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Occam’s Razor • 2 months ago

It’s time to move the federal government to Kansas, and pop the DC bubble.

undefined undefined • 2 months ago

Why do you hate Kansas?

undefined undefined • 2 months ago

Not the whole Fed, just the various departments. Send them all to different states.

Scar Wolf • 2 months ago

US bureaucrats are clueless? They are actually in bed with them.

Toni Spann • 2 months ago

Are they clueless or just think they are above it all and being in their positions safe? Cannot stand to listen to Garland or Wray during committee hearings as they both deny, state they don't know (though that's their job to know that info), delay and obstruct docs requested/info, etc. Wray especially as he seems to think he's hoodwinking everyone watching the hearing. He said several weeks ago about concerns on who's coming across at Biden's open border. But he's been saving Biden's behind in every hearing but he's conserned about people crossing who could hurt America?

Karen Shepherd • 2 months ago

This is terrifying! I wish I had ANY confidence that our government would heed this warning; if they couldn't see the damage allowing millions of unknown people from even countries hostile to our country in, despite repeated warnings, why would we have any confidence they would react to even this carefully- laid out warning of our complete destruction with present-day capabilities?

Jonathan hartley • 2 months ago

I understand that you have no confidence. I agree. But how much do we believe that our government has sold us out to to China? I think they have.

Odie Dillard • 2 months ago

Why have all these overpaid know-it-alls prepared for this crap already?

undefined undefined • 2 months ago

They can't keep up with all the genders. Just when you think you know them all another 10 come out to give everyone a voice.

mr meyer • 2 months ago

Sounds like we’re screwed.

Toni Spann • 2 months ago

They aren't clueless. They just think what happens to the nation's citizens if China comes here with military might won't happen to them....

Tim undefined • 2 months ago

It all started with China's unimaginably successful "Capture" program that identified, and "captured" politicians at all levels, business executives, police officials and any other organizational leaders who could promote China's interests. This was accomplished through massive donations, bribes, promotions, honeypot and bribe blackmail and even the threat of violence against them or their families. I'm not sure how long this has operation has been going on since the CCP owns big tech and all the US based search engines which is making research increasingly difficult, BUT from what I can determine, it started in (at least) the mid to late 60's.

Eric Dylan • 2 months ago

Michael Savage warned us over 20 years ago that we would be speaking Chinese if we didn’t change our ways!!!

Mark Howell • 2 months ago

I think its more likely China will develop directed energy weapons and conduct direct sabotage to create fires and burn down food, chemical and fuel related production in the US. Our most vulnerable is probably food and chemical production so that will probably be attacked first.

American Patriot • 2 months ago

They were warned, they just don't give a damn. It only speeds up their "fundamental transformation of America.


Mark Kent • 2 months ago

Thank you, Richard Nixon, for embracing Communist China and throwing Taiwan to the wolves. They were wrong about everything.