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It's a part of my life to learn. Anything to do with aromatherapy 🍀🌻!!! I burn insence often.. it's a tradition we use in our spiritual life, offering prayer to our Divine, our Lord God.

adriana • 1 month ago

Loving the magic behind Incense! Thanks for sharing

Brenda • 1 month ago

Thank you, for sharing all this knowlege with us. I am excited to make some Incense!


Evan Sylliaasen • 1 month ago

Happy to share as always. Enjoy Brenda :)

Constantin Mihail Popescu • 1 month ago

Many Thanks with gratitude !

Kiravell • 3 weeks ago

Lovely series! This is amazing:) Thank you for this.

Tina • 3 weeks ago

I enjoy watching your videos. You are very informative and knowledgeable. Making incense has been a spiritual part of my life. I look forward to learning so much more. Thank you!

Gaylene • 3 weeks ago

These video are very informative for a beginner. As you mention foundation is KEY. You have absolutely got my inspiration follow for crafting totally wholistic incense and my mind is creating blends already. Could you point us in the right direction in Australia for pure product? Thank you so much for these wonderful classes

Summer - Student Support • 3 weeks ago

Hi Gaylene,

You're actually quite lucky to have a wide variety of sustainable incense crafting supply sources in Australia! Some of our student favorites are Aroma Queen and Incense Australia, and we have a robust listing of other vendors available to members of our full courses as well.

Thank you so much for being here with us this week!

Karen • 4 weeks ago

When will workshop 3 be available? Can't wait to get working!

Evan Sylliaasen • 3 weeks ago

Hi Karen, lesson 3 was released this morning! You can check it out under the video 1 or 2 navigation. Or check your inbox for my lesson 3 email. Enjoy!

shell • 4 weeks ago

so excited for the next video thankyou

Emma Jones • 4 weeks ago

I am really enjoying the content/ Just retired and looking for something to do and this sounds GREAT.

Heidi Shropshire • 4 weeks ago

Hi there and thank you so much for these videos. I live in Salalah and I'm very eager to get the locals to switch back to their natural ingredients that they have left by the wayside unfortunately.

I have a question. Will these videos be available to us for a limited time only? Thanks again Blessings -Heidi

Evan Sylliaasen • 3 weeks ago

Hi Heidi Shropshire, yes these videos will be available for just one more week. Thanks for tuning in!

Sandra Adams • 1 month ago

Thanks so much. This series is giving me an entirely different perspective regarding incense. I'm finding that aromatics in any sense so far completely fascinates me. Looking so forward to delving in to the fascinating world of incense.

Rhonda R Hudson • 1 month ago


Rhonda Hudson • 1 month ago

Thank you for all your wonderful knowledge. I learned a lot of new information.

Rhonda R Hudson • 1 month ago

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this very powerful video, you are such a good, interesting specker. I am so excited to learn more about making my own incenses.

Evan Sylliaasen • 3 weeks ago

Hi Rhonda Hudson thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you being here and hope you get a lot out of this presentation!

Debra Williams • 1 month ago

Understanding the difference between base material and base notes was very interesting. I look forward to learning more about different forms of binders.

Laurel • 1 month ago

Excellent video series! I am very excited to learn and be able to add my own incense to my spiritual practice as well as just making my house smell amazing and share with others! Thank you for making the fundamentals of incense so clear. Can't wait to see it being made in the next video!

Tera • 1 month ago

Hey! I’m LOVING THIS! I’m also loving that you are offering this info for free! Much appreciated.

I finished the 1st 2 videos but haven’t seen the link to the 3rd yet.

Summer - Student Support • 4 weeks ago

Hi Tera,

So glad you're loving the workshop! Lesson 3 will be released on Tuesday morning. Keep an eye on your inbox for the link!

Emanuel • 1 month ago

Thank you for your work!! <3
I wonder about your suggestions for specific procedures to powder dried base-materials like juniper wood in a home kitchen environment.

Summer - Student Support • 1 month ago

Hi Emanuel,

Great question! For harder materials, like woods, we'd suggest breaking your material into the smallest sized pieces possible (think shavings and small chunks) and then grinding them with something like a coffee or spice grinder.

I personally use the spice attachment included with the Secura Electric Coffee grinder with great success for small batches. Commercial grinders and mills are another option for incense makers working on a larger scale.

Patty • 1 month ago

Thank you.

Ali • 1 month ago

Would vetiver root count as a base or as an aromatic herb? Or could it be used as both?

Summer - Student Support • 4 weeks ago

Hi Ali!

Vetiver could certainly function as a base, although it is quite strong so you may find yourself supplementing with a more delicately scented base as well to account for that.

I am interested. I look forward to the next lessons.

Mary Ann Spaulding • 1 month ago

This is so interesting and I am so grateful for you sharing your knowledge. I would love to include this in my aromatherapy practice that I am just beginning.

Thank you!

Evan Sylliaasen • 1 month ago

Hi Mary, what a great time for you. I'm happy you found this series as it is the foundation of your aromatherapy practice. Learning the two together will be powerful and beautiful. Enjoy the rest of the series.

Nicole Kalleberg • 1 month ago

Oh Im so loving this! I never really thought about the process behind making incense! Im so excited to do this! Cant wait to see #3

Evan Sylliaasen • 1 month ago

Hey Nicole :) Happy you're here. Love your enthusiasm, it will take you far on this path. Enjoy!

yvonne misiaszek • 1 month ago

Will I be able to watch Workshop 3 another time. I have to be out of town and busy all day.
I appreciate your time to share some ancient and spiritual concepts around our plants and herbs. Grateful.

Summer - Student Support • 1 month ago

Yes! Lesson 3 comes out soon. We’ll send a link to your email address that’ll go directly to the lesson.

Zakirah • 2 weeks ago

Hi. I have always loved burning incense. For as long as I could remember someone in my household or even just walking down the street or in parks (New York or New Jersey) someone was burning incents. But until these classes, I never thought about the medicial or therapeutic asspects of incense aromatherapy. Which is wierd, because I am studying essential oils now. I guess I was such a custom to having them as part of my every day life, I never put 2 and 2 together. I just enjoyed the smells and still do. So, thank you for broading my understanding of incense and aromatherapy.

Jenna2cool • 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the video. Since I already work with essential oils, I am really excited about including those into crafting incense too.

Summer - Student Support • 3 weeks ago

Thank you for joining us for the workshop Jenna2cool!

Maia • 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the video. It will be great to combine my aromatherapist knowledge with making incense. Can't wait to make them.

Stephanie Hilliard • 3 weeks ago

With my primary experience in essential oils, I was excited to learn about the wider spectrum of properties in the raw materials that can be accessed using incense.

Phyllis Knights • 3 weeks ago

Very new to this. Getting excited. thanks very much

Gina Carlucci • 1 month ago

Hi Evan, A few weeks prior to your offering I had been feeling a need to buy incense for the new place I am physically and spiritually in. It was a soft yet constant reminder. Out of no where your video series showed up in my inbox. I really appreciate your depth of knowledge, your connection to traditional practices, spirituality, and for the opportunity to learn about the significance of choosing to use raw herbs for enhanced medicinal properties. The entire series so far is rich. The information you shared regarding the use of water and how it is approached spiritually, specifically the blessing of the water as it is added to the recipe, reinforced teachings I have recently been introduced to. A reminder to not underestimate the power of intention or water.Thank you!!! Super grateful for the opportunity to participate and receive your teachings. Looking forward to making. Cheers!

Evan Sylliaasen • 3 weeks ago

Hi Gina! I'm happy you found the series. Welcome. I know you'll get a lot more out of it and I'm excited for what you'll do with it!

Rhonda R Hudson • 1 month ago

having problems getting lesson 3 to work.
Thank you.

Summer - Student Support • 4 weeks ago

Hi Rhonda!

Lesson 3 will be released on Tuesday morning. Keep an eye on your inbox for the link!

Rebecca • 1 month ago

Thankyou for so generously sharing your knowledge and obvious passion, I've been wanting to make incense for the longest time but never got further than reading about it. I'm so looking forward to the next video. Just one question: I understand all about the need for completely dry ingredients but doesn't the water make it susceptible to mould? How does preservation work in this case? Thankyou, see you soon!

Evan Sylliaasen • 1 month ago

Hi Rebecca, thanks for being here. I'm excited for you! So in terms of using dry ingredients, for starters, you need to be powdering everything down very finely and it's not very easy to do that unless your materials are totally dry.

I understand your perspective, but drawing from my experience in crafting incense over the years, I've noticed a difference when using materials that aren't completely dry before adding them to the mixture. Even though our recipe involves adding water, the moisture content of the initial materials matters. Something happens at a cellular level when a plant is dried. And when you work with 100% dry ingredients, the final product won't retain any moisture. If you use fresh materials, even when the incense appears dry, it can potentially lead to mold issues. It's a bit challenging to explain, but I hope this clarifies the point a bit better.

Shannon • 1 month ago

Wealth of information and resources. Thank you! Ready for the hands on how-to, I ordered the beginners kit and have been waiting to try it!

Summer - Student Support • 1 month ago

You're about to get your hands workin in some incense dough in the next lesson! So excited you're here with us!