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Mike Ockhurts • 4 years ago

This is great news for freedom loving Californians. (Yes, there are a lot of us here still)

Cletus Servetus • 4 years ago

Hollywood is going to have a stroke over this. Jim Carrey might have to break out his crayons and make another picture. (Blaming it on Trump of course!)

Larissa Douglas • 4 years ago

Gun Owners need to take it to the courts to fight back against the Left.

Commentsbywanda • 4 years ago

or take it to the streets...

Tsavong • 4 years ago

That's an option that's certainly getting more and more likely.

badger_52 • 4 years ago

It's not "if" anymore; only when. Look at the timeline in the article above of what constitutes current "wheels of justice." And just in case the opposition (media, commies or their appratchiks in Hollywood) are reading:

- There are NO "hi-cap" magazines. There are Standard magazines, and there are low-capacitiy magazines you made companies manufacture because you think you can legislate human behavior.

GodnCountry • 4 years ago

The hollyweird gang should talk to their bodyguards about guns. Maybe they'd learn something.

Person223 • 4 years ago

Which is why the efforts toward gun control have really stepped up in a state like California. They know eventually people will reach a breaking point.

Tsavong • 4 years ago

The good news is that California doesn't represent the rest of the country. There are many long-term citizens who are getting more and more fed up being made second-class citizens to illegal aliens and having their American rights removed. I would not be surprised to see the exodus continue or a revolution take place.

MkKS • 4 years ago

Not even. The core defense is protection of farms and ranches, and closure of rural interstate highways and rail lines out in the middle of flyover country. The globalists' scheme to bring in millions of rural-peasant Mesoamericans is a plan to bring in growers, harvesters, and transporters of our flyover country crops who will follow the orders of the globalists. This scheme will fail.

When our patriotic food-makers and transporters stop the provision of food to the globalist-run megalopolises, the megalopolises' denizens will starve and turn on each other--if and when push comes to shove.

Schrödinger's cat • 4 years ago

The Liberals will be on the losing side...

Whether via the law - or civil war !!!

Time for them to get real.

MAGA 2020

Budda • 4 years ago

Yay, freedom! Yay, Constitution!

trumps packing the courts ,, a great day for normalcy

under the garbage obama we only had embarrassing court cases in the news ,, like which bathroom to use ,, we were an international laughing stock ,,, the obama major decisions ,, which bathroom to use?? anything he could do to humiliate the united states

Allen M. Ease • 4 years ago

especially since during his second term, it was made lawful for our intelligence and military psy-ops to directly target the American people with Amendment 114 of the NDAA. An article from July of 2013 in Occupy Corporatism, said that 4 billion dollars a year was being spent by the Pentagon on propaganda aimed at the American public. The globalists do not want the same (perceived) sovereign United States of the 20th century.

Budda • 4 years ago

More like he is unpacking the courts.

Guest • 4 years ago
Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

I think he meant that Obummer packed the court, he is diluting the activist majority.

Budda • 4 years ago

Replacing liberal judges with ones who respect the Constitution. If all the judges respect the Constitution, it isn't "Packed" it is properly staffed, as intended by the Founders.

Guest • 4 years ago
Budda • 4 years ago

I think that it is a worthwhile distinction, considering the damage the left has done to the country via the courts, of the last 100 years.

Guest • 4 years ago
Budda • 4 years ago

Again, I respectfully disagree.

If we ignore how we got here (most of the leftist agenda has been effectuated via the courts), history is bound to repeat itself.

If you think that the destruction of the Republic is "petty," I guess we don't agree.

Have a nice day.

Guest • 4 years ago
Bill Jones • 4 years ago

Bush the lesser was the thug who created the Patriot Act and the TSA.

Sapper1 • 4 years ago

He didn't add justices to get his way. He appointed into open vacancies.

Guest • 4 years ago
Sapper1 • 4 years ago

No it's a good thing , all legal and constitutional and free of controversy.

Of course there are law abiding folks in prison right now that have been
charged with weapons violations........California will maintain its
liberal dominance of its people......the Feds need to start reviewing
cases and holding politicians and law enforcement accountable for civil
liberties violations.......

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

If an illegal commits a violation of law, they are undercharged to avoid deportation .

Vindicationist • 4 years ago

that was quite well written, and very insightful
as a former Californian who fled the central valley 43 years ago, and am glad that I did, I can say that anyone trying push comes to shove tactics will have a violent and quick surprise

Wanda H • 4 years ago

When farmers become bank-debt slaves they have placed themselves fully in the hands of the N W O. What is this “stop the provisions” of food..? The farmers will grow what they’re told, or miss one loan payment and have their farms forfeited into the waiting hands of “new immigrants “ who already have their loans approved. The transfer of our land to N W O corporations has been slow and steady, and they prefer paying third world wages to harvesters. Avoiding debt is the only way our farms will stay American.

Abdul Alhazred-I • 4 years ago

Mmm. They have the numbers and the money in the cities.

If 20% of the military is willing to back them, they have the force. You will not win fighting 50 to 1 against modern military might.

Of course, that assumes the rear of the military doesnt fight with its equipment against rhem.

Of course, watching our B1-B's blast San Francisco and LA into the sea would be wonderful. Bulldoze the rubble into the bay

Dr. Hofferrrr • 4 years ago

Tell that to the VC and the Taliban. 17 years in Afghanistan and the US still controls only Kabul and then only during the day. I think 130million armed American citizens would make it very tough on whatever small part of the military that would actually obey orders to fire on its own citizens.

little_r_republican • 4 years ago

I think if it came to that, the military would honor their oath to defend the Constutution and not these liberal, pencil necked, pinheaded elitists who hate America.

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

A large percentage of Veterans and Military are conservative.

Juan Lago • 4 years ago

Most are conservative.

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

I spent 27 years in the Army, I would estimate, more than 80% of the soldiers I encounter, were conservatives ; I was in the upper echelon, so I didn't talk politics, but I did listen.

Juan Lago • 4 years ago

You only had three to go for thirty, why on earth did you get out at twenty seven? The retirement for a thirty year hitch is much better.

I did 23 as a Seabee.

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

My wife had medical issues, that made my continued career untenable; I was aiming for a past 30 position, but, it wasn't to be.

Juan Lago • 4 years ago

I hear you. My wife couldn't take me going on another long deployment. My last deployment was almost two years total including 15 months in Afghanistan assigned to an Army unit as an ETT. I could have taken a Warrant from the Army and did another ten, but my wife would have divorced me.

Sapper1 • 4 years ago

Think of the numbers of civilians that have been trained by the US armed forces. I would guess that most are armed to some degree and would be aware of the game plan.

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

A lot have been trained in the military.
The newer Alaska patch is a big improvement over the old one.
I served 3yrs in the 6th Engineers, 6th ID light right after Desert Storm , we had a little black star for a patch; horrible duty, but I did get a Ranger School slot out of it. Lol

Sapper1 • 4 years ago

I was in the 562nd combat engineer company, 172nd Light Infantry Brigade, 77-79. I guess you spent a little time at Fort Leonard Wood as well.

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

Not counting OSUT , or Advance NCO course,or sapper leader course, I was stationed in Missouri 3 times during my career ,; E Bde, 589th E Bn, 5th Engr Bn, 35th Engr Bn, 5th Eng again, I served in SPC, SGT, SSG, MSG, 1SG, and CSM positions at FLW. Luckily my time there was broken up by Deployments, or I would have gone crazy. Lol

Sapper1 • 4 years ago

I rose to the lofty rank of SPC4. Ironically, later in life I supervised and did evaluations for O-3 through O-5 for public health service members. I had at one time 3 commanders and 2 lt cmdrs that I did evaluations for. The Army prepared me well for that part of the job. Best leadership course ever.

Sapper 9 • 4 years ago

Spc4 is respectable;, it seems the military and your personal drive gave you a very successful career after the military, I am always happy to see a fellow sapper doing well.

Sapper1 • 4 years ago

Thanks, Sarn't Major!

gabwinone • 4 years ago

I pray that that is true.

JJPrize • 4 years ago

Then there's also the consideration that many of the insurgents being fought for the last couple decades tended to be fair-weather fighters. Whereas there are more than a few US citizens who go play (or otherwise engage in recreational activities) in weather that would (or did) keep the insurgents from doing much at all.

For example: is there anywhere else in the world where storm/tornado chasing either exists or has grown into a tourist activity?

302smallblock • 4 years ago

Trump has now untied the hands of the military and the tables have been turned into our favor. Politicans could screw up a one car funeral! Let the generals fight the wars. Politics it seems is even dirtier than war. We see bumper stickers that say, war is not the answer,well sometimes it is! Politics is not the answer either.