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Nebelwerfenzex • 3 months ago

If New Zealanders are truly a FREE PEOPLE, then REFUSE!
Why should a FREE PEOPLE accept "Collective Guilt", and submit
to punishment for something they didn't do???


dtom2 • 3 months ago

So the NZ. prime Minister believes making law abiding gun owners vulnerable to the ramifications of crime by disarming them is a logical solution to the problem of criminality. Doesn't this blithering idiot know that Gun Free Zones are the most vulnerable areas ( schools, houses of worship, venues where guns are banned etc.) on earth to mass shootings?

fahgettaboudit 2.0 • 3 months ago

She doesn't seem to grasp that,....making the law abiding population defenseless, does not make criminals harmless !
We've already seen what their laws have accomplished and all she's doing is making it less safe !!

LonestarRedneck • 3 months ago

As soon as you disband your security team...you first. Problem solved, we offered to and it will never happen :)

floridadirtdauber • 3 months ago

they don’t think like we do-they are sheep

I sure hope that New Zealand gun owners do the right thing and revolt against their government.

BDaughtry • 3 months ago

They won't ... they're sheep.

Barry Hollocks • 2 months ago

No all. The problem is the lack of constitutional protection. If you refuse, they will revoke your licence and confiscate your property. If you are subsequently caught with an unregistered firearm, same, plus jail time most likely.

Winston • 2 months ago

They should simple say "no thanks" and if the government tries to use force, then the people can surrender their bullets first.

Doesn't anyone ask, "Shouldn't we know where the shooter obtained his already illegal guns?".

Jim Davis • 3 months ago

One whacko does something no one else has ever done there, and government's reaction is 'all must pay a penalty'. Good luck with that, darlin.

fahgettaboudit 2.0 • 3 months ago

"PM Encourages Gun Owners to Surrender Their Firearms"

Or WHAT ??!!!

Dutchman • 3 months ago

They will use guns to force you.

t2222mk • 3 months ago

Except if it's a Muslim terrorist event.

scrumsey • 3 months ago

A government that does not trust it's own citizens with guns, cannot be trusted.

Skeptical Shazaam • 3 months ago

Isn't that like asking all drivers to "turn in their cars" after a drunk plows into a school bus?

What is with leftists and their fetish for punishing the innocent?

Will New Zealand take the path of Venezuela once the Kiwis are disarmed?

fahgettaboudit 2.0 • 3 months ago

"Will New Zealand take the path of Venezuela once the Kiwis are disarmed?"

That does seem to be the natural progression of things now, does it not ??!

LonestarRedneck • 3 months ago

Mexico is disarmed too...can't you tell?

mrminwnc • 2 months ago

Yep, like your neighbor having too many kids so they demand you get a vasectomy.

CLS • 3 months ago

its interesting that she didn't call for criminals to turn in their guns

twmmd • 3 months ago


Archie Bunker • 3 months ago

Punishing law abiding Citizens, makes no sense at all.

armchairgenius • 3 months ago

Yes it does if your primary goal is: Control.

libertyanyday • 3 months ago

sure it does........ people just TALK and do nothing.......

Slick_Hall • 3 months ago

Surrender you guns because someone else killed people with his. That way the next time there's an attack you will be defenseless. Well just goes to prove you can't fix stupid.
Oh and the Guardian has always been a left-wing, socialist, statist mouthpiece

Tinker • 3 months ago

So the next time some idiot runs a bunch of people down with their car, we should all give up our cars. (Well, that is their ultimate goal, keep us from moving freely.)

Maga Richard • 3 months ago

There are bound to be a lot of Muslims seeking revenge, so this is an especially foolish time to give up arms.

libertyanyday • 3 months ago

ANYTIME is foolish to give up guns.........

Rαтαмαςυє76 • 3 months ago

Tel the PM, FU

jackrile • 3 months ago

Liberal Logic: "We just had a mass shooting spree which will most likely inspire copycat instances in the next few months, so everyone please surrender your firearms."

fahgettaboudit 2.0 • 3 months ago

''Liberal Logic"??

There's an Oxymoron if I ever saw one !!

johnmcv • 3 months ago

MORON is the buzz word.

Dan Flynn • 2 months ago

I can see your logic in an American context, but in New Zealand things are very different. It's a much more chilled place, there is much less gun related crime. There really is no better time to ban semiautomatics. New Zealanders could still have guns, just not the kind that cause so much damage so quickly. I don't know why that seems so unreasonable. Hi from Australia :)

Cecillia • 3 months ago

While she still continues to retain her own private guards?

RezaQin • 3 months ago

Law abiding citizens do not relinquish control because of a left wing eco facist murdered 49 Muslims.

Oh yes...like giving up guns worked out so well for the Germans during the time of Hitler or more currently Venezuela.............

actsnow • 3 months ago

Where is the outrage over Islamist extremist killing thousands around the world today, they are killing Nigerian Christians right now, oh, that's right, Christians don't count!

SF Vet • 3 months ago

What is the voluntary surrendering of semi-automatic weapons in New Zealand going to solve? It is a knee jerk reaction to the problems being shown by radical members of a society. Seek out these nut jobs and watch them, do not take away the rights of law abiding citizens. The wrong people are being disarmed.
I fought for my nation for 26 years and plan to defend it until the day I die.

James Ashmore • 3 months ago

"Knee-jerk": typical Leftwing solution for all problems!

SF Vet • 2 months ago

New Zealanders, aka Kiwis, will regret the day they turned in firearms.
Ain't going to happen here. One need only see the huge majority of county sheriffs that are resisting gun laws passed by urban legislators.

libertyanyday • 3 months ago

I would NEVER enlist today............ disgust is too mild of a word for what has become a social experiment.........coed doesnt work.

SF Vet • 2 months ago

Do not give up completely on our military, libertyanyday. There are still parts that are very effective and lethal. Although the instances in which a combat commander becomes a little too enthusiastic and some wimp attempts to nail him for it, are a little disturbing. These kids deserve our support, regardless of changes being forced upon them by our idiotic Social Justice Warrior, dick wad, pathetic legislators.

Then the Prime Minister should give up her armed security.

Old Texian • 3 months ago

She's too busy shopping for hijabs now ...

Livinginthewoods • 3 months ago

EVERY time there is a tragedy of this sort in any Western nation, that nation's government uses it as an excuse to deprive citizens of more and more freedoms.
....Yet they still wonder why folks believe in false flag conspsiracies.

It's the Hegelian Dialectic:
"The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two."

Bob G • 3 months ago

I'm glad someone besides me noticed

Disarm the citizens then they're defenseless....Next it'll be knives like the UK...

Carlos • 3 months ago

She should ask the criminals to surrender their firearms. Let's see how thar works out.

V Shredder • 3 months ago

Gun control activists are now committing mass murder for their cause.

Dodge Native • 3 months ago

Watch out, people will call you a l e x j o n e s.

V Shredder • 3 months ago

Watch out, people will be calling you an u n a r m e d s i t t i n g d u c k.