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Kolonial Kop • 2 years ago

Isn't it amusing when the left start eating each other over dogma? Long may it continue.

I don’t see the humor. Whites need to start calling out race traitors where we see them too.

Arthur Foxake • 2 years ago

Good grief, we'd be like those Buddhist monks of legend, sitting on to of their mountain reciting the names of god. The lis is never ending.

disqus_X19zpTI8Lf • 2 years ago

...race traitor lol....so if your white you can have no opinion about some other whites....i don't see the colour of a person i am more concerned that they share the major values of life which run parallel to mine and some people i wouldn't share the street with....black pink or purple....by the same token it's illogical to stop and search an equal number of black and white people for concealed knives..when you cold stop 100% more of those who you know are most likely to carry weapons....black lives matter...but apparently not to fellow blacks when you look at the statistics.

Cain • 2 years ago

It's been done. The KKK and other white power groups did it.

I'd rather not have a return to that garbage.

Excelsior • 2 years ago

Dogma without principle doesn't last or stand up under scrutiny.

Magna Carta • 2 years ago

But when it is on the left, it doesn't have to when the whole establishment and government are full of fear. Here's an interesting video doing such as you say https://youtu.be/8-Tbp29Td2o

THE FIERCE PUGATEE • 2 years ago

Immoral dogma or immoral movements always fade. They cave-in on themselves.

Paul Klaes • 2 years ago

The Soviet Union lasted 70 yrs, communist china and North Korea are in that range to. USSR only fell because their were western democracies showing that it was evil and competing against it. Are you willing to condemn several generations of our children/grandchildren to slavery under a Marxist regime rather than destroy it before it starts? We should be out in the streets ourselves taking on these Marxists and driving them out of every piece of our society/institutions. Marxism is a cancer - even if it doesn't destroy the entire body it will destroy part of it.

Sherbert123 • 2 years ago

Typical lefty BLM activists. They only believe in democracy when it suits them and to hell with the rest of us.

John Gillis • 2 years ago

They are truly Nazis.

Gavin J. W-m • 2 years ago

They are Marxist communists. The worst of the worst.

davyclam • 2 years ago

same same

Paul Klaes • 2 years ago

They don't believe in democracy ever; they will TELL people what to think, support, believe and any who disagree on anything must be destroyed. Marxists hate democracy, they love misinformation and gullible masses.

They are Fascist-Marxist.

Lacey • 2 years ago

When will those dumb blacks understand that Britain is a country that has been white for thousands of years? What the hell are they doing in England? Living off white people.

Guest • 2 years ago
flashman • 2 years ago

It would be if the cretin hadnt been serious.

Hybird • 2 years ago

They did the same with Cheddar Man. Made a model of him looking like an Aborigine but with blue eyes. The real scientists said it was nonsense and they had no idea what his skin colour might have been.


flashman • 2 years ago

And everything they have is due to the white man and not them as they are incapable.

Hybird • 2 years ago

Cashing in on their black privilege. They are highly privileged to live in white countries. Perhaps that privilege should be taken away as they don't appear to appreciate it.

Exceptionalists Way • 2 years ago

Not black enough = not racist enough

Heroe • 2 years ago

What could be more racist than to ONLY judge someone by the colour of their skin?

JeanClawedBrexit • 2 years ago

Its all they can talk about. They have nothing else.

If they had dogs or cats they would endlessly harp on about how black or white the animals were, and give their black dogs extra food to compensate for being black victims... then wonder why they got fat. got diabetes & died..... oh no sorry ... that would be white dog privilege.

If they have allotments or gardens everything is about "black food". The weather is racist because they can't grow bananas and rice.

Their houses are racist, because they are not 50 room mansions like Beyonce and all white people have.

Their cars are racist because white people have designed them so they need to be fixed by other white people.

It gives me a migraine just imagining their continuous victim thought processes.

No wonder they are all ill.

Strativarius • 2 years ago

Let's recap a moment.

All ethnic minority people in the UK are here of their own free will.

They chose to come here.

And as Orwell wrote: Freedom is Slavery.

That's where they are.

Strativarius • 2 years ago

He gives talks on journey to identity?

Now that he's on the receiving end of it, you would have thought he'd understand that identity politics is the problem. And the more you push it the worse things are going to get.

Paul Klaes • 2 years ago

Marxism is the problem. BLM is not about fighting racism, that is just a cover for their real goal of the destruction of western civilization and replacing it with a communist state. They are using the indoctrinated sense of "victim-hood" in many blacks, the indoctrinated sense of "white guilt" in liberal whites, and the out right racism of many blacks as a subterfuge to destroy white western nations/culture.

ChilliKwok • 2 years ago

They will continue to get worse until whites start to embrace their identity. It’s like a football match: the black team all have a clear sense of identity and loyalty to their team and a clear objective of winning the match. By contrast most of the white team deny that they’re in a team and some deny they’re in a football match. Under these circumstances which team will win?

flashman • 2 years ago

They are truly barmy,as are the peopleof Bristol for voting in a non-Brit.

Attacked by trolls! • 2 years ago

Only racists harped so much about race!

Ivor MacAdam • 2 years ago

When the Mayor had that "hitler-salute" statue eyesore thingy removed, I wrote "good on him". At the time, I had no idea of his colour, and I still don't care what colour he is. Mr. Rees is the Mayor, and did the necessary. If I lived in Bristol, on that basis, he would probably get my vote.

flashman • 2 years ago

Then I suggest in future you do some research into who you vote for as mayor,or MP.............

Ivor MacAdam • 2 years ago

Fair comment, Mr. flashman. As I said, I knew nothing about him, except in this case, he did the right thing to remove the eyesore, and that in Bristol, the most "woke" of places. I don't live in or near Bristol. I liked their cars, though, but couldn't afford them!

Johnson’s Nightmare • 2 years ago

Jen Reid should stand against Marvin Rees at the next mayoral election, for which she is eligible (could she be put on the delayed ballot scheduled for May 2021?). This would be democratic; a good way to ask the people of Bristol what they want to do. The likelihood is that Reid would not do well.

Martin Slann • 2 years ago

Black lies matter and anti-fa are parts of the totalitarian socialist gang that despises and wants to destroy western civilization.

Johnson’s Nightmare • 2 years ago

Because they can't get the votes.

English True Patriot • 2 years ago

Empire Windrush, Tilbury 1948,,,,,,,,, Blame liebore for all this nonsense.

They are the ones that invented the British Nationality Act, allowing foreigners to call themselves 'British' and come here in their droves, and it has been getting worse for the REAL indigenous British people ever since. The foreigners calling themselves 'British' are nothing but BINO's (British In Name Only), and no matter how long they have been scrounging here in OUR country, they will NEVER be British. The only TRUE British people are the White indigenous ones, all the others (born here or not), are fake Brits and should ALL be deported back to their countries of origin, and let's make Britain White again, like it always was, and like it always should be.

Guest • 2 years ago
English True Patriot • 2 years ago

No surprises there Snake mate, they have their fingers in every pie, they have had it in for us for hundreds of years, they hate us with a passion. I only hope that I am still around when these White Christian haters get their comeuppance.

Onetack • 2 years ago

I was about 5 before I saw a black person, and that was an American GI.
Must have been about 7 or 8 years later before I saw another one. (an import, should imagine).

Bobahoo • 2 years ago

Wife was in her early twenties before she saw a black person in real life. Back in the 50's there weren't many blacks in South Dakota.

Guest • 2 years ago
Onetack • 2 years ago

It does not seem right that a country can change so much in a life-time.

Vlad_the_Inhaler • 2 years ago

The only race traitors in the UK are the white ones sitting in parliament and the retards that vote for them.

flashman • 2 years ago

Not the only ones our beloved media take some beating.

Vlad_the_Inhaler • 2 years ago

The media would fall into my retards who vote for the politicians group

RumDrinker • 2 years ago

So all bIack people must be both racist and Marxist?

flashman • 2 years ago

Yo baby innit....

PCH8er71 • 2 years ago

If BLM insults you. That means you're doing something right.

Ravenscar • 2 years ago

Aye, the mayor of Bristol and me wouldn't see eye to eye on much besides inconoclasm although likely, we'd agree lthat blm are run and 'organized' if that be the word, by a bunch of needy, attentiion seeking, infantized inadequates.