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Arsonista • 3 years ago

The pi$$ stained tramp will give us the option of not leaving or remaining?. Sounds fair.

Threeroundsaminute • 3 years ago

Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.

Michael T.C. Mudge • 3 years ago

Far Left Logic!

flashman • 3 years ago

So if we stay in he cant nationalise anything,thicker than 3 planks is our Jezza.

Michael T.C. Mudge • 3 years ago

Yes it's the Selected Memory Syndrome!

Anthony Gee • 3 years ago

We have had a referendum and a democratic decision was made by the British people to leave the EU.
The Remainers who gibber that the referendum was unfair, who shout that we must have a 'peoples vote' who want to overturn Brexit, are themselves knocking the final nail into the coffin of British democracy.
For centuries our forebears fought for the vote, so that the people might have a voice, the remainers have taken that voice, screwed it up and thrown it into the gutter.
If Brexit does not happen then never again will the ruling classes listen to the people, we will be reduced to the status of a third world dictatorship.

flashman • 3 years ago

I get the impression we are already.

Idiotboy • 3 years ago

If it does not happen then the ruling classes are in big trouble.

FluffyTeeth • 3 years ago

The UK became part of a dictatorship in 1992 without public consultation or the subject being part of an election manifesto under the management of John Major - with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty.

And now, after the referendum, Major is out from under his rock doing his utmost to overturn the result.

Michael T.C. Mudge • 3 years ago

Who also shut Parliament Down for 40 days!
To cover up the "Cash for Questions" Scandal.
A point he has conveintly ignored whilst attending the Court case against the present shutting of Parliament!

FluffyTeeth • 3 years ago

Forget Aquarius. We live in The Age of Hypocrisy.

Michael T.C. Mudge • 3 years ago

But they have failed to give us a "People's Vote" in a G.E. as they're shyte scared of getting kicked out of the Parliamentary Swamp!

Bonce • 3 years ago

Corbyn: An example of a politician whose 25 year old strongly held principles, disappear once he becomes leader. Due to the EUSSR Shekels.

Corbyn is a shameful corrupt sell out.

Onetack • 3 years ago

"These are my principals".
And if you don't like them I have others.
(Marx but not Karl).

flashman • 3 years ago

Those principles have gone long ago when he thought he might be PM.If the PoS ever got to be PM I'd be long gone.

Guest • 3 years ago
flashman • 3 years ago

The same applies to all the MSP supporters.Time to join the English Democrats and get England back.

Michael North • 3 years ago

It is hard to understand just how this worthless old 1970s leftover manages to keep going.
It is even harder to understand that there are people who support him.

flashman • 3 years ago

I imagine thre are still a few 70's fools floating about who have never grown up.

flaguyhere • 3 years ago

I keep wondering the same about Bernie Sanders over here.

Michael North • 3 years ago

Same species.

flashman • 3 years ago


It was me • 3 years ago

I blame the Je sorry can't say that.

Ron Todd • 3 years ago

Blame for the leader of an anti-Semitic party how does that work.

Guest • 3 years ago
Michael North • 3 years ago

As George Orwell wrote: "if there is hope, it lies with the proles".

SaveTheWest • 3 years ago

Before Corbyn became an islamiser, he was a pro-Soviet toady. Now, he's just getting desperate. He knows the British people have no intention of letting him destroy our country - which is why he's petrified of a general election. So he comes up with the mad idea of a referendum where the choices will be not leaving or remaining. How thick does he think we are?

flashman • 3 years ago

How thick is he..........makes Abbott look like Twiggy.

Burgess Shale • 3 years ago

"Corbyn Calls for a Second Referendum". I call for a Third. He'll respond with a Neverendum.

Lev Bronstein • 3 years ago

“The people of Britain deserve to have their say in a general election."--Does that mean he changed his mind. I thought he just blocked a general election.

Michael T.C. Mudge • 3 years ago

Me too!

EeeYepBlowing Whistles • 3 years ago

There is no difference between Blair, Mandleson, Corbyn and the Milibands - they are all full on marxists playing out their parts against the United Kindgom and its people..

flashman • 3 years ago

I think a lot of Blairs misdeeds were actually The Bruces revenge.

RDawg • 3 years ago

Corbyn would give Brits "a final say"; unless they vote to leave again...SMH

It was me • 3 years ago

He wouldn't offer a vote to leave really, it's soft Brexit or remain, how is that really leaving. If he was honest he'd include a WTO option as well, there again he's a politician, so honesty doesn't come into it.

flashman • 3 years ago

But at the moment Bozo is offering an even softer Brexit,so soft we would be deeper enmeshed.

Onetack • 3 years ago

So we vote once to remain tied to the EU.
But twice to leave. So much for British fair play.

jgvictor • 3 years ago

From the picture; has he managed to escape from his strait jacket?
Next time could they sling him into the Thames?
See if he can still emulate Houdini.

flashman • 3 years ago

Excellent idea,or perhaps the old witch trial formula.

jsd1 • 3 years ago

Disgusting con to the people of the UK by Chlorinated Chicken Corbyn- So his options are Stay bonded to the EU or Stay in the EU. We voted leave and we want leave and not some concocted BS Brexit.

If there ever was a second Referendum it should be two questions – In or Out –

Corbyn is worse than a Snake Oil Salesman with his options of - In or Half In.
Shame on you Corbyn

As Ibid said • 3 years ago

A second referendum is not acceptable. When the Irish went this route, we laughed ourselves silly. It made it seem as if all the 'Irish' jokes were not, just good, humoured poking fun.

It was me • 3 years ago

What were the issues they claimed to make the Irish vote twice. Abortion and EU army. Guess what tee hee, now they have both.

flashman • 3 years ago

We aint t'ick its just a nasty rumour.

flashman • 3 years ago

Do not offend snake oil salesmen they have a modicum of decency.

St. Ferd III • 3 years ago

Another totalitarian Leftist low IQ.

He will not be granted the privilege to test his theory that the electorate don't want
a real Brexit.

If he is granted one, his party will be eviscerated, destroyed for a generation, with only its Moslem bloc, Teacher bloc, fully supporting it.

KeepKickingMarxists • 3 years ago

Corbyn is a fool .....his Communist plans for Britain will finish off this country. Its funny though - because unless we leave the EU Corbyn's 'plans' can never be implemented - so by the logic of the Marxists the entire left cabal should be BREXITEERS ........odd times we live in.

flashman • 3 years ago

Yup three short planks comes to mind.

tonye • 3 years ago

Corbyn would keep holding elections until his desire results came in...

Or he might hold an election with the options being (a) stay in or (b) stay in.

In the meantime he will raise taxes to the hilt.

Ron Todd • 3 years ago

We already voted to leave. The remainers claim we did not know what we were voting for if we did not know what type of Brexit we would get we certainly knew we were voting to leave. If we must have a second referendum it should be between a deal or no deal Brexit as we have already voted out and most of the politicians want to honour that vote (don't they?) we do not need stay as an option.

Michael North • 3 years ago

The 2016 referendum delivered a result that our masters did not expect, even after they had spent £9 million of public money pushing Remain.
They won't get it wrong if they get a second chance.