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Pater Tenebrarum • 1 month ago

I have a feeling the "mysterious figure" will remain firmly ensconced in the shadows... as an aside, there may well be reasons to buy BSV, but the fate of Wright's lawsuit ain't one of them. Frankly, it's still not really clear why Wright and his pals decided to fork off from the BCH chain and create BSV - not to mention in such an acrimonious way, declaring war, etc. - since it is not really obvious what it is supposed to be better at. They said something about scaling, but what's so difficult to understand about "adjustable block size"? All the justifications sound like extremely lame pretexts... (particularly the vague wishy-washy claim that it represents the "original Satoshi vision"). Anyway, I'm happy it is going up, but I don't like the fact that the move is driven by the underwhelming news flow generated by Wright's legal travails.

D O Double G • 1 month ago

Dr Craig Wright lives in a luxury penthouse rent free in all your bcasher small minds.

Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of BitCoin.

$BSV is BitCoin.

John Barrett • 1 month ago

D O Double G what color is the sky in your world?

D O Double G • 1 month ago

What color is your mom's panties today?

John Barrett • 1 month ago

Ha, ha Double G and thanks for the predictably sophomoric reply!
I knew you would come through kid!

I remember warning people about "OneCoin" some years back and like blind fools they kept investing and kept believing. I told them indictments were coming and I was spot on right. Now the OneCoin kingdom falls as the guilty verdicts are handed down and as the prison doors slam shut on so many of the despicable con artists who cheated their fellow humans.

When Craig Wright is indicted for fraud (and who knows what else), you will almost certainly still be screaming your childish nonsense. When Craig is found guilty you will still be in denial even as your hands sweat and your face turns red. And when Craig Wright is thrown in jail - or possibly a penitentiary - you will stand steadfastly by your man with the loyalty of a OneCoin fanatic or a Hitler youth.

In fact, you will most likely spend the rest of your life believing a fantasy that only the truly delusional and mildly insane could possibly believe.

"Semi madness would be a charitable statement as to your condition."
Nonetheless, I wish you good luck kiddo . . . you're really gonna need it.


Paul R. De Buck • 1 month ago

Aaaaah Jamie it's been a while since I hadn't read you. I remember back in the days you wrote nice articles. Some time ago I ceased reading this site when BCH decided to opt people in into cash shuffle, and Schnorr and other illegal and/or shady things by default. Not the original protocol no more, and even though you pretend to go big block size your blocks are small and your devgenerates say it would take a lot of work to scale.. no shit, we done just that. Lock the protocol, scale it, and see the light. When you jumping that sinking ship you're aboard ? We need people like you. See you on the other side, soon I guess.

John Barrett • 1 month ago

The court has "indulged him" much more than he deserves. I'm enjoying following Conman Craig's inevitable fall. I plan to visit him when he's sent to the pen. I'm going to bring him a nice fruit basket.