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Guest • 2 months ago
GermanPleb • 2 months ago

"Trump slashes grant money awarded by Obama to Chicago group combating white extremism"

How very kosher of (((Trump))) this is.

Note the continued funds for (((fighting radical Islamists))) remains. ie the ongoing (((war on terror))). Leaving funds to stage events/ create Muslim false flags, that are always used to justify Police State measures, like the Patriot Act post 9/11. And what's happening in the UK and worldwide.

It also basically means "combating white extremism" by the backdoor, using Muslims as useful tools, etc. So nothing's changed. This is a typical way to politically appear like you're "combating" a "problematic issue".

It's done in immigration all the time, too. eg, clamp down on illegal immigration to appease the anti-immigration constituency; but then sell-out the working class by either contracting out low-paid jobs to Asia (as per (((Ivanka's))) own business venture to China).

And increase specific government-sought, 'skills-based' migrants. So immigration isn't addressed (or decreased) despite the anti-migrant rhetoric. (This 'skills-based migration' is an Australian model of migration which is deceptive and anti-working class but beneficial for the ruling International Jew merchants and overlords who are the true hate group.)

jsigur • 2 months ago

excellent and posting on my hom page

jsigur • 2 months ago

Chicago is a Jew town, more reason to believe Picciolini was always a plant and never legit

Guest • 2 months ago
jsigur • 2 months ago

that's what I just heard. Now she needs more donations https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

jsigur • 2 months ago

no she just goes to New York to hang out with fag blacks whom for some reason get a pass along with VK Clark in her Aok book https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Stan Del Carlo • 2 months ago

So nice to meet you Mr. Sigur by way of introduction via Jack Hart he states to me.
Sincerely 888,
Stan Del Carlo, D.C., Third Grade Of The Sun

jsigur • 2 months ago

Ok. Thankyou

James • 6 days ago

--- The Industrial Revolution Begins in England (1760-1850)
--- In July 1833, a Bill to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire passed in the House of Commons

Slavery ended with the Industrial revolution. Funny how it is stated that whites ended slavery because of the moral high ground. Appears whites just found a cheaper labour source - machines. Now how was that Industrial revolution started.

In his book Capitalism and Colonial Production, Hamza Alavi estimates that the resource flow from India to Britain between 1793 and 1803 was in the order of £2m a year, the equivalent of many billions today. The economic drain from India, he notes, "has not only been a major factor in India's impoverishment … it has also been a very significant factor in the industrial revolution in Britain". As Ralph Davis observes in The Industrial Revolution and British Overseas Trade, from the 1760s onwards India's wealth "bought the national debt back from the Dutch and others … leaving Britain nearly free from overseas indebtedness when it came to face the great French wars from 1793".

jsigur • 4 days ago

Whites are the scapegoats whom the Jew always needs (a scapegoat) to take the blame for everything he does. As I said at the top of the article, had Jews not conquered Britain with the GLorious Revolution that allowed them to create money out of thin air, there would have been no Industrial Revolution. It is Jews that as a tribe, see others as slaves. On whites that are Judaized see like wise. But now everyone sees the world through the spectacles the Jews has placed around their noses

James • 3 days ago

No. Scapegoats do not benefit and whites did benefit by building their countries with other peoples wealth. Whites are not blameless but complicit. There is a difference. The industrial revolution was at a time when there was a still a gold standard. You could not make money out of thin air as today.

jsigur • 3 days ago

mercenaries get paid, then and now, It also behooved the powers that be to have them settle the new lands to their satisfaction. Though you couldn't make money out of thin air, you could lend fictitious money falsely claimed to be backed by gold but not. This is what caused the fluctuations in the markets and the various panics and it's how they put pressure on national leaders to get them to do what they wanted

James • 1 day ago

In any event, I really appreciate your views so I will leave it there. This is from an interesting video I found. At least we know its going to be a blood bath in the end. So be it.

"To sum up, we have got to understand that it is not the Jews who are the first to cause all of this stuff. Its the stupidity of the gentiles and all the Jews do being that they are like a disease they come in and capitalise on it but they don't cause it. The cause of it is the natural hubris (excessive pride) that comes with success and victory and prosperity. This becomes corrupt and it is only later that the Jews come in as a disease and they turn it all into their own profit. The Jews profit and capitalise off from gentile stupidity. The stupid gentiles are not going to figure it out until they start dying like flies."


jsigur • 1 day ago

Also, since the Jews have been doing this to all, and my claim is whites just happened to have house niggaz status by accident, I really do think it's a Jew mindset problem when they own all money and direct all propaganda

jsigur • 1 day ago

Actually, there was no colonization occurring by white dominated countries without a strong Jewish influence to get them to do it. That is because Jews are international and have built their nations within and without of all other nations.
It is natural for the Jew to want to go other places to exploit and make a concerted effort in the doing of that. All of this "The cause of it is the natural hubris (excessive pride) that comes with success and victory and prosperity. ", you speak of, came with Jews resettling their focus on Western Europe when they left Spain in 1492.
Possibly they located at Amsterdam and London due to the desire to exploit westward ( their prophesy claimed they were to rule it all, a prophesy they were obsessed with not whites). Whites have been given Jewish ego massages to get them to psychologically back it all but that's just a technique to get non-Jews to back Jewish aims which they do to everyone.

It was their desire backed by their money and whatever other tricks they like to pull that focused extreme attention to the west and made the white nations prosperous beyond others in the conquering. It could have easily happened another way.

Whites weren't necessarily indispensable but Jews were for it to have occurred.

It's why I claim, too, regarding the Muslim invasion of Europe willed into existence by Jewry, kill or remove the Muslims without dis-empowering the Jew, the Jew will simply subvert you with another group or another technique. The problem is the Jew not Muslims invited into your countries by your leaders. Your leaders are doing it because of the fact they are doing the bidding of the Jew to have personally successful lives which all happens to be at our expense

jsigur • 1 day ago

Without Jews, whites wouldn't have been doing anything in India, not China with opium. Whites get some blame as all ppl must take responsibility for the decisions they make but Jews had long ago seized the Mind control apparatus called the printing press to warp public opinion in their direction.
Are you to blame if all you ever read tells you things should go a certain way and you personally are unaware of other options? Or is the Jew dominant here with blame receiving for selfishly skewing reality to his benefit alone (happily using deceit to do so)plus those he buys and corrupts in the process?

Stan Del Carlo • 1 week ago

Watching hollywood "western" movies made the 1950's to the mid 1960's have the appeal of seeing the country's southwest in the panoramic background, which acts as a flat line mental pacifier as the movie actors constantly say "dirty indians" and "half-breed," along with every "indian" in the movie shot dead. So don't stare at me when call the people responsible for scripting this hollywood jew crap: "earth nig*er trash."

Trey Knickerbocker • 1 month ago

Jsigur is a total phony cunt LARPer. I am absolutely fucking pissed that you linked my video here. I know that you're a fan of mine, but I am definitely not a fan of yours. I have a strong suspicion that you work for the Feds.

Everyone, be careful what information you give this man!

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

by the way, I'm not a fan of yours and have no clue what video you are talking about. Actually, Trey, I believe it's ops that hide their comments. I think ops tend to hide their name also

Trey Knickerbocker • 4 weeks ago
Trey Knickerbocker • 4 weeks ago

You are such a fan boy of mine.

jsigur • 3 weeks ago

haha, funny. I envy Jew-asskissers

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

you wanna be a mod on blindlight? https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
I pull the curtain sometimes

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

You know they ran a false flag on you, right. Too bad you have to pretend the government doesn't do that sort of thing. You need to learn to do flash meetings . Jews count on goy being possessive of their shit. You should just concern about getting the message out. No you don't have to thank me but certainly, not worthy of a rebuke

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

and for christ sake, quit censoring my ass on altright.com. I see all you guys are in the CIA
but don't worry. We're exceptional, here in America

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

by the way, why are you spying on me? https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

you are really possessive. Where is it, I'll remove it. It's old news but I have a right to link any public video I want. Now quit name calling like Jew and remember your talking to your elder https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

What video is that. I can link any video I want to off youtube. Make it private if you don't want the public to see your stuff
Don't you have a communist fist you need to make somewhere or a Laura Loomer ass you need to kiss. I don't care what you deluded idiots over at the alt-right think of me. Suspect all you want! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Yogiguy • 3 weeks ago

Louis Marschalko's "The World Conquerors" has a great line here: "While
it is interesting to learn that Bolshevism adopted its red flag from a
Jewish banker, it is also noteworthy that the Bolshevik revolutionary
greeting, i.e. the raised clenched fist, is a symbol of Jewish origin
too. The paper entitled The Key to the Mystery, on page 21 of the number
dated August 7th, 1939, describes how, on the feast of Purim, held in
commemoration of the slaying of 75,000 Gentiles, the Jews still greet
each other with a raised clenched fist." Ken O'keefe uses in his world citizen symbol and now we got R. Spencer sporting the same hand sign. More here on the Fist imagine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

jsigur • 3 weeks ago

right, most revolutionary groups use their signs. I put up Spencer holding the closed fist

Yogiguy • 2 months ago

Martinez! He may be right! Putin is not too be deified! He is most likely of Kosher make up and former KGB. Either way, freaking dangerous and he does like to snuff out his opponents. He is a major player on the WW Wrestling of regulars like Trump, Hillary, Bush, etc...

jsigur • 4 weeks ago

I really don't see the Putin cult hysteria as being anything more than making who they work for happy. The obsession with Putin negative or positive are both red flags

russ hook • 1 week ago

Pukin is an ex-KGB JEW FFS!

Yogiguy • 4 weeks ago

"The obsession with Putin negative or positive are both red flags" that is exactly right Mr. Sigur! I couldn't agree more.

jsigur • 3 weeks ago

Most would assume reading my article on the Putin hate cult that I am pro Putin, no I am pro NWO awareness and focussing on NWO operatives don't take us there. Note O'Connell and Nick Spero are together only to emphasize a few points and one is Putin hate. Is it implicit they want some sort of cold war Pavlov's dog reaction regurgitation?

jsigur • 2 months ago

RIght, a bit obsessed though, 6 posts in a row on Putin as if we don't have problems here?

Guest • 2 months ago
jsigur • 2 months ago

yea, I noticed that immediately when I first posted on her switch

Guest • 2 months ago
jsigur • 2 months ago

I saw that

Guest • 2 months ago
jsigur • 2 months ago

true, she does

Guest • 3 months ago
jsigur • 3 months ago

haha, I did say entertainment. He pushes the Albert Pike theory which totally buys into the idea the masons preplanned everything back to at least 1871. Problem is, there is scanty evidence that the Pike letter was real before 1950 but they sure are getting the 3rd world war right. . I will need to warn the readers

jsigur • 3 months ago

ok, I haven't listened to but 5 minutes of it. Does he push the Hitler is evil stuff?

Guest • 3 months ago
jsigur • 3 months ago

yea, basically kosher NWO revelations

Guest • 3 months ago
Yogiguy • 3 months ago

I think you make some really good points and overall I would agree with you and Joe's current rich/Jew race controllers. As for the "white " race accomplishments are great but being tricked or ignoring the Kosher tactics of controlling all races is a huge shortcoming and a total embarrassment. Henry Ford as well as other Jew-aware goys, even the Jews are telling us what was happening and whites. keep ignoring it. Another fault of "white" race may be that they are too trusting and assume people will keep their word, which is great for Jews since someone has to pay retail prices. As for Joe's two tier grouping it seemed to miss a subtle third group of multiracial leaders of influence and power and that's "Beautiful People" with a complimentary group of "Tall People." Neither of which I am part of but these two of the third group are potentially highly revered. Last point for the "white race" missing accomplishments is in the Spiritual realm. It's the realm of "enlightenment " which I find whites in a very small percentage. I would consider 3 major modern enlightened beings: one being Iranian, 2 Indian, Meher Baba, Rama Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle would not my list although arguably both are very aware. Buddha would be considered a stronger candidate over Jesus Chris since the Buddha's existence is not arguable or Jewish derived. White, Caucasian or Aryan, is there a difference or all regarded as the same? Overall, I like your thoughts posed and great to hear that Joe took the task of clarifying his thoughts with an article.