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pakone • 2 years ago

Ahmadia is not a sect of Islam. They are non muslims as per the law of land so please stop spreading false propaganda

John Kepler Sr. • 2 years ago

Sparky.....what IS important to that larger world is that a pack of lawless thugs claiming to have God on their side destroyed a property that did NOT belong to them for reasons that would insult the intelligence of a not terribly bright 4-year old anywhere else in the world.....and that you and your band of "fellow travelers" are "OK" with that! FWIW: You Waddies CAN'T be "marketing" much of a "product" if the only way you can "sell it" is by killing/destroying anyone that indicates they MIGHT be more interested in "buying" a competitor's "product" rather than yours!

"If another war comes
It’s "them" we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on our side!" B. Dylan

Pakone • 2 years ago

U didn't understand what I meant earlier. Everyone has right to worship n follow his or her religion in pakistan. But v cant let few groups to tarnish and spread false messages of islam. The Islam which TALIBAN or DAESH or Ahmadies represents is not the true one. Plz try to understand The real Islam is not what u have seen Try to read QURAN once..

John Kepler Sr. • 2 years ago

I've read it...

John Kepler Sr. • 2 years ago

As I said, I've read it.....likely before you were born! But having read it, I can see EXACTLY how the Taliban and ISIS get their "misinterpretation/false inspiration" from it.....why can't you?

MrGloom • 2 years ago

People around the world show some degree of tolerance to others belonging to different religions and sects.

But for some reason Pakistanis, who were Hindus and Buddhists themselves before becoming Muslims, appear not at all capable at demonstrating any such tolerance.

Mudasser Ilyas • 2 years ago

Abmadi is not sect of Islam, they believe a prophet after prophet Muhammad pbuh. As per Pakistani constitution, they are declared as nonMuslims since 1974. They are banned to call their worshipping place as masjid (mosque).

Max • 2 years ago

Arab news should be very careful in calling worship places as mosques. I believe there is a lack of knowledge in arab news reporting and news printing department. I often note several mistakes in their english and reporting.

Shahid Imran • 2 years ago

Stop Propaganda against Pakistan. That Place is not Mosque.
Non-Muslims can't use Their Holy Place Name as Mosque.
They are Qadyani not Muslims.

John Kepler Sr. • 2 years ago

Well hell....THAT certainly is a "better reason" for demolishing someone elses House of Worship, right? The true tragedy is that I'm quite certain you actually believe just that!