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Thrawn05 • 5 years ago

As a long time Alien fan I did enjoy the movie a lot. I love the twist in the lore and I'm eager to see what plays out.

Final_Guy_Vic • 5 years ago

Do I want more alien sequels? Yes. Do I want Ridley Scott to have anything to do with them? Hell no!

Coty Reynolds • 5 years ago

Really? When every other site are calling these numbers a disappointment.

Benjamin Priest • 5 years ago

Heck, I quite enjoyed it.

RawBeard • 5 years ago

I wish I could undo my ticket purchase. What a rubbish waste of time.

DrewHamster • 5 years ago

Saw the movie last night and absolutely loved it and so did the other 3 people I went with. The theater I was in was packed and yet I've never been with such a respectful audience. There was no talking or paper rumbling or cell phone usage, everyone was glued to the screen I swear. This film is "certified fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes, but you wouldn't know it from all the complaining you see online.

I loved Prometheus, but this film felt much more polished. There were no blatantly stupid character moments like the scientists trying to pet the snake alien and there were no noticeable really bad mistakes like when the Prometheus' distance from earth was shown as being really close and all someone needed to do was actually check the math.

Finally, I wish people would get over Blomkamp's Alien 5. Fox has long since said that they didn't want to go ahead with it and Ridley Scott even said he was going to produce it so it wasn't his decision. We have an ending to Ripley's character even if the "fans" don't like it and it occurred over 20 years ago. Get over it lol. Plus Blomkamp has a very bumpy track record so it's probably for the best his film was never made. Just because he is a fan of the franchise doesn't mean he would be the right one to helm a sequel (and one that retcons previous installments at that). I mean just look at Jason Goes To Hell for an example of that.

Thrawn05 • 5 years ago

I'm also glad that Alien 5 got canned. I really enjoyed the assembly cut of Alien 3 and I'd be very upset if that got canned just because Fox butchered the release version most people only know of.

Grither 57 • 5 years ago

Alien: Covenant was a great "monster movie". Like so may disappointing sequels, if they were standalones they would be much easier to digest and be forgiven their faults. I didn't find Covenant particularly deep or anything, but there were two or three real "WTF?!?!" moments that made it worth seeing. And judging by the ending, can you imagine what the next one will be like? I hope it all works out for us (the fans, Ridley, and the Xenomorphs).

GSizzle • 5 years ago

I didn't think it answered any Prometheus questions except what happened to Elizabeth Shaw. I thought the answer to that was pretty nasty and mean-spirited. I liked her character way more than any of the wooden characters in this. It's a shame to see her go out that way.

Thrawn05 • 5 years ago

I don't think any Alien movie was meant to be a "feel good" movie. There were really no happy endings ever. What happened to Shaw I think fits well.

DrewHamster • 5 years ago

I think Scott wants to bring her back at least for one more film. He was talking about making a film in between Prometheus and Covenant's timeline next, but we'll see. I hated that they killed her off too. She is probably my favorite protagonist in all the Alien films.

moebius2249 • 5 years ago

Now they need to kill David.

Guest • 5 years ago
moebius2249 • 5 years ago

"Thank god Ridley didn't direct the new Blade Runner."

He'll make the whole story about David.

moebius2249 • 5 years ago

People don't like the story Ridley is telling.

Guest • 5 years ago
Paul Laskowski • 5 years ago

Am I the only one who doesn't need to know the origin of the Aliens? If they evolved on their own, or didn't it doesn't matter. The former is actually way more scarier - cause what other horrors are out there that evolution needed to spawn the Alien.

Also the trope in sci-fi that humans are somehow central to everything is so played.

WOLF • 5 years ago

I was disappointed. Scott needs to move on. I'm ok with characters doing dumb things in F13 or similar movies. I'm not ok with a crew that's responsible for thousands of lives unable to make basic decisions. Just because you can breath the air doesn't mean you shouldn't wear suits with helmets. Viruses, bacteria micro organisms etc. They have the contamination protocol of a 3 year old. There's plenty of poor decisions in the movie that I won't spoil. The twist at the end was hardly a twist for anybody who has a brain. Also, the origin of the xenomorph was unnecessary. Hollywood... stop giving us origins... it only hurts the monster.
The alien was as stealthy as Incredible Hulk. No tension.. no real scares. A CGI alien does nothing for me. There's a disconnect with these CGI monsters.

DrewHamster • 5 years ago

Stop giving us origins..... bruh this is part of a prequel series, you can't criticize a film for delivering exactly what it set out to do.

MarsupialRebellion • 5 years ago

I think what he's saying... is there's no reason for it to exist... in the first place.

DAYOFTHEFLESH • 5 years ago

Sadly this film under performed at the BO. it did good overseas but here in the states it did terrible. But that hardly means anything, if it really tanked like King Authur that be a diff story.

creaturehouse7 • 5 years ago

"Here in the states it did terrible" it made 10 million less (domestic opening) than Prometheus but cost 50 million less than Prometheus. It didn't do bad at all.

MaxFed Serviente • 5 years ago

It squeaked out Guardians of the Galaxy by 1.5 million and Guardians in the Galaxy was in its 3rd week of play. The Monday grosses just came out and guess what? Guardian in the Galaxy had more BO. lol Bad word of mouth because its a poor sci-fi horror movie in the vein of Roger Corman.

Jeff Nyman • 5 years ago

From a studio perspective, it did pretty bad, though. It's main domestic take (43%) was on opening day and saw a 22% drop in just one day (into Saturday). It's not just about total gross figures but also how it sustains -- certainly at least over opening weekend. This was also a weaker opening for mid-May "tentpole" kind of movie and, again, studios do take that into account beyond just total dollars.

It's not doom and gloom, of course, but the studio, I assure you, is less than thrilled with these numbers. This was a 30% drop from Prometheus' opening and that's bad when you consider that some of the marketing was implying this was a "return to roots" part of the franchise, in an attempt to win back Aliens fans who might have been turned off by Prometheus.

Still, in the end, none of this is a stopper to making more films in the franchise an, of course, that's already slated. But I do think they'll need to rethink a bit of marketing and how they want to position further movies.

moebius2249 • 5 years ago

Need to rethink the director.

Flu-Like Symptoms • 5 years ago

Covenant didn't do a whole lot for me. I was bored several times and often missed the suspense and feeling of dread from Alien. The new Ripley-like heroin was laughable by comparison. If making a carbon-copy of Sigourney Weaver was really what they were going for, they should just leave that alone. Not happening. These days, I typically go into theaters not expecting very much, but I figured this one would hit hard and really make a statement after Prometheus let a lot of fans down. At the end I found myself not really caring where the story goes from here. Feels like this whole thing will be suffering from mass-exhaustion by the time the story finally catches up to Alien.

Ocelot006 . • 5 years ago

Meanwhile disappointingly returns come in. Did Brad have a car accident recently?

BranFAN • 5 years ago

But, people are saying it's a disappointment because Prometheus made $51 million in its first weekend. Which is it?

moebius2249 • 5 years ago

It's already underperforming.

moebius2249 • 5 years ago

"In a surprise turn, Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant came in behind expectations at the summer box office with a $36 million debut from 3,760 North American theaters."

Things are looking up.

ArmitageX • 5 years ago

This is my favorite franchise, so...to be honest, if they made 32 of these things, I'd watch every one (and most likely buy the DVD).

DAYOFTHEFLESH • 5 years ago

I agree

Necro • 5 years ago

Not my favorite franchise but yep I agree. 💀

Guest • 5 years ago

I am looking at the opening numbers here in the U.S. It's a flop here ...
Still hopeful this is the end of Ridley's lousy and stupid prequels...
I want to see Ripley Hicks ans Newt ....

DAYOFTHEFLESH • 5 years ago

Time we get ripley weaver be dead.

Bloodspatta • 5 years ago

Covenant rocks ! I can't wait to see it again.

DAYOFTHEFLESH • 5 years ago

me too I'm already going to see it next week with my friend he didn't have a chance to see it. IDK why people are hating on it so much. Its not suppose to be like alien and then they will make an all out alien flick and people will still bitch. This movie felt very different and fresh.

Josh_the_Jawa • 5 years ago

My body is ready to be penpenetratedone by another film!

Vic Vega • 5 years ago

For us older guys slightly above 40, we remember 'Aliens' and frankly nothing is ever going to top that. James Cameron gave it a legendary pace, tremendous cast including the late Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn(Terminator), Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henricksen as the android Bishop, and the creepy company man played by Paul Reiser. My favorite all-time Sci-fi film. Seen it 20 plus times at least.

Satanzilla • 5 years ago

I think the original was the better film but Aliens is also a splendid film for what it is. Both were much better than Covenant, but Covenant is the only halfway decent alien movie made after Aliens.

That said, it did bore me at times like another poster said and


I was very upset to see Scott pull a Fincher move and toss popular characters in the trash just for a cheap thrill. Fincher kills off Newt and Hicks, and ultimately Ripley herself for ... what? Just to be raw and badass? Now Scott has done the same cheesy shit himself with Shaw, the one good thing to come out of Prometheus. We get invested in her only to have him toss her in the garbage. And then just like Fincher, he offs his survivors, the only characters we give a quarter of a shit about in Covenant, just to be dark.


And then, wtf, Michael fucking Fassbender's annoying robot guy is the entire genesis of the xenomorphs? The whole "big white guys creating mankind and mankind's destruction" thing was just a dead end? Like another guy said, this doesn't leave me craving what happened next, and just confirms for me Scott's hackery as he's gotten older.

Yes I said this was the best movie since aliens and I still think so, but it's miles behind the first two films. Dare I say it, to make a decent alien sequel to Covenant, we need Cameron to do it. And that ain't happening. 😐

MaxFed Serviente • 5 years ago

Go watch Alien3-The Assembly Cut and its better than Prometheus and Covenant.

wedellbudwhite • 5 years ago

They are horror films why are characters who are loved safe from death ? that would make it boring. Think you need to watch alien 3 again ripely dies for the good of mankind to stop the company from fucking it with xenos not to be raw and badass( the film before it was the one trying to be badass, with the corny one liners and in your face action)

I for one am very happy newt and hicks died,ones annoying and the other is as plain as characters come. The idea of them becoming a family and fighting aliens is very on the nose to me.

Cameron's directed titanic avatar and documentaries in the last 20 years, I prefer Ridleys resume over the last 20 years.We don't need plagiarism added to the alien franchise

Vic Vega • 5 years ago

I own every version of 'Alien' on Blu Ray..also 'AVP' and 'Prometheus' which everyone complained about, but I loved. I saw Alien:Covenant and thought it was great. They didn't waste and hour on setup. 30 minutes in and the kills came fast and furious. I loved the various versions of the Alien. The different forms it took. I also loved how they linked the film Prometheus too it. Takes place 10 yrs after. It answers questions about Prometheus. I thought the effects were outstanding. Those creatures were lethal and I mean lethal upon hatching. The cast was good, not as strong as say Prometheus with Idris Elba and Charlize Theron but engaging. Ridley Scott is not a hack, he is the master of sci-fi. He deserves respect. Epic director.

MaxFed Serviente • 5 years ago

I saw every Alien movie in the theater (I am in my 50s) except Prometheus and personally do not like the last two.

GunsOfNavarone • 5 years ago

What questions did it answer about Prometheus ? I saw it and am puzzled by that statement because as far as I'm concerned it answered none.

DAYOFTHEFLESH • 5 years ago

I agree IDK why everyone is bitchin bout these films. And to be honest it underperform because it's sci-fi and horror. Those two kind of genres never do good. Unless they are play out like more real life sci-fi like ARRIVAL, I can't wait for the new blade runner movie that movie looks amazing I'm sure that will flop hard too but it looks like real good cyber punk sci-fi. Everything about Covenant was awesome it was intense, the kills were good, the characters were good. And it felt different too and fresh. It felt like that one part in the videogame PERFECT DARK. IDK if you ever played that game, but there was one part in that game when you see the alien world and it reminded me of the temple or w/e david was living in. And speaking bout David, he's the most fucked up villian I've seen in a film in a long time.

Tadeusz Lorenzo Potocki • 5 years ago

I'd rather slit my wrists then see another movie by Ridley Scott. The man is a cracker jack. And what he's selling ain't no sunshine. He better just crawl into that PIT of retired and ridiculous as quickly as possible. He thinks he has something to say. But all he does say, is some cobwebs of mystical voodoo. Sir my ass. ..................................the only thing he's good at is making Pepsi commercials. Which is what all of his movies have been, for a long time.

MaxFed Serviente • 5 years ago

Clint Eastwood has my respect as an aged director.

Fracassi • 5 years ago

I'm seeing it again tomorrow! Loved it!

TheMan • 5 years ago

I just got back from it. My friend loved it. I loved most of it but there were parts that bothered. All the characters were pretty faceless. I don't think most of them even had names. I like that it was darker than Prometheus though and I loved Prometheus. The action sequences were great and the throwbacks to other films were great too. I feel like pacing had some issues.i guess I liked it. But it wasn't phenomenal.