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Ambrose Kane • 3 years ago

“It all starts with getting people accustomed to hating each other" - Well, now which political party does that more than any other group if not the Democrats? At every turn, Leftists in the Democrat Party (which is now their majority base) have worked tirelessly to divide the American people, and to create an environment in which civil dialogue is not even possible at this point.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Democrat Party is the enemy of Heritage Americans (Whites). They are the 'enemies within' and they are the primary cause (though not the sole cause) of our current demise.

Fed Up • 3 years ago

And if the Latinos had stayed home -- they'd be alive today! A basic, but inarguable truth!

DonReynolds • 3 years ago

As a practical solution to encourage self-deportation......Leave and Live.

Mr Anthrope • 3 years ago

Things you'll never hear from a black or latino - "America's too violent - I'm getting out !"

Fed Up • 3 years ago

It's not the people we hate. It's their ignorance, their parasitism, their greed for freebies. Their determination to be supported the rest of their lives by Americans!

Get real! What can a Latino with no skills, barest ability to communicate in English hope to earn? Guess who has to make up the difference between earnings ability and what they need?

You guessed it! We the People (of America) of course!

Guest • 3 years ago
Sunshine ☀️🇷🇺 • 3 years ago

If I have to hire someone I always want to hire an American.

Sean Seamus • 3 years ago

I do this all the time on residential work. The sales guys I deal with are almost invariably clean cut White Americans. But then the people who show up to do the work are almost always Latino. I always demand the subcontractors provide proof of eligibility to work for anyone who shows up at my houses.

Rich at Large • 3 years ago

I've been waiting 25 years for the rest of the country to come around to the realization that we're in a Cold Civil War II, that will need some kind of resolution in the 2020s.

Jacobite2 • 3 years ago

It's a race war. That's what the invasion from the third world is all about.

DonReynolds • 3 years ago

With white Quislings siding with the invaders. Yes, they are traitors.

Sunshine ☀️🇷🇺 • 3 years ago

I always wonder why? What do they think they’ll gain by siding against their own people? Do they seek to “reign in Hell” instead of “serving in Heaven”?

Mr Anthrope • 3 years ago

In a nutshell , Feminism ,which has been the godmother of all the other 'ism's to blight western society, The enemy of my enemy (white men) is my friend. Be careful what you wish for , ladies and cucks, and the alphabet tribe .

Jacobite2 • 3 years ago

White Leftists are just as outcast from normal society as race-aliens are -- they're sexual perverts, criminals, lunatics, militant atheists, geeks, or gimps who just cannot fit in to normal society. It isn't your race that matters, it's your membership in American society.

ye olde' swampyankee • 3 years ago

Civil wars are internal, national conflicts fought between people of the same (or similar), race, religion, history etc. That's not the case in the US with diversity of all stripes mixed like hodgepodge stew. It'll be internal alright, but with spot fires of armed violence culminating into social breakdown and national cohesion over time. That's just plain chaos not a civil war.

Jacobite2 • 3 years ago

Where's the hodge-podge? The Dems are the party of everybody who's not white, sane, or normal. The GOP is the Party of globalist corporations. Americans have no party to vote for, so, we'll have to go beyond politics. Time's of the essence, as the younger generations are brain-dead.

DonReynolds • 3 years ago

When Yugoslavia broke up, there were different ethnic groups and they dominated their own portion of the country. Was it a civil war? or just another war between the old Balkan states?

When the US breaks up, could you get out an orange crayola and pretty much guess which regions (of states) will stick together? I expect you could.

Sgt Sparks • 3 years ago

“It all starts with getting people accustomed to hating each other"
-mission accomplished...

dcnj • 3 years ago

A good majority of cops will quickly jump out of their uniforms and run. They know what's coming for them.

FormerlyEdNY • 3 years ago

I wouldn’t be so sure.

richard s. • 3 years ago

The I.R.A. 'visited' the homes of prison guards who were beating Irish prisoners.
The beatings soon stopped.

Norman • 3 years ago

That's natural. They have to live somewhere, until they don't anymore. Just common sense. When a guy gets found with everything cut off, he can be rather difficult to identify. Just common knowledge.

WR_the_realist • 3 years ago

Most cops will do what their bosses tell them to do -- ignore antifa, and arrest the people who defend themselves from antifa,.

Viking Funeral • 3 years ago

"Most cops will do what their bosses tell them to do..."

I suspect that goes for the military as well as cops.

Peaceisnolongerpossible • 3 years ago

Look at how many women and minorities are in the military today, the notion that they will take a principled stance and unite with us is pure fantasy.

Guest • 3 years ago
Sunshine ☀️🇷🇺 • 3 years ago

Yes! The last time I was on a military base (probably 2013) I saw all of the white enlisted men, with Asian women. The white women were usually with brown men, not that there were too many white women. More brown women than white, actually. The only people who were white, with white spouses, were the officers. One couple had an adopted black kid, another couple, the woman was the military member and she was very manly. The other couple was lovely, both normal and attractive although I wasn’t sure of their politics.

There were also tons of “sexual harassment” flyers everywhere. Lots of liberal propaganda of all types. I was extremely uncomfortable. Made me sick to see it all, honestly.

Fed Up • 3 years ago

I see the officer as totally gross! No accounting for taste I suppose.

disqus_mo8ewPYVck • 3 years ago

I said this years ago. I just spoke with a Sailor who was obviously German, serving to get his U.S. Citizenship. I said there would be a breakdown in the military that people would refuse to "fight their brothers and sisters" and those who would with impunity. Let's see how correct we are.

Bo Bridges • 3 years ago

No, but what did the Black cops do in New Orleans when hit with a bunch of water? The left their post and ran. Our best bet is a darker military me thinks.

A Freespeechzone • 3 years ago

A sizable percentage of the military is made up of nonWhites—-they won’t hesitate to kill Whites.

Mr Anthrope • 3 years ago

Sad but true - unfriendly fire .

hondo • 3 years ago

"Most"? Need to quantify that. Many here have no real hard experience with the people who compose law enforcement or the military - and make assumptions and predictions on minimal information.

DonReynolds • 3 years ago

In Blue areas there will be Blue cops.
In Red areas there will be Red cops.
Where the ground is contested, Red and Blue cops will shoot at each other.
Nothing says there can only be one Law and Order.

IstvanIN • 3 years ago

The US has never had a Civil War. We had two wars of independence: The American Colonies vs. the British Empire (the Americans won) and the CSA vs the USA (the USA won).

corncrake • 3 years ago

Events could unfold more or less in the following order. Some of these red lines have already been crossed.

Step 1: demonization and dehumanization of conservative whites — as “bitter clingers” “racists” “privileged whites” “white supremacists” “deplorables” “irredeemables” “Nazis” “fascists” “Southern bigots” “slaveholders” “Islamophobes” “climate deniers” “Trump supporters” “nativists” “xenophobes” “oppressors” “blood on their hands” “political deviants” “bad elements” “mental defectives”.

Step 2: normalize the hatred — promote this narrative of evil whites throughout society via politicians and media, until resentment and hatred of conservative whites becomes commonplace, until it becomes automatic and part of the landscape.

Step 3: the excision of white heroes and artists — destruction of statues, monuments, memorials, tombstones, Christian crosses, symbols, books, murals and other works of art; revisionist history texts.

Step 4: banishment of conservative whites from social media.

Step 5: the Reichstag fire — an event, real or staged, that generates calls for “action” by the media, left-wing advocacy groups, and politicians.

Step 6: disarmament by degrees — red flag laws; followed by mandatory background checks for private firearms transactions and/or prohibition of private sales or gifts of firearms; then by registration laws; then laws banning semi-autos and/or requiring surrender of firearms and ammo above a certain number; laws making simple possession a felony; confiscations.

Step 7: the enemies lists — laws stigmatizing and targeting whites; a national registry of conservative whites; revocation of passports; weaponization of IRS, FBI, DHS, BATF, etc. against whites; prohibitions on travel, curfews, prohibitions on freedom of association; confiscation of computers, TVs, radios, phones, cars, bikes, and boats; prohibitions on international money transfers.

Step 8: anti-white militias — roving gangs of heavily armed urban youth, and militarization of police.

Step 9: the roundups begin.

Step 10: racial/ideological genocide of conservative whites.

IstvanIN • 3 years ago

One through four, as well as parts of seven, have already begun.

LHathaway • 3 years ago

I always remember Nixon’s ‘Checkers’ speech - too young, but I remember reading about it. Even Nixon had to appease the thought police.

Sunshine ☀️🇷🇺 • 3 years ago

This is reminiscent of the stages of genocide.


Ambrose Kane • 3 years ago

Tragic, but oh so true!

Guest • 3 years ago
Freyda • 3 years ago

South Africa thought much the same now they're experiencing load shedding and rolling blackouts along with services barely fuctioning hospitals using witch doctors...They just don't care what skills you have...or don't have.

Guest • 3 years ago
corncrake • 3 years ago

My ten steps are only one scenario, but they are pretty standard stuff. There are lots of precedents from our lifetimes -- Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Congo, Libya, Syria, South Sudan, the Northern Triangle, etc. Some of these things are happening now in Mexico.

The US Army follows orders. But for the reasons you suggest, I would expect the Army to be limited to a passive role such as securing and defending Washington DC, securing key infrastructure, airports and highways, etc.

I would not expect the police to be much of a factor either, especially outside of the cities. And if you're in a city when Helter-Skelter comes down, you're going to be in trouble either way. I would expect most of the trouble to come from predatory youth gangs roaming unchecked and coordinating attacks via social media, but that's just a guess.

During Nerobama's reign, a number of actions were taken with regard to my Steps 6, 7, and 8. If we take them at their word, we should probably expect more of the same from the next Democrat president.

hondo • 3 years ago

It will still be unexpectedly blundered into.

corncrake • 3 years ago

See Step 5. The trigger event could be almost anything ... the tragedy in Rwanda started when an airplane carrying the country's president crashed. It could be something as simple as a kid wearing a MAGA cap.

Guest • 3 years ago
corncrake • 3 years ago

In addition to your rudimentary diction, run-on sentences, and whacky punctuation, it would be helpful if you could develop a prose style that isn’t a mixture of Bolshevik jargon and Toni Morrison novels.

This may seem bourgeois pedantry, but if you plan to organize revolution you’ll have to convince the intelligent and educated as well as the gullible and ignorant.

Yet I must say that it is a pleasant surprise to find leftist invective which does not include those two customary epithets, “fascist” and “racist.” This suggests that there may be hope for you yet. Perhaps after graduation you may find a suitable position as a social worker, no doubt to teach illegal aliens that mugging American old age pensioners is a natural response of the underprivileged to capitalist tyranny.

Best wishes in your college career.

Mr Anthrope • 3 years ago

Seems like we're at step 6 , and counting.

Guest • 3 years ago