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Cletus Servetus • 4 years ago

Why isn’t this being covered by the media as a blatant racist hate crime? Oh, wait, the victim is white...

Lance1234 • 4 years ago

Had it been a pack of feral whites attacking a black man, it would have been a "hate" crime from the get go and the news story would have repeatedly pointed out the race of the attackers and the race of the victim. ....But.......

yup • 4 years ago

According to liberal democrats.
White on black crimes = hate crime
Black on white crimes = just a crime

poetcomic1 • 4 years ago

Black on white crime...NOTHING. A young black male here in St. Louis brutally stabbed to death two lovely young white women who lived in a 'rehab South St. Louis neighborhood. He said he did it because 'they did not make him feel welcome'. Think about that for a moment as a motivation. The St. Louis media hung wreaths of garlic around their collective necks and drove a stake through THAT story. It is beyond belief how this passed 'under even the local radar' it was so racist, vicious and really really gory. But 'they' would rather you not think about THAT.

realityanvil • 4 years ago

Google Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. No hate crime charges filed in that double carjacking/kidnapping/rape/torture/murder either. It lasted 5 hours.

gman • 4 years ago

No description of the suspects needed as their names say everything we need to know.

pablosodahead • 4 years ago

Maybe so, but you can see who and what they are. ANIMALS.

Dogandcat • 4 years ago

Not animals. Beasts.

yneemee • 4 years ago

Not beasts... ghetto thugs

Rob • 4 years ago

If the federal prosecutor in that district DOES NOT file hate crimes against everyone involved, we need to start a national drive to force his/her resignation and replacement with a federal attorney who will. As a white person, I DEMAND SOME F*******G JUSTICE AGAINST THESE ANIMALS!!! And black people get offended when white people quietly and slowly move away from groups of them???

Hy Feiber • 4 years ago

With the conscience of a crocodile.

Brian • 4 years ago

In particular, Boris Likuwa Lusumbo says “Somali refugee” doesn’t it? Import people from lawless countries and this is what you’ll eventually end up with.

Meribah • 4 years ago

That's what you get for taking in the tired, the poor,
the huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of Somalia's teeming shore.

Mort Meek • 4 years ago

Ilhan Omar campaign staffers letting off steam????????

John Truman • 4 years ago

Planting 80K Somali tribesmen in MINNESOTA was a criminal act of treason and racial conquest.

It is the shameful, Anti-American legacy of Barack Obama.

He betrayed America and undermined American sovereignty, security, and peace.

Our cities are becoming African. No more free money for African pandemonium!

realityanvil • 4 years ago

That sounds suspiciously like Ethnic Cleansing against Americans.

scott • 4 years ago

They CAN'T assimilate

realityanvil • 4 years ago

They WON'T assimilate. That's the difference.

"Give me your tired of working, your poor planners,
your muddled asses yearning to get free-bees... NOT.

John Truman • 4 years ago

We teach our kids that everyone is the same. Everyone is our neighbor, etc. etc. That we should help everyone and totally deracinate ourselves.

They teach their kids that we are their racial, tribal enemy. That we are prey. That we are an obstacle to their dominion.

The left's Cult of Racial Sameness is a death cult for whites worldwide.

realityanvil • 4 years ago

If the left believes in equality for all men as it says, then why do leftists classify people so minutely? What are there now, 100 sexual identities? 1000 racial identities? Each one is a reason to hate or distrust those who don't share it. Such is the result of the left's choice to engage in Identity Politics.

poetcomic1 • 4 years ago

No, it says W. African or Nigerian etc. Somalis have Muslim names.

Brian • 4 years ago

Oh, ok. Thanks for the information!

L5P • 4 years ago

When the story said the fifth attacker jumped on his chest using both feet I knew who it would be.

thesolidarius • 4 years ago

Some people did something, Mn the black refugee state.

Sbut01 • 4 years ago

Yep. Those caucasians and their crazy names, right? (sarc)

realityanvil • 4 years ago

Indeed, they spend their days whining about something white people took the initiative to outlaw 150 years ago and yet in the next breath name their kids for the founder of a religion based upon slavery, and idealize a continent where that same religion continues to run a burgeoning slave business each day.
One must wonder when they're going to connect the dots to figure out where all these slavers bought their first "inventory", in reality supplied by their ancestors' cousins and neighbors.

scott • 4 years ago

Boris & Antonio are white names moron

Guest • 4 years ago
SemperCogitens • 4 years ago

And you have a source for this? None of this is in anything I've read to this point. If you're going to make a claim like this, you need to cite it. And yes, you can post a single link and not be auto-modded.

Obama_The_Fraud • 4 years ago

He is no different than than the perps that are pulled out of vehicles on the TV show, BAIT CARS. They are recorded casing, then stealing the vehicle. After cops stop them, they tell the cops,,,,,,it wasn't me that stole the vehicle that you just removed me from. Aint dim perps sumpin?

John Stark • 4 years ago

This person, God’s Plan, is an idiot

bwazcat • 4 years ago

Citations/sources are needed, especially these days.

William Tell • 4 years ago

GODS PLAN is the half brother of one of the attacker.

realityanvil • 4 years ago

Yeah, and he's REALLY gonna be pissed when he finally learns what the plan is for him...!

Joyce Wage • 4 years ago

Here is another link https://heraldpublicist.com...

And another https://nypost.com/2019/09/...

And another https://celebritydaynew.com...

Surveillance video footage cited. Does that count as a source?

Guest • 4 years ago
John graham • 4 years ago

everyone that disagrees with you...is a racist

Clem • 4 years ago

He took it straight out of the Alinsky playbook

John Truman • 4 years ago

They stopped using the word "racist." Now it is "white supremacist."

Scarier word. Makes whites sound more evil. (Which is their entire campaign.)

Plus, then they can get around their own anti-white racist hatred.

realityanvil • 4 years ago

If they're in the news business yet hiding evidence of racist thuggery, then yes. What's your standard, genius?

Hy Feiber • 4 years ago

He listens to CNN, “forgive him, for he knows not what he does.”

Richard_Reed • 4 years ago

"....and he is a donkey."

Guest • 4 years ago
grady reynolds • 4 years ago

Why believe an international news organization when you can believe a commenter named gods plan right? Idiot

Clem • 4 years ago

I'm trying to imagine how wonderful it must be to just sit at your feet and listen to your brilliance as you pontificate on everything and anything.

Guest • 4 years ago
Clem • 4 years ago

Touche' well played sir

John graham • 4 years ago

Yup. You are so much smarter than everyone. Keep telling yourself that

Guest • 4 years ago

looks to me like you drank the whole gallon of koolaid.

Guest • 4 years ago