planning on marginalizing americans

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

No. It’ll be nice to have a President who doesn’t just represent red states and doesn’t lie on a daily basis. I’m still waiting in Mexico to send a check for the “wall,” and for his beautiful healthcare plan that protects preexisting conditions. Remember he’s been promising that for the last 5 years and this year, it was always going to be revealed in 2 weeks. He said he wanted to protect preexisting conditions while at the same time he was asking the Supreme Court to do away with those protections. He’s a fool and so is anyone who supports him.

Butt-Hurt Salve • 3 years ago

May you personally reap a whirlwind in your stupid life.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

You’re going to have a rough January and following. My life is darned good, thanks!

Mr. Anderson • 3 years ago

So did I. Biden at the top, Repubs on down ballot races.

Ray Nagin's cellmate • 3 years ago

When President Harris anounces the Great Reset by Executive Order, I hope you remember how you voted.

Mr. Anderson • 3 years ago

At least I won't have to worry about some lunatic in the WH playing kissie face with Kim Jong-un, or claiming his inauguration crowd was the largest ever, or totally punting on his leadership responsibilities on the biggest health crisis we've seen in a 100 years. You get it. I'm not too worried. I'd rather have a Repub in the WH, but not at the expense of our country.

Fltflyer • 3 years ago

You may just have to worry about the President to follow Biden in about six months starting the next war though. That’s if Biden even lasts six months before Harris takes over.

Gerald Boesen • 3 years ago

Truth Teller. 😂😂😂😂😂 Right

LeeBoca • 3 years ago

That fine, AS long as YOU pay our TAXES.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

I pay my taxes. Unless you make over 400,00 your taxes won’t go up, assuming the Senate goes along with the proposal. BTW, I’m one of those people and I will continue to pay my taxes.

Fltflyer • 3 years ago

If you believe that line of BS you are dumber that I thought you were.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

So be it. We’ll see. Anyway, I definitely voted against the orange embarrassment.

Guest • 3 years ago
Mrwirez • 3 years ago

You're the "triggered" one.

Back off the ledge pal.

Truth Teller • 3 years ago

Actually, my IQ is higher than most. It kind of takes that to get through law school.
Why are you so upset? Isn’t there tremendous evidence of massive fraud? That’s what your cult leader and Rudy (Hand in His Pants) Giuliani say. Surely they aren’t lying to you, right?

Nate Barker • 3 years ago

Seriously. Biden couldn't even pull in a Hillary sized rally, meanwhile, President Trump is filling stadiums across the country. But we're expected to believe the momentum was on his side.

When Biden kept calling a lid in the weeks leading up to the election i was convinced he didn't think he had a chance and was giving up. Now i think he knew he was going to win regardless of how the votes went because he knew what was going on behind the scenes.

What Presidential candidate says not to vote for them when presented with a poll saying 56% of Americans are in a better position now than 4 years ago? No Presidential candidate would ever say that unless they knew they were going to lose, or had an ace up their sleeve ensuring a win.

Mrwirez • 3 years ago

Ahh the rally equivalence..

Which is it?
Hiding in his basement or trying to compete in rally.

Biden promised he wouldn't put his voters in harm's way with Covid.

He kept his word.

Nate Barker • 3 years ago

He did both. He hid in his basement and called a lid 90% of the time. When he did have a "rally" no one showed up and he didn't take questions because he didn't have any plan, momentum, or excitement in his campaign. More Trump supporters showed up to certain Biden rallies than Biden supporters for goodness sake!

garbonzo_bean • 3 years ago

Also, Trump got record percentages of the Black vote, the Hispanic vote, the Asian vote, the Jewish vote, and the LGBT vote, all groups critical to the Democrats, yet we are supposed to believe he lost?

Mrwirez • 3 years ago

Yes, he did better for a Republican...

BUT the Democrats (as usual) wiped the floor with across the board minority voters.

Biden won back a bunch of the white vote Hillary had lost. Single white women, white suburban women & white, blue collar mostly union workers especially.

Pressed Rat and Warthog • 3 years ago

Stop cherry picking. His percentage of white non-college grads was lower this time.

Zobb • 3 years ago

What a low IQ sheep you must be. He lost. You really think the democrats can secretly arrange 5million illegal votes? Were they the same team who faked the moon landings too?

Will Hunt • 3 years ago

You goons just spent the last 4 years saying Trump won because of Russia, which was totally an unsubstantiated lie. And now you say there is no way you cheated, even when there is evidence you did.. You are really not very intelligent.

Bill Tyler • 3 years ago

"Altogether, 73% of those polled agreed that Biden won the election while 5% thought Trump won." - Reuters / Ipsos

So are only 5% of Americans "real" Americans?

Will Hunt • 3 years ago

No democrat is a real American. You imbeciles just voted for a corrupt old pedophile 47 years in DC that is owned by China. You are a serf.

Snallygaster • 3 years ago

My passport and the Constitution say otherwise. Perhaps if you stepped out of your echo chamber every once in a while you’d realize that (1) maybe your sources of intel aren’t always accurate a (2) maybe your fellow Americans, while you won’t acknowledge them as such, aren’t horrible people bent on destroying this country.