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D.B. Cooper • 2 months ago

YOU, Republican Party, are EQUALLY to blame! BOO! Let me just call you a racist, and watch your eyes fill with agonizing FEAR!

Amerikkkan • 2 months ago

But doesn't inequality rip your heart to pieces? To me, it's proof that the Republicans also have a heart. I can't believe you're ok with living in a world with racial inequality. The very fact that some groups of people are born into better circumstances than others eats me up daily. We need racial equality no matter what and on matter the cost.

If the races were so different as monkeys and chimpanzees are, we should still demand racial equality. If the races were as far apart as the Moon and Mars, we should still demand racial equality and build a space vessel to bring them together. If one race has five legs and another has three legs, we should chop two legs off of the five legged or grow two on the three legged until the races are equal. We will not rest until we have no distinction among the races. It should be our only priority.

If one speaks of innovation, we ask of them what innovations they bring to the table that bring the races into a state of equality. If one speaks of courage, we ask what bold things they have done and said that unites the races under the shade of the same tree. If one speaks of honesty, we ask them what words they have rhymed that expresses the heartache and grief resulting from racial inequality. If one speaks of beauty, we must ask them where could this beauty originate other than in the faces of the racially ambiguous.

We must march single minded, aligning all of our faculties of reason, passion, and spirit, towards racial equality.

Tom C • 2 months ago

Are you serious or just sarcastic. My European ancestors were much, much worse off than people living in poverty today. Their life and death struggles made it possible for us to live better today, and that goes for the whole world. Why is the population in Africa rising. Have better medicine and food production something to do with it. There was and is social inequality, but where was racial inequality when most people in the West were White. In fact, in Europe everyone was of a white European race until recently. Where was the racial inequality. Today, we have equal opportunity. A black or Asian child can attend school and achieve just like anyone else. Besides, it is liberals running the school boards. So one can blame liberals or the pupils for failures. Anyone has the right to vote and so on. Talk about racial inequality is just a bunch of hooey.

Missy • 2 months ago

If you think about it though, whites have caused global 3rd world human overpopulation. Maybe whites need to be weakened so that this mess can be fixed. Because look at our situation right now:

What race caused 3rd world overpopulation (medicine and food technology)?
What race created plastics that now fill the ocean floor?
What race transported blacks all over the globe?
What race increased the black population by a factor of 20?
What race created machines for mass transportation/immigration?
What race opened our borders up for mass immigration, thus destroying whites?

I think the solution is for whites to undergo another dark age. This resets it all back to zero. With peak oil, whites will never be able to create such global and self destruction again. Whites are the link holding it together, especially the global economic system. If our currency system fails, the whole thing falls. Acceleration of the decline will benefit us.

Tom C • 2 months ago

Good points. However, it is easy to reflect in hindsight. When all these advances were made, medicine, plastics, airplanes etc., no one could have imagined that in the future there will be adverse consequences. As far as overpopulation, it has something to do with personal responsibility. It seems that backward rural communities in third world nations have nothing else to do but pop out children. Our currency is bound to fail, and someone mentioned that it is better to be an average nation, hence a less desirable place to immigrate to, and be at peace.

Tom Nelson • 1 month ago

For the most part the folks wading across the Rio Grande are coming from SUBSISTENCE lifestyles where infant death rates are high and surviving extra hands means more help on the farm or in the black market child labor trades. In other words, more kids makes economic (if cruel) sense in the 'home country'. Unfortunately, this 'subsistence' mentality doesn't simply disappear when you arrive in the U.S., especially since the U.S. welfare system subsidizes low income baby factories…both domestic and immigrant. The vote gathering power of the "WELFARE PLANTATION" is not a fantasy. It is a targeted Leftist agenda. In my opinion, dismantling the Federal Welfare System is critical to reestablishing responsible government. Leave charity to the local constituencies that will have to absorb the effects of irresponsible baby-making. Tough Love for bleeding hearts and the REAL RACISTS in this country.

M&S • 2 months ago

Acceleration of the decline will benefit us.

This is fatalism. Not least because 'whites' did not do this, only some among us did, the Usual Suspects of the wealth and political classes who bow to the advice of hateful Jews who forget all too easily that they started the war which brought 400,00 white men to their premature graves, reaching the so-called death camps which the Germans through them into.

It is that 10+3% who have opened the gates of Avalon to the crush of the third world. Ordinary Whites did not and NEVER HAVE indulged in such self destructive behaviors, before or since. We set rules to stop it in the 1920s and complained bitterly, ever since 1965.

You also have to look at the environmental and racial conditions.

There are blacks in Minneapolis who are causing untold havoc as the collapse of policing has turned a snowbound city into a Thieves World environment where Jungle Law rules. Where violent crime has soared 21%, the blacks are clearly able to survive in 'our world' of bitter winters, given they are once granted access.

There are 95, 10-15MW reactors in America, out of some 225 total experimental and military systems. If we fall into darkness, those will not be maintained. And you need only look at a jpeg of Chernobyl to see what ONE, uncontained, meltdown event does in terms of sending radiologic contaminants thousands of kilometers downrange.

This NOT ROME. Whose fall begat a semi-dark age only because the rest of the planet was a shambles anyway. You can argue that Gothic Germanic tribes destroyed Rome from within but the reality is that the Germanic Hordes could not stand to the Islamic Jihad whereas the Roman Legions would have shattered it, enmasse, if vexillated properly into numeric advantage with WHITE battlefield and siege engineering.

Such is simply not the case today. We cannot put the world on hold while we get our steaming pile of stuff together. China will go on, as an advanced nation. And make sure we never rise again to threaten them as we have always kid-gloves tried not to deny them their own rise as a Communist superstate.

The first element of our final dispossession being CONTINUED COLONIZATION and RESOURCE EXPLOITATION, as a function of supporting a post Pax Americana, one world, government. The excuse will be our unpaid debt but the reason will be that, without whites, none of the other races who overrun the remnant of the Union will be able to organize against a modern military anyway.

Whatever you do, don't give up on whites because of our _past_ mistakes. Because surrender will kill you, in your future dotage, regardless. If not the savage races then the Asians will own your fate.

BeagleBiscuits • 1 month ago

And the leftists run the teachers unions and DOE.

Leif Erickson • 2 months ago

Nothing is equal in this life and never will be thanks to biology. To take from Whites because you can’t produce it yourself is immoral and garbage ideology. Blacks need to accept this fact of nature and be content to live their destined role in life as a violent, low IQ group of people. Due to this fact of nature it is imperative that each race has its own place to live without interference. Accept your role and move to a country that is all black so you can live what biology intended for you.

Amerikkkan • 2 months ago

Why would anyone willfully accept being a part of a group consider "violent" and "low IQ"? You make it sound easy. You make it sound like we're nonsensical for not wanting an awful role like that thrust upon us. It's by far easier for Whites to accept their role in life as members of the group that has largely dominated and controlled almost all innovation in recent history. It's so easy that they probably shouldn't be allowed to lecture everyone else at accepting roles. What you and I face in terms of acceptance are completely different tasks, not even remotely related, despite being a part of the same category of tasks.

Guest • 2 months ago
BeagleBiscuits • 1 month ago

Bearing in mind there are a good deal of blacks who are very intelligent and know who the Democrats really are: the slave masters.
People like Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell come to mind.

MickeyMarkus • 1 month ago

And Larry Elder, who wrote "Stupid Black Men" decades ago, about the pathology that is the African community in America.

MickeyMarkus • 1 month ago

African innovation is an oxymoron.

Guest • 2 months ago
Question Diversity • 2 months ago

I think Bob's real problem is that his apparently left-of-center racially agnostic colorblind egalitarianism is now not only passe, but even suspect, and in some cases, its own form of subtle bigotry, in his own sector. Let me put it to you another way: How many truly colorblind liberals under the age of 90 in the United States are there anymore?

Missy • 2 months ago

It's whites who won't allow us to stop meddling with blacks. Blacks don't say "whites please come to Africa and give us food". They are just recipients of white interference and tools used for whites social programs, such as Section 8 and food stamps. This is connected to the tax system, corporate welfare, white elites benefit from the spending on these programs.

Leif Erickson • 2 months ago

You mean it’s mostly Jews who won’t allow us to stop meddling with blacks.

M&S • 2 months ago

I confess I do not know the number of blacks in Africa who receive U.S. aid. I would suspect that they would get some from China or Europe, even if we were not there, simply because of the resources.

I would be much more concerned with the fate of the white South Africans whose tightrope presence teeters on the brink of a promised genocide if black social controls destablize the country any further. That's a 50:5 million mix and it is a toxic one.

Comparatively, there are ~45 million blacks in the United States. They do get a disproportionate amount of aid from us and you know the reason. Simple fear of predatory rapacity if they are not appeased. Burn Loot Murder, 2020, highlights the sheer ugliness of the threat they represent.

Democrats in particular recognize this and refuse to institute a three strikes death penalty and aggressive policing to reverse the problem because to them, a black is a once per season vote they can always count upon in turn for tax payer money that doesn't really exist in a massive budgetary debt environment anyway.

Republicans brought blacks to northern industrializing areas to undercut white skilled labor, decades after post Civil War laws effectively made it all but impossible for blacks to live there. So business greed drives their position. Along with a 'traditional' desire to capture a vote which the Democrats are now abandoning for a new victimizer population.

For whites to defeat all three groups would require us to take on the U.S. military and to engage in genocidal dislocation which would make us look like the Nazis X1,000.

You have no idea how hard it is to kill and dispose of 45 million people. The greatest argument against the lie of the Holocaust is that the Germans could not do it in 2-3 years to only 6 million with only individual crematory ovens to cover up the crime. Without nuclear or chemical weapons, it would literally be the work of a century or more for us.

If you can't beat them and don't like what they represent as a unitatis future, then YOU must be the one to cut free and help deploy our own backup chute.

Blacks know full well their own limitations. Look to the _black children_ in the schoolteacher article here on AmRen who, when asked what would happen if whites disappeared, said simply 'We be skrewed'. They also know that their constant criminal antics, low social potential as genetic IQ and the utter welfare dependency of their women in trying to sustain a stable total population with a third of their men behind bars makes them an economic nightmare to the extent that Latinos are now seen as a preferred lower labour class alternative.

Blacks also cannot survive an American no-one-loves-them social environment where they are cut loose from every point of influence.

Since we cannot deport them in numbers (no African country or group of countries could support so many and the local black tribes would rapidly slaughter them for trying fit back in), the notion that we might give them a percentage of land equivalent to their population presence, _just to be rid of them_ should be genuinely looked at as a possible alternative.

Because, just like the screams for Stimulus money in the wake of the COVID lockdown spoof, it will be very hard for the few intelligent black political class to make the argument that they would not be better off on their own, in a prebuilt, advanced, societal environment than clinging to the racists who hate them. Especially if sold as the ultimate Reparation.

I would nominate The South, simply because it's climate is more congenial to black biology and a fitting punishment for the whites who brought this biped pathogen to our shores. But I would not maroon them within a black enclave either. Rather, I would bring Southern Whites back into our lands so that we _might_ possibly begin to heal the wounds of the Northern Aggression.

We can stop sending food to Africa whenever we desire. But we cannot ignore 45 million potential insurgents in our own living space until we find them a separate place to live.

The South gives them two ports, the petroleum reserve, Georgia's agriculture and all of Florida's tourist industry to enrich themselves. And it rids us, both, of each other's total contempt for the other's digust and shunning in a shared social presence.

We must fix what is ours, geographically and socially, to fix because it hurts us to ignore it. Africa is not our problem. Never Was.

MickeyMarkus • 1 month ago

"The greatest argument against the lie of the Holocaus"

The German murder of 11 million people in their death factories is the best documented event in human history. Americans - those of us who believe in America - have three simple goals:

*Abolition of Affirmative Action

*Restoration of Free Association

* Re-establishment of the Federal system

This is not all that must be done , but these come first.

M&S • 1 month ago

The German murder of 11 million people in their death factories is the best documented event in human history. Americans - those of us who believe in America - have three simple goals:

There was not a 'German Murder' of anyone. The only death camps, such as they were, lay in the General Goverment areas of Poland specifically because the Nazis wished to remove knowledge of the extermination of the Jews from the German public's conscience. Consider it a mark against your civic awareness that you can blame an entire group for the actions of a few who were not even among their countrymen when they acted so criminally.

Whether or not you believe that Rumbulla or Reinhardt or the Auschwitz/Majdanek actions were part of an attempted genocide or simply the interment resulting from a need for national security and a slave labor force that couldn't complain, the reality remains that, in your opening argument you are already in error.

And yes, the Holocaust is well documented, by the victims. Not by science. As a result, it is industrial grade propaganda which routinely disagrees with some of the most basic assertions of the mechanization of the killing process. Germar Rudolf made some tests of the walls of the real morgues in the Birkenau camp and came up with too little residue to support their use as homicidal gas chambers for mass executions.

He was arrested, tried and convicted for telling the truth. Despite his data and methodology being backed up by a prestigious German lab and then several others, throughout Europe.

There is NO WAY that a Sonderkommando, without PPE and _smoking_ their added cigarette ration would survive walking into a gas chamber, filled with dead bodies and heavier than air cyanogens without either blowing themselves up or succumbing to the poison.

The capacity of the small lift was 9 people. The method for body extraction was via shephard's crooks. The door was not steel but wood with taped seals. The lift took bodies up ten feet to the ovens where the temperatures were enormous, easily enough to detonate trace gas associated with bodies or hair. The K2 gas chamber door opened inwards. The evacuation system would not clear the room for days as it was only intended to function as a 'corpse cellar' in keeping the odor of decaying bodies down. The gas chamber had a drain in the middle of the floor. The rooms were not heated and so the wood chips which acted as carrier would only slowly release the agent, resulting in a possible full-release cycle of up to 3-4 hours. This at a time when a small train might have 3,000 on it and later ones as many as 10,000. The idea that you could pack 1,000-1,500 people into a room, requiring utter military parade discipline, and keep them there, without a riot, as chips were throwin into overhead cages is ridiculous.

The individual muffles, five per retort with three retorts per Krema could only house 1-2 bodies before contact with the overhead asbestos fire brick made contamination and meltdown impossible to avoid. The added water mass destroyed the thermal efficiency of the system which means just two bodies now took _longer_ than the individual 45-90 minutes of each individual corpse.

No sealed light circuits. No standoff from the furnace. The (fake) version of the gas chamber was built across the street from the SS Cafeteria and half a block away from the Kommondant's house. This, even though the four of the five Krema which had presumably been part of the killing operation were still standing when the Soviets overran the camp.

The Jews themselves, in the middle of a freezing winter, with the Soviets only 20-30km away, chose to walk through thigh deep snow /with their German captors/ for almost 100km, to reach the last functioning railhead, back into the Reich. Rather than be 'rescued' by the Communists.

There are other issues which simply don't make sense, Allied soldiers playing soccer, right across from the steps down into the undressing facility, who were never called as witnesses to the IMT at Nuremburg where they should have been able to say they routinely saw columns of thousands of Jews walking up the access road from the rail station to disappear underground and 'never be seen again'.

Maintenance cycles on the Kremas whose astonishingly vulnerable fire brick required constant scraping to remove the residues of fat and tissue during dessication of the bodies and yet never exploded when the brick became too thin to refract heat away from the oven proper.

The absence of any reconaissance photos of the large burning pits suggested by the Jews. A condition perhaps best explained by the 1m deep water table of the swampy ground. This despite the fact that Auschwitz sat right next to Monowitz which was an industrial super park for most of German industry and so was bombed, from winter 1943 onwards (as we gained sufficient access to Italy to make the radius practicable).

The fact that the NYT was talking about Auschwitz as a 'death camp', from a similar period and we even dropped leaflets notifying the Germans that they had better stop. While period Jewish groups BEGGED us to bomb the camp or at least the rail lines out of existence so that no more could be slaughtered.

All of these things are known, now, because non-Jewish investigators have been chipping away at the Great Hate Whites Lie of the Holocaust for nigh on 70 years.

But it has not been a serious investigation because we have to operate covertly. And the Jews play reindeer games with dumping ashes from their own cremations to contaminate the sites. Plating over the entire area of others with concrete to hide the LACK OF mass grave voids. And, in the case of the Auschwitz Kremas, specifically filling in the collapsed facilities to prevent any further discoveries which embarrass their lies.

I'll close with the reality that the ICRC, whom it is believed have long held complete copies of the Auschwitz Death Books, along with the Polish Government, both have stated that around 300,000 people died in all of the occupied General Government camps, throughout the war. That is the number they hanged Rudolf Hoss for, as Commandant for Auschwitz during a key period of that conflict.

While the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Israel, Yad Vashem, has recently downgraded their '2 million, second worst camp' label for Majdanek to '78,000, just another concentration camp' status on the simple basis that there are no homicidal gas chambers, anywhere in the facility.

When roughly a third of your SIX million total have been proveably shown to be fallaceous while you have clearly been guilty of exaggerating what happened to justify your own genocide of the Palestinians, maybe it's time to stop presenting your case as though it was 'well investigated'.

When what you really mean is /well marketed/. Go to Warsaw and stand before the wall of the dead there. Now realize that no one on that wall is real. All the names are made up. 'Investigate' that.

Abolition of AA will do us no good. Maintaining the GA of our society in a highly competed world of totalitarian capitalism is dependent on our automating the kinds of work which low IQ non-whites would normally do. If blacks and hispanics go from being privileged access populations with predesignated quota numbers for jobs which whites are effectively barred from competing for, to a welfare dependent underclass which whites must pay for ENTIRELY, then there is no progress.

Restoration of Free Association essentially requires Muslim like No Go Zones as blacks always destroy what they are given and hispanics overbreed and degrade their social environments before insisting they can come be with whites. Try stopping that with active, shoot to kill, policies as the only thing likely to convince them they are not eligible or wanted and you are suddenly creating a civil rights condition in which 'Federalism' requires Big Daddy Longpants to step in and ajudicate.

Re-establishment of the Federal system, centered around white values of democratic election of representative government would require us to either chain our women to a bed until they delivered three kids and raised them to their 9th year, effectively disallowing half our numbered voters. Or remove voting rights from the soon to be majority Hispanic and rising black populations altogether.

This is not a Federalist system which is survivable in a world where an increasing percentage of blacks hold leadership positions in governance, policing and legal administration roles.

What whites must do is recognize that we have lost America. Period. Dot.

And that for us to save our race from the onrushing hordes of ferals from the third world, we must create an Avalon which other whites will run to when they realize the horrorshow which Biden is making the residual Republic into.

Such a fresh start, for white expat Americans, will mean a lot of heart ache but as starting over, dirt poor, but also a chance to own what you make of your own life, free from gross taxation and with a VERY LIMITED national governance overhead as most communities are direct rule.

Such a national, populist, democracy will be vastly different in composition and flavor from the current system. And will require direct participation as multi-hatting by our people, at several levels of _you will do this_ (two month yearly national service after a one year apprenticeship training in various nation building skills). Whites can do this. As indeed we have from the days of volunteer fire departments and standup deputized militias.

But we cannot trust other races to do it for us. As the train wreck of Mexico shows. Where private justice loses to private enterprise (corruption) every time.

You are living in the 1980s at the latest. You need to scale forward to a time when two generations of aggressive, Marxist, feminism has defacto aged out our population to the point where we cannot remain the dominant demographic without deporting all of the Hispanic illegals AND engaging in emergency immigration from every white country besides.

Good luck with that pipe dream when clearly this is a _global effort_ to exterminate white genes by forcibly blending them out into the lesser races.

StuckinBrussels • 1 month ago

I may not agree with everything that you have to say but you sure can write well as you present your case. Finding your posts has been a real treat.

BeagleBiscuits • 1 month ago

Yea they steal it.

Marty Kaan • 2 months ago

Are you saying you will be moving back to the Caucasus mountain?

The place where Caucasian came from.

Violent People, answer the following question, please.

World War I?
World War II?
Invade and slaughter other Aboriginals land?
Created firearm "bullets"?
Created nuclear weapons?

BeagleBiscuits • 1 month ago

Segregation is looking good again.

MickeyMarkus • 1 month ago

Separation. Each racing developing iuts own institutions and economies.
See what Roy Inniis of CORE remarked after the Civil Rights acts were passed.
If you don't know of him, what he said may surprise you.

Sergey1967 • 2 months ago

If you are not sarcastic, then it only shows the amount of insanity the left has, I live in a country where actually there is only one race and this is the best way to avoid any destructive racism, no need to connect worlds apart and chop legs, people just connect naturally.
The other day I knew that a white BLM supporter was killed by a negro over a dirt bike, the stupidity of the left has the price and you will all learn it the hard way, not that I felt sorry about it.

Vox Nihili • 2 months ago

You're either severely mentally deficient or absolutely hilarious, depending on whether this is satirical. It certainly reads like satire. Please tell us it is.

Missy • 2 months ago

Humans have never been able to function as a single unit. As animals, humans are designed to live in ethnically and culturally distinct city states. So what you are proposing is the same as asking for one species of bird, or one species of fish. Not only not possible but would ruin the various ecosystems. Blacks will never be able to live in the frozen north. White skin in required for vitamin D synthesis and light eyes and fine hair as an adaptation to low sunlight conditions and cold. It also requires future oriented thinking and other specific traits. We need human biodiversity. Many blacks have a special ability to fight malaria. Human biodiversity allows humans to live in sub-Saharan Africa. We need a return to human biodiversity prior to mass migration and reduced human population.

HT • 2 months ago

Biden doesn't know what day it is most of the time. He is just a puppet for the people running the country such as Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Susan Rice and others hiding in the shadows like cockroaches. We are now a country being run by non-elected white hating Marxists who are completely unaccountable.

Guest • 2 months ago
Guest • 2 months ago
Guest • 2 months ago
AmericanNationalist • 2 months ago

For your final exam in lesbian feminism, since you proclaim to be conquering the universe, how large is the universe? To receive credit for your answer, you must show all calculations involved?

Bonus question: What is the binding energy of the deuteron? And what is the spin of the nucleus?

MickeyMarkus • 1 month ago

Well, let me have at your first question.

The total homosexual sub-group is about 2% of the United States (excludes invader Mexicans and Asians). For a population of 300 million, that would be about six million. Lesbians have usually been estimated at about ten percent of the total homosexual population, or just under one million.

The earlier estimate of 10% for percentage of US population homosexuals was Kinsey's, performed in the 1950s, but we now know his work suffered from sever sample bias. Still, he was the first to even attempt applying statistics to the problem, and deserves some credit for that.

King • 2 months ago

There is no Biden, he is not even all out there. He just signs things that his handlers put in front of him. His vp is another useless idiot like him. This is a rubber stamp presidency and every one have figured it out by now.
Big question is how much damage they would inflict on the country and whether its is reversable.

Missy • 2 months ago

Look at their cabinet to see who controls them. For Obama it was Citibank.

BeagleBiscuits • 1 month ago

The damage was inflicted on Nov 3 2020 when they rigged and stole it all. Between the Dominion voting machines and hordes of invaders I'd say its game over.

Wake up • 2 months ago

Joe Biden would also have thrown a brick at Reginald Denny’s head during the LA Riots. He’s that type of guy.

Tim_in_Insanityville • 2 months ago

Shocking news! After wrecking our election system (not even needing to wait until they overwhelmed us with nonwhite immigrants) the Biden regime and the Democrats are now busily wrecking the entire country. Who’dathunk?

A Hunzicker • 2 months ago

My, My; how things have changed, as we reflect of today's happenings both good and bad it seems the bad things out number the good causes. None of these politicans have any scruples thy only want for them selves. Note the politicians pass laws the do not affect themselves. Talk about pigs at the trough, they rip off the citizens. I honestly feel not to vote but revolt. Burn th rats from all of their office spaces.

Guest • 2 months ago
Guest • 2 months ago
DanielJDaugherty • 2 months ago


connorhus • 2 months ago

Correction to the last line... No we did not have a choice the election was rigged long before November.

Sgt F • 2 months ago

What has the republicans done to un-rig it? Has the voting machines been replaced or software fixed? What has been done to ensure ballot harvesting has been stopped? Etc...etc... I don’t hear much about this massive crime from the Republicans anymore. Do you? It’s all hush hush.

connorhus • 2 months ago

Never heard much from the Republicans to begin with really. Talking heads have moved on but will still mention it from time to time. Regular people,,,, It's still in front of their minds.

BeagleBiscuits • 1 month ago

Anyone with 5 brain cells knows the R"s are as bad as the D's save half a dozen good R's. Not much they can do when the majority are taking bribes and kickbacks.

plaquemine • 2 months ago

Why doesn't the Biden Administration just organize an airlift down to Mexico to bring in these "illegals"?

Storminnorman • 2 months ago

I'm sure it's already being pondered.