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sdelfin • 4 years ago

My favorite notch alternative is phone design from a few years ago. Things have gone downhill since. I have no problem with bezels. I have no particular interest in a phone that's nearly all screen on the front. It may look interesting, but it doesn't automatically make it more usable. As for notchphones, if they must exist, I'm fine as long as the notch doesn't mess with images and video, and that there's some kind of software bezel. What annoys me most if that almost everyone was on the notch bandwagon before there was any time to see how Apple was doing with it. Even then, Apple customers are very different, and they buy nearly anything Apple puts out at whatever price.

Joe Carroll • 4 years ago

Teardrop notch, or (slightly) bigger bezels.

Typongtv • 4 years ago

Personally.... I'd like to see models with no front camera for those who aren't involved with themselves. It should be part of the digital well being initiative. Mi mix 3 is the best solution so far imo.

webster miller • 4 years ago

Agreed. The front camera is probably the least important feature of a smartphone to me. I probably use it around 5-10 times a year and in each instance could have used the rear camera if I really had to. The amount of design compromises mfgs are making to accommodate it just aren't worth it.

littlenoodles • 4 years ago

Small bezels with stereo speakers. Somebody???

Gerardo Quintana • 4 years ago

Screen in the back and use the main camera.

zubairali • 4 years ago

What about video chat then?

Deepak • 4 years ago

That might be the best thing to do in case Samsung cannot come up with a no-notch and no-hole solution. Main camera can give excellent selfies and pave the way for truly bezel-less displays. But we don't know if incorporating a secondary display is better or having a front camera because, the former can drive up the costs and also edge-to-edge display isn't really necessary, imo.

Svetlio Milev • 4 years ago

actually like LG V30*

Kent Seaton • 4 years ago

I won't buy any phone with a notch, and moving parts is just begging for problems.

Gerardo Quintana • 4 years ago

I used to think the same way, but the Mate 20 Pro is just too much of a beast, so I went for it, still not a fan of the notch but the phone is just too good.

The Master • 4 years ago

I think I should wait for under display front camera and having ultra thin or even no bezels

ChrisPollard77 • 4 years ago

I don't have an issue with bezels. But they're not in fashion, so non-moving notches it will be. I like the minimal ones, like Essential, or the OnePlus 6T 'nipple' ... but really, you eventually just move on and focus on other things. I don't like 'em, but I can live with 'em.

Michael Krämer • 4 years ago

No notch and no selfie camera. Just a small display on the back to make selfies with primary camera.

zubairali • 4 years ago

what about video chat?

minutotech • 4 years ago

in the nubia x you can do everything on the back

DonSerrot • 4 years ago

I've never seen a problem with bezels. Ever. It's a manufactured problem device makers came up with in an effort to add something different to an industry that was starting to stagnate design wise. Nothing more and nothing less. Until the under screen tech is ready for the public I'm perfectly happy with regular old bezels. As far as bezels go though I really like the Razer Phone bezels because they make use of the whole space.

Claude Gohier • 4 years ago

No notch. Camera in the chin.
Rotate phone 180 degrees if you want the camera on top of the screen when you use it..

webster miller • 4 years ago

It amazed me how many complained about this with the Mi Mix series. They acted as if it was simply asking way too much of them.

just1box • 4 years ago

Current Samsung method is perfect. The miniscule area gained using notches isn't worth it. The slider is also an acceptable solution. I'd err on side of caution and say a manual over motorized tho.

Aravind R • 4 years ago

Note 9😍

Tiago Zadra • 4 years ago

misclicked. wanted to vote for the Note 9's kind of bezels

Eric James Pearson • 4 years ago

Include an option for the phone with the second screen on the back! That's the best.

roaduardo • 4 years ago

The only notch I've accepted is the one on the 6T. Otherwise, just do what Samsung has done until they develop the under-display sensors.

Johnnie Hougaard Nielsen • 4 years ago

Neither. I'm just fine with the "notch", as long as there is no silly requirement for apps (and screen background) to "embrace the notch". Just leave the status bar background black all the time.

TheOracle • 4 years ago

The Nubia X and Vivo NexS (my current phone) because I barely use the front camera anyway. There's no option for either in the poll and they should have included "no f*cking front camera at all" Lol