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Guest • 3 months ago
N.D.✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • 3 months ago

Or when Christians were slaughtered in Egypt...

KevinR. • 3 months ago

Coptic Christians, and the media barely covered it.

Guest • 3 months ago
Othinus54 • 3 months ago

Looks like they are censoring everything now.

Guest • 3 months ago
itzman • 3 months ago

Because everything is the fault of

- Trump
- Climate Change
- Brexit
- Margaret Thatcher

AOC told me so, so it must be true.

Notlib • 3 months ago

You forgot White People.

Lise Meitner • 3 months ago

Trump is a master of chaos theory! He said "Maga" and made a butterfly flap its wings which created a tornado in Sweden that carried a black cat into cold water, and that made him racist or something.

AnnS • 3 months ago

Trump is so much more phenomenal than obama " this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth"

Guest • 3 months ago
Widuran • 3 months ago

Even last week 32 Nigerian Christians were killed in their churches by Muslims. A silence was heard

EP • 3 months ago

I hear you.

naturelment • 3 months ago

We are seeing the left on the warpath today. They behave in the opposite manner every time a Muslim group kills us, however -- they're all about minimizing the perception of the crime and warning us not to react in any way. Westerners need to realize that our elitist leadership is unconcerned when we're the victims. They don't mind when we're the victims.

HoldTheLine1 • 3 months ago

I blame this senseless tragedy on the fact that now all people who support Liberty have witnessed there is a two-tiered justice system that is not equally enforcing the law. Americans are seeing the corrupt DOJ and FBI. In the UK people are literally being arrested for speaking words. People have been backed into a corner.
American Citizens need to see real justice happen quickly, and DOJ and FBI corruption brought into the light.

Guest • 3 months ago
Widuran • 3 months ago


JusticeB • 3 months ago

I care about all horrors committed by human beings for any reason, and am especially disgusted when religion, which is supposed to teach us morality, is the motivating force.

Mike • 3 months ago

You know very little about Islam then, do you?

Guest • 3 months ago
itzman • 3 months ago

Its called Bigotry. Tarring all members of a group with the brush that applies to one.

It is a prime tool of the simple minded left.

Ryuk • 3 months ago

You really are a tool. You can’t even see the irony in your own reply.

Tina Puterbaugh • 3 months ago

Its truly nauseating, I agree! They even locked down the hospitals there!

Guest • 3 months ago
itzman • 3 months ago

A good day to bury bad news. Just don't put it in an email.

Ryuk • 3 months ago

Funny how that works. The slaughter of 50 people via a terror attack upstages a non-issue about emails from 5 years ago.

Joanne Wilson • 3 months ago

and all over the global news when New Zealand barely ever registers a blip, all we're know for are our sheep and Lord of the Rings.

Guest • 3 months ago
Jay • 3 months ago

Violent cultures are the problem.

SpeakingTruth24-7 • 3 months ago

Like the violent culture of White Supremacy that got 49 people killed yesterday?

Guest • 3 months ago
Reno Rivera • 3 months ago

Roman Empire.

Hummingbird3519 • 3 months ago

Know that every single reply is is either being deleted or going directly into moderation !

silent_pilot • 3 months ago

I wonder what is going on with that?

Hummingbird3519 • 3 months ago

Yours is the very first to show up !! All others have been deleted !

CobraWarrior • 3 months ago

Yep. Can't have someone telling the truth about the globalist takeover using Muslims as the catalyst.

Frederica • 3 months ago

The ‘liberal’ response is predictable! The fact that this has happened at all can be laid entirely at the door of the lefty-liberal social engineers who think that global domination can best be implemented by throwing all and every race and creed in together and waiting for the dust to settle! If they had another brain cell to operate in conjunction with their existing single cell, they might have been able to deduce that this event was always going to happen!

When people feel that they are being backed into a corner and threatened by forces that they are unable to influence or control, they will eventually strike back!

I cannot think why there is such surprise (perhaps it is faux surprise) amongst these manipulative liberals that their long held but impractical theories are backfiring so comprehensively!

ysointly • 3 months ago

"When people feel that they are being backed into a corner and threatened
by forces that they are unable to influence or control, they will
eventually strike back!">>> That makes me think of our southern border.

Mike • 3 months ago

Correct. Forced globalization by means of mass migration will fail just as did forced integration through forced school busing and neighborhood busting in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s.

silent_pilot • 3 months ago

This backlash is what Tommy Robinson has tried so hard to prevent. The political class have avoided discussing the problem, due to cowardice, and the outcome is almost inevitable.

To be clear, I do not condone violence against non-combatants.

Hummingbird3519 • 3 months ago

Guess who's getting blamed for this........President Trump and Tommy !

keltic1 • 3 months ago

Did you expect better from the media?

bargogx1 • 3 months ago

This is probably exactly what some of that political class wants.

Guest • 3 months ago
Guest • 3 months ago
Mike • 3 months ago

Why do you think that forced globalization through forced mass migration will work any better than forced school busing and forced integration worked in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s? Human beings are tribal. Where push comes to shove, tribalism will take over. It is simply human nature.

Zolder • 3 months ago

If a Muslim shot up Christian churches I doubt you would even be able to find an article. Would be swept under the rug before you even knew it happened.

Lazarus Gethsemane • 3 months ago

The Leftard Propagandists would blame the Christians for provoking the Musloids with their "hate"

OccupyProgress • 3 months ago

They do all the time.

Roha Waha • 3 months ago

It would never air on MSNBC or CNN !