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Anna • 2 months ago

Evan and team

Thank you for your time and dedication to this unsong craft.

The lessons are thorough and thought provoking, concise, direct.

Looking forward to walks and discovering materials along the way.

While watching and listening to this second installment, I became even more grateful for the content of words so eloquently blended together and the presentation of these words. Dare I say, all blended to a perfect cone, that burns consistently.

The production value is very nice - simple intro sound, locations, visual quality. Gentle quality to see and hear.


Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Thank you very much Anna, it was a labor of love. I appreciate you noticing. :) Enjoy the next lesson!

Laurie Schaeffer • 1 month ago

You are truly an inspiring teacher! My take away was the timing of when to use prayer and / or mantra as one creates the incense. I loved the explanation and intention of this. I look forward to diving into your program to learn from you. Thank you!

Sha Cha • 1 month ago

Right on! Loving this series so far. Very much appreciate the depth of knowledge, insights and intrigued to see what comes next. :-)

Key element -- knowing, truly, the difference between the distilled v/ raw botanical product. Nicely done.

Jules Frusher • 2 months ago

Again, amazing video. I didn't know that commercial producers used chemicals, but, thinking about it now, it does make sense. I am looking forward, too, to getting to know the plants I will use. Thank you again, Evan!

Kristi Fennelly • 2 months ago

It makes a lot of sense to get to know the plants you are using, so you understand them and their qualities and uses better.

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Most definitely Kristi. I think in the times we live in it's very easy for people to miss out on that connection since modern consumerism places finished plant products in front of people without that need. But our ancestors all had to know all the steps, from the plants in the wild, to harvesting, processing, etc. I think it's important to know and understand as much of that as possible, and in the process, get to know the plants on deeper levels as well. Thanks for your comment!

Cyndi Stewart • 2 months ago

So Interesting, look forward to the next video

Giulia Testoni • 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this amazing knowledge. The importance of the water and its capacity to hold and transmit intention in the mixture was very touching.

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Indeed Giulia, water brings everything together. Each element in fact plays an important role in incense.

Denise Gayten • 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this workshop. I love incense and have found it difficult to trust the purity of the products on the market. I'm so excited to be able to make my own and control the quality of ingredients. Herbs and botanicals have always been my love along with spirituality and healing modalities. This is such a great addition to my repertoire. <3

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Hi Denise, you're not alone. The incense market has become overridden with unconscious entrepreneurs looking to save on costs of goods rather than stay true to the natural nature of tradition. Very sad indeed. That's why we need more incense crafters out there spreading their gifts and knowledge. Thanks for watching.

Mariana Mousaco • 2 months ago

thank you for this series! i'm very excited about this :) looking forward to experiment with plant materials I have on my land!
Each material used will have its own ratio, right?
For fragrant wood we have a lot of pines, eucalyptus and mimosas around here, looking forward to harvest and dry so I can experiment making my own incense from our land <3

Summer - Student Support • 2 months ago

Hi Mariana,

Love to hear of the abundance all around you! Yes, each material type will have its own ratio in the recipe and Evan will share his recipe in the next lesson. Enjoy!

Selina • 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this info! Also love the scenery in the background, beautifully produced video. Looking forward to the next. Greetings from a herbalist student <3

Summer - Student Support • 2 months ago

Thank you for the kind words Selina!

Allegra Torres • 2 months ago

Thank you for providing this extremely valuable information on this ancient practice

Megan McHenry • 2 months ago

I’ve been drawn to create my own natural incense and I’m beyond grateful to have found you all! Thank you! I am very much looking forward to learning more. Many blessings!

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

I'm happy to hear it Megan! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on your incense crafting path.

Rachel Long Brink • 2 months ago

I really appreciated the information about frankincense. I did not realize that essential oil distillation does not capture the full essence of the resin. Thank you.

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Yes, it is not common knowledge, and not something that essential oil companies are interested in letting their customers know about.

Pam • 2 months ago

I've studied herbs and essential oils, albeit in a casual way, for quite a few years. I've never seen an offering like this. I'm very excited for it!

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Hi Pam, I'm glad you've stumbled upon the series. There is nothing out there like what's been put together here. I hope you enjoy the rest to the fullest!

Jaimie • 2 months ago

Man this is so inspiring. I feel like I'm discovering something that I had forgotten. I'm excited to add this to my herbal skillset!

Evan Sylliaasen • 2 months ago

Awesome Jaimie! That's what I like to hear :)

Cherie • 2 months ago

Oh my gosh. This is so exciting. I did not know I could make my own incense! I am looking forward to the hands on and doing it part on the next release. :)

Paula Smith • 2 months ago

Can't wait to get started