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CassandraKing • 1 year ago

This pandemic is just what the Globalist Elites have been wanting and waiting and preparing for, it is a gift for them to exert their acrued power and they will use and exploit this virus to do it, they have all the power and authority now and boy are they enjoying using it and pushing it further and harder every day. If the powerful wanted a better way to stamp their mark and use these powers they might have designed it themselves.

This passage from CS Lewis says it all about the nature of the supranational government we live under, read it and understand the true nature of those in power and their all too petty spiteful nature.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience"

flashman • 1 year ago

Bright lad MR Lewis..

Gay Icarus • 1 year ago

Believed in God too.

Captain Uranium • 1 year ago

The experiment did give us lots of useful info though.

The police and local authorities have just had a massive public examination on how they handle broad and draconian powers, and they have failed. Comprehensively. Within hours they were creating all sorts of additional rules to enforce. Now they bleat that the powers don’t go far enough.

We also learned that when faced with a choice between border controls or cratering the economy and destroying the freedoms of the British people, the ruling class all chose the latter. Even now as our “human rights” are widely suppressed, the human rights of illegal immigrants crossing the channel remain sacrosanct. They will be ferried across the channel by a pliant Border Agency and claim asylum from the perils of living in France.

We also now know what would have happened if the communists won and bought in the Stasi. Frame it with the right collectivist language and the majority of the British public would have been fervent collaborators. An uncomfortable observation in a country that has already banned free speech.

The sad part of the experiment though is that none of the discoveries were surprising.

flashman • 1 year ago

Take the Gestapo add the Stasi and you get The Gestasi,which is what our plod has become.They are going to take lot of reining in if or when this ends.

Mark B • 1 year ago

There speaks the truth.

The applause of the NHS was, I argue, a cunning part of this. They needed to see how many and how effective their message / brainwashing has been. I am sure they were very pleased with the results.

Dave • 1 year ago

I think you're right. But don't forget, government restriction and control on assembly and movement have been trialled for a number of years here in Northern Ireland through the Parades Commission. The government clearly saw that if the message was framed correctly, and with a compliant media on board, the majority of people would grudgingly accept it. The government also knew from their experience with the Parades Commission that overreach would occur. Don't forget, in addition to stating where a march could go (which was included in their statutory powers), the Commission also tried to tell bands what tunes they could play (which manifestly was not in their statutory powers). The police also used the limitations imposed by the commission as a pretext for banning a trades union march.

Wild Bill, Jr. • 1 year ago

President Trump, you need to listen to professors Donald Siegel and Robert Sauer.
Put an end to this ridiculous hysteria NOW !!!!!
We do NOT want to live under a dictatorship of doctors.

Thinker • 1 year ago

I'm not sure you know how right you are..

Simxn • 1 year ago

James, what happens if after six months of the modern world staying put and living at home 24/7 and aHUGE reduction in pollution that is now widely reported, we STILL watch the climate carry on whatever path it is currently on? Wouldn't this suggest that human activity is indeed overemphasised and that the planet has its own rhythms and will heat and cool as it pleases?

JehoSheba • 1 year ago

Watched a BBC archaeological documentary about Stone Age Orkney. It came to light that Orkney was much warmer some 5,000 years ago than it currently is. It was not under water either, as those early populations were evidently thriving. Quite bizarre, coming from the climate hysterical BBC.

lms2 • 1 year ago

Sometimes, similar documentaries from th BBC and other tv companies reveal information completely contrary to the climate change hysteria or "we're a nation of immigrants." They don't labour the point, but it's there for those who can join the dots.

flashman • 1 year ago

Are you trying to give St Greta and her Gretins heart attacks.

Spyke • 1 year ago

Yes, please.

berserker • 1 year ago

This is such a great opportunity to test various social phenomena and various models. Lots of research is going to come out of this 'natural experiment'.

Phil O'Sophical • 1 year ago

But, Si, we know the planet will begin cooling over the next decade (sunspot cycle mainly). Instead of no longer being able to claim the planet is warming, they will just claim the cooling is down to this worldwide hiatus in productivity and push for it to become permanent. Perfect timing. Coincidence? I think not.

Anthony Gee • 1 year ago

"St Greta and her Gretins" I like it.

LB315 • 1 year ago

I remember the global cooling scam 40 years ago.

mrangryextele • 1 year ago

Time to shut down the lying MSM especially the BBC...people have had a belly full of their lies and scaremongering.

berserker • 1 year ago

This is why Sweden is an interesting case. When all is said and done, we will see who was right.

tituspullo • 1 year ago

amen. the nutjob swedes playing the role of the only western country with common sense. i'll tell you who will be right, and it won't be us

Itsbeenagreatday • 1 year ago

The swedes will be right but for the wrong reasons.

Nancy Drew • 1 year ago

Obummer just tweeted about the pandemic connecting it to "climate denial." This is no accident. It is Agenda 2020 condoned by all world leaders reduce the population. Its sick and diabolical.

richard verney • 1 year ago

It has many similartites to Climate Change, nemely it is based on sparse, poor quality of data, the overextrapolation of sparse poor quality data, and the output of computer models based upon assumptions beset by a priori bias, and not rooted in proper observation and experiment, in which the end of the world is claimed to be nigh unless exreme and absurd measures are taken. Upon that, politicians have invoked the so called precautionary principle.

It also shows that adaption is far better policy than mitigation, and it demonstrates the folly of the injudicious use of the precautionary principle, since steps to mitigate create their own problems often worse than that caused by the original disease/problem.

Let us hope that politicians learn from this fiasco and that they do not make the same mistake a second time with respect to the overblown threat fo so called manmade global warming/aka climate change. Our economies do not need a second tanking and our citizens do not need to once again be forced into a lifestyle more akin to the 18th century with no liberty and freedoms.

Bane of the Left • 1 year ago

I refer to my post from 12 days ago.

"Still think this wasn't released deliberately? The left-wing globalist elite were incensed over Brexit and did everything they could to overturn it.

They blamed the older generation for it and insisted time and again that if enough elderly died, it would warrant a second referendum. However, they haven't been dying quickly enough.

A big part of their fear tactics both before and after the referendum was that the markets would crash. Obviously that didn't happen and their BS was exposed for what it was.

When popular opinion proved to be the opposite of what they said it was, they said would be impossible for Brexit to happen by the end of December 2019. However, it did happen. Again, mainly due to public pressure.

So in December 2019, Covid-19 is unleashed. A virus that is most fatal among the older generation.

It has also caused the markets to crash.

And now it has caused the cancellation of post Brexit trade talks altogether, with Gordon Brown suggesting it will actually mean even closer ties to the EU. Not to mention the cancellation of local and mayoral elections. And Clinton pushing for easily abused postal voting to be made mandatory.

So far this virus has resulted in achieving everything the left wanted, or tried and failed to do. It's even meant troops on the streets to control the population.

In short, this virus is a socialist's dystopian wet dream."

Ross15 • 1 year ago

How can they delay the post Brexit trade talks --have they not heard of video conferencing and/or Skype ? This is just another part of their game.

As for Brown --if the idiot cannot see how impotent Brussels has been in helping Italy, for example, then he has a shock coming to him. If there are any changes in the EU it will be it's breakdown , not coming closer together.

JehoSheba • 1 year ago

That would be the same Gordon Brown who sold off Britain's gold reserve, after publicly announcing exactly when he would do it. Politicians repeatedly seem to have been hell-bent on attempting to bankrupt the country for decades.

Bane of the Left • 1 year ago

Oh they know how to hold meeting via conferencing. Just last week they held a 6 hour video conference with all EU27 nations, to discuss aid package to help combat Covid-19.

The EU refused all requests for any extra funding of course. But they did find time to fine Italy for trying to provide aid to their hospitality sector.

Oh yes, they also found large sum of money for Turkey as "foreign aid", after Trukey demanded money to shut the border with Greece that they'd opened.

But no money for European citizens!

Nancy Drew • 1 year ago

This is Agenda 2020, social engineering of the masses. Playing God to see who lives or dies, survival of the fittest...hunger games.

mrangryextele • 1 year ago

This is Agenda 2030.

1642again • 1 year ago

All quite true of course, and in the process panicking governments have shredded civil liberties, abrogated contract law, emboldened petty official tyrants and blown up their economies far more quickly and effectively than Jeremy Corbyn could.

Domitian • 1 year ago

We should probably all be getting back to work. I thought Trump's original deadline of Easter wasn't so bad.
Now they want us all to vegetate in our houses throughout the entirety of April.

tituspullo • 1 year ago

i think his april extension will last about one week.....people are going to start ignoring this bull shiite, and if two more weeks go by, there will be food riots

Seruus • 1 year ago

There already are in Southern Italy

Vlad_the_Inhaler • 1 year ago

"Citizens of many countries throughout the world have recently become human subjects in a grand social science experiment that is being conducted without our informed consent". Yes they have, but it's not recent and it has nothing to do with Covid19. The grand social experiment is mass third world and muslim immigration into all the countries of the West (and nowhere else). In comparison, Covid19 is a minor blip. And don't tell me that these "professors" don't know that.

jervis121 • 1 year ago

Anyone who possess a little common sense already knew what this misguided, humanity loathing social experiment was all about, long before these two Professors were allowed to publicly question its true purpose and call it out.

JeanClawedBrexit • 1 year ago

There is never any justification for restricting peoples freedom, even temporarily, because they may unintentionally transmit an illness to someone several steps removed, when those people are acting in what has always been seen as reasonable & normal behaviour by all societies.

jollyjamba • 1 year ago

I'm not sure the controlled media is 'crazed'. It appears to be but in reality knows exactly what it is doing.

The panic buying of toilet paper went global, so successful propaganda experiment.

Shots of reduced pollution due to shut down of economic activity (and possibly geo-engineering) feeds in to the man-made climate change hoax.

The global pandemic requires global solutions from, say, the corrupt WHO, and global governance, suggested by the arch globalist Gordon Brown.

Brexit needs to be suspended is an argument gaining more media coverage.

Reporting of the new 'Lords of Creation' ready to save us all, e.g., Bill Gates with his chipped vaccine.

Not crazy, just controlled and sinister.

JeanClawedBrexit • 1 year ago

If you really are worried that this might get Brexit cancelled, you are missing all the important stuff.

Geb • 1 year ago

And with all the new cases - the vast majority of which are mild - the BBC emphasis this morning is on the deaths of two, TWO, young people, supposedly from the virus and with no underlying health conditions. It is quite outrageous. And the most irrelevant and infuriating item of news these days is the weather forecast

yaosxx • 1 year ago

And it's the glee with which they report it as if to say " IN YOUR FACE - THAT DOESN'T FIT YOUR AGED HEALTH ISSUES PATTERN"!

Mark B • 1 year ago
. . . a grand social science experiment . . .

Or a practice run for something else ????

alecto • 1 year ago

I think it's a practice run. Welcome to the NWO!

chaswarnertoo • 1 year ago

Test run. Possibly accidental.

thisisharderthanitlooks • 1 year ago

100% spot on. They just miss one thing. After this is over we in the west need to start ending our dependency on China. The chinese will be using this to buy up any business that we have allowed to go bust so things will just get much worse.

Edward Brownlee • 1 year ago

British and U S based academics must publish in an Israeli newspaper. Wow.

flashman • 1 year ago

What they are saying aint going to get published in western bought MSM.

Guest • 1 year ago
LB315 • 1 year ago

You have hate for Israel, we get it.

CensoredNoLefty • 1 year ago

We wanted a nanny state, a nanny state we got. No point in crying, the nanny will just slap us (with a fine)