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Son of Snake Plissken • 4 years ago

The following 11 reasons should be forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the readers gets sick of reading them.

1. $11 Billion to $22 Billion is spent on welfare to illegal immigrants each year by state governments.

2. $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food Assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal immigrants.

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal immigrants.

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on Primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for Education for the American-born Children of illegal immigrants, known as Anchor babies.

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal immigrants.

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison Inmates are illegal immigrants.

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on Illegal immigrants for Welfare & Social Services by the American taxpayers.

9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal immigrants.

10. In 2006, illegal immigrants sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their Countries of origin.

11. The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes committed By Illegal Immigrants In The United States .



Surfer Joe • 4 years ago

That is really good Snake jr. and I have been saying the RNC or somebody should be running ads in a condensed version of what you posted. let the public realize what they are giving up. By the way, it would probably save Social Security and medicare from implosion and then those investing in it would receive it when old age hits them ! Forgot, I didn't mention what it would do for the budget.

Jay • 4 years ago

The biggest problem is how many people believe the media even after they get caught flat out lying time and time again. It's not difficult at all for them to brainwash the masses out there.

thatindividual • 4 years ago

We need to stop talking about them. Having a defensive narrative is not helpful. We need to be on the offensive, like with the lawsuits.

It's time for the people to put on yellow vests.

Stay involved • 4 years ago

We are not fighting Democrats of the past, we are fighting the Fascists of today. We the people must attack them repeatedly on everything. Republicans are not to be trusted. Paul Ryan proved that as Speaker of the House. He gave Obama almost anything he wanted, would not speak out against him. Republicans only have the courage to attack their own President since Fascists must scare them..

Guest • 4 years ago
Schrödinger's cat • 4 years ago

Ann Coulter Misses the Mark Again !!!

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak Sun Tzu


I keep a thought open in the back of my mind. Coulter is playing a double bluff on TRUMP whilst actually supporting him. The contrived attention keeps this item at the top of the 'Narrative', rather like Kabuki Theatre, thus drowning out anything else the Democrats want to say. In three weeks time, the Democrats will have lost any vestige left of their credibility and the Army Corps of Engineers at Greencastle builds the wall. The Democrats are trashed for good. Only one thing left to do... (I won't sail across the Atlantic on the basis of this theory - in fact, I would not sail across the Serpentine in Hyde Park either - but it is there as a plausible long stop)

Na! She's selling a book...

Copperhead2 • 4 years ago

Sorry but you're wrong. You see, Ann has this rare capability that you'll never find in a liberal and seldom in a politician. She's capable of admitting when she's wrong. Her admiration for Trump went south when he bombed Syria a few months after he was sworn in based on the same fake news reports he's still critical of today and he's done nothing since then to restore it. Then he lost her, myself and millions of others. I'd welcome a declaration of a national state of emergency, because that's what we have. And I'd welcome implementation of martial law for the duration thereof to get the job done. At this point, anything less won't be enough to get rid of all our illegals.

Brennan • 4 years ago

No, all he's done is cut regulations, the corporate tax rate, driven unemployment down to record levels, made progress with North Korea, done trade deals, gotten us out of TPP and the Climate Accord, started to get us out of Syria and Afghanistan, etc. Hillary would obviously have been much, much better and as wise conservatives we should all completely abandon Trump because he hasn't gotten the wall done according to our personal time frame.

Orwell • 4 years ago

Ann Coulter’s opinion isn’t hopeful. She can debate issues but she’s too stupid to run a real country. If Coulter were President,we wouldn’t stand a chance. Her mouth is far too large...

mike waters • 4 years ago

And if she keeps going she will become more and more irrelevant. Sad

Guest • 4 years ago
Robert Garretson • 4 years ago

Seriously the blond horse face needs to show some loyalty to the president and MAGA. She keeps going at Trump like this and I’m going to buy earplugs for this shrill bimbo, all talk no action

DavyCrockett • 4 years ago

Trump is trying and she goes at him harder than she did Obama...

BDaughtry • 4 years ago

Trump held ALL the cards in the shutdown ... Democrats NEED government (other peoples money) ...

Bee Mees • 4 years ago

Loyalty's a two-way street and Coulter will flip on someone quick that she judges a loser...& then on to the next "savior."

Ex: Hehehehe..remember when Ann Coulter was all gung ho on Chris Christie was the "hero" this country needs??


Course, how long ago now does it seem like it was Palin...or then Paul Ryan.

New Centurion • 4 years ago

You forgot Coulter orgasming over the greasy huckster Romney--the epitome of the dying GOP establishment. Ann thought Romney's idea of "self-deportation" was just brilliant. F Coulter. Apparently she doesn't realize there's something called Congress. I'll wait for 3 weeks until I make any judgments. If Trump doesn't declare an emergency then it's over.

OUComanche • 4 years ago

Kind of hard to declare an emergency when none of the southern governor's have ever stood next to trump saying there is in fact an emergency and a wall is needed. Kinda hard to declare an emergency when the tx rep congressman won the election overwhelmingly by campaigning on no wall because that's not what the landowners want. Did you even listen to trumps speech yesterday? If not, you need to. It's over.

Outside the Alt-Way • 4 years ago

Yep, stick a fork in, that dotard is done.

He folded faster than a Chinese Trump shirt.

Guest • 4 years ago
OUComanche • 4 years ago

Did you listen to his speech yesterday? If not, you need to. It's over. There's not going to be a wall. Maybe you'll realize it when he goes to mar-a-lago during the 3 weeks instead of staying in DC and negotiating...

BDaughtry • 4 years ago

... if you cave once you will cave again.

BDaughtry • 4 years ago

I voted for his sleazy ask too ... but NEVER again.

The_Seer • 4 years ago

Exactly. Super Bowl is happening in Atlanta next weekend. Considering the recent TSA situation this was a strategic move. An emergency however will get tied up after some liberal judge put a halt to it. We’ll see how this plays out in the long run.

Ren Dudas • 4 years ago

So a person doesn't have the privilege of having a change of heart? Usually when a person steps in a pile of doo eventually they will walk around it.
When do YOU hit the panic button? After his term is up?
I don't take any credence in a politicians words- actions is what matters. Today Nancy Pelosi woke up, looked into the mirror and seen a president.
Yesterday the whole world did.
trump handed his balls to her in a box. That is the unpleasant truth.

Senator Bluto • 4 years ago

Pfffffttt. Chrissy Christy

Sickandtired • 4 years ago

"all talk no action". Perfectly describes Trump.

BDaughtry • 4 years ago

Just one problem ... she’s right.

Jon • 4 years ago

Trump needs to show some loyalty to MAGA first.

timbo1776 • 4 years ago

...see, there you go, again...say something constructive or STFU...

Ren Dudas • 4 years ago

Says the guy with nothing constructive to say. Just lashing out at people. It's called "block" If you don't like his comments- block him... Kinda like what I'm doing to you, you gullible priq.

Guest • 4 years ago
shsp • 4 years ago

If she would build the damn wall, I’d vote for her

Jon • 4 years ago


She's not the one hired to run the country, Trump is! And, he's not doing the peoples bidding right now! If we don't have a National State of Emergency declared soon, he will loose more and more support. This will weaken his position even further!

His dallying around on the borders issue will bring us to civil war! It's not too far fetched that we will be pushed into a civil war, and the powers that be will win! Just follow the money! We are on the verge of collapse, unless he does what we ask, and unloads all those traitorous RINOS around him, and hires some patriots to replace them.

OUComanche • 4 years ago

Kind of hard to declare an emergency when none of the republican southern governor's have supported trump declaring there's an emergency at the borders and a wall is needed. Why haven't they? Wouldn't they be standing next to trump if that were true? How come people aren't asking these simple questions? Besides, did you see his speech yesterday??? It's over. When he goes to mar-a-lago instead of staying in DC to negotiate the wall, maybe you'll finally open your eyes.

Dream On Dreamer!

OUComanche • 4 years ago

Really, that's it? Nothing intelligent or thoughtful to Reggie with? You're a total focking moron and dipchit.

I don't care what you think! Goodbye!

OUComanche • 4 years ago

Of course you don't. You have nothing? You're just a stooge to stupid to think for yourself and love being told what to think and how to live. It must suck to be an easily manipulated, brainwashed and gullible inbred moron.

And you have confirmed what you really are and your agenda, so goodbye now, RIP!

OUComanche • 4 years ago

Again you said nothing. Still waiting for an insightful rebuttal

IrrefutableLogic • 4 years ago

She’s too busy pursuing 20 something Blexiteers to care......cougars🙄

MachIV • 4 years ago

Se is right about this whether anyone likes it or not.

Maestra3 • 4 years ago

We have all the appreciated Ann in the past. But you can be so right that you are dead right. The fact remains that no one else has even ever tried to do what he has tried to do. If he fails in one way, he is still succeeding in others. And let me emphasize but it's still remains to be seen if he has failed at all!

Outside the Alt-Way • 4 years ago

In what way has he succeeded?

His popularity is through the floor, he has gotten all the blame for the shutdown, he has caved to Pelosi, he has shown no backbone whatsoever, he has changed what he said, again, to now that he never said an actual wall and that drones will be good enough.

I just wonder what revelation it will be that will get a Trumpist to finally admit he's nothing more than a tv businessman, con-artist and shyster.

Maestra3 • 4 years ago

Perhaps my best reply would be to ask you which other politician you feel could do better?

Dankin • 4 years ago

She should put something in her big mouth. Arrogance leads to stupidity that destroys the learning capability. Trump's ideology is all morality.

PRISM-theNewSocialNetwork • 4 years ago

Yeah, she's not running...Straw woman argument?

BDaughtry • 4 years ago

Ann Coulter is definitely NOT stupid ...