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a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

It is true that the statistical likelihood is not in proportion to the media coverage. No disputing that. Having said that, their training needs to be looked at anyway. The risk still needs to be shifted further away from the public.

Also, investigations into misconduct need to be conducted externally.

Luca D. • 10 months ago

When is someone going to train blacks on how to act during interaction with law enforcement? Rhetorical question. After 200 years of trying, it's clear most blacks can't be trained to act accordingly in Western Civilization. They are more accustomed and DNA-wired to 'The Law of the Jungle'

Rita Croncheer • 10 months ago

we bad

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Chris Rock did:

"How Not to Get Your A** Kicked By the Police"


And negroes are still too dumb to get it.

carriewhite64 • 10 months ago

I love his most important rule: DO NOT have a black woman by your side.

MountainMan • 10 months ago

Of course, they can't! After all, blacks are genetically hard wired for

Aggression: Human aggression seems to be adaptive in hunter-gatherer societies, as the most aggressive males sire the most offspring. However, in agricultural or post-agricultural societies (e.g. Europe or North Asia) human aggression is probably maladaptive. It has been surmised that Sub-Sahara blacks have a genetic disposition toward aggression.

And if those theories are not enough, check out the List of countries by traffic-related death rate for another perspective on racial differences in behavior and impulse control:


FLUECHTLING.NET (refugees) • 10 months ago

That actually is an EXCELLENT comment. It really should be taught not to hit police, not to fight with police, not to grab police guns and tasers. It truly would save Black and police lives.

Black LIves Matter will eagerly accept your proposal

Signed: 4RACISM dot org: #RacismSavesLives #RacismIsLove

Jacobite2 • 10 months ago

What is the risk to "the public" when a criminal is shot by police? No, the risk to "the public" is from criminals who are alive and walking around loose. I agree about police training. No one legitimately shot by police should ever be alive afterward -- when the chance presents itself, take 'em out for good.

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Poor police training resulted in the premature deaths of:

Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, and Oscar Grant

Justified Uses of Force:

Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Most others to be quite frank.

rls976 • 10 months ago

Surely you jest.

Criminal resisting of arrest combined with a catastrophically unhealthy heart killed Eric Garner.

In Walter Scott's case: What the heck are you doing starting a fight with a police officer? What justifies that? Scott started the fight, and it went on for more than 1 1/2 minutes. Then he fled, after arrest had been initiated. You know why Officer Michael Slager was prosecuted? Its simple. At the time of the incident metro Charleston was competing with several other localities to become the site of a big new Volvo factory. In light of recent negro rioting elsewhere, South Carolina state and local officials did not want that to happen in the Charleston area over this shooting, because they dreaded that such rioting would sway Volvo against locating at Charleston. That is why the obese white Republican mayor of North Charleston disgraced himself by immediately and inexcusably publicly pronouncing Officer Slager guilty, and why North Charleston immediately handed out more than $6million to Scott's survivors. It was all about heading off black rioting and avoiding losing Volvo. The blacks didn't riot, and Charleston got Volvo.

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Eric Garner died because the arresting officer performed an illegal maneuver on him (chokehold).

Walter Scott died because he was shot in the back. (Another thing that would be a violation of procedure in a sane world).

hondo • 10 months ago

Nope - it was filmed, and it is not a chokehold - and the officer (which I knew (and Garner too btw) is OK and chillin'!

Pushed to the limit • 10 months ago

In no way, shape or form was he in a choke hold. More BLM lies.

Michigan Patriot • 10 months ago

Scott used the policeman's taser on the cop; that is aggression, racist aggression; Scott repeatedly failed to stop when commanded to do so; Scott caused his own demise !

rls976 • 10 months ago

Regarding Garner, a grand jury investigated and did not agree with you. Perhaps you have information they didn't have. And you do know, don't you, that the officers there were following orders of a black female supervisor who was telling them everything to do?

Regarding Scott: You think a violent criminal ought to be able to run away from a police officer and get away with it? So then, those who obey police officers and let themselves be cuffed and taken away will get the punishment they may have coming to them, but those who refuse to obey and have the strength and cunning to break away cannot legally be stopped with bullets and thus get to escape! Brilliant thinking there, fellow!

Why was Walter Scott shot in the back? Because he was fleeing a police officer! How in Hades can you justify that? Shooting a fleeing suspect ought not at all be forbidden - it ought to be standard practice. Something is obviously terribly amiss if a suspect runs from a police officer. How is the officer to know that the person fleeing did not, within the last little while, commit a rape or a murder, and that he won't commit another one if he gets away? How was Officer Slager to know that this suspect, who had just finished physically fighting him, would not run a short distance, get behind a tree, then pull out a gun and start shooting at him? The officer could not know any of this. But he knew for a fact that he had encountered a violent individual who was so desperate not to be taken into custody that he was willing to fight him and flee to escape. At that point, whatever is required to prevent the suspect escaping is in the public interest.

hondo • 10 months ago

More likely Darwin Award candidates - curious, would you behave so stupidly in such a potentially dangerous situation?

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

As a teenager I would often run from the cops. Its pretty sickening to think that they could have just put a bunch of slugs in my back and society would not have really cared.

In recent years I remain motionless and do not make any movements unless they say so. And when I do I go very slowly.

The nervousness remains of course, because I know that wonderfully moral and upstanding citizens like yourself wouldn’t care if a young brown guy gets blown away.

It is annoying that I have to be extra non-confrontational with police. When a white person can mouth off to them and not get shot. However, for now I will just have to acquiesce to their savage and trigger happy nature (again not all cops a like this of course).

rls976 • 10 months ago

You were stupid, irresponsible and criminal to run from the police.

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Of course. However, that doesn’t mean that they should have beat the s**t out of me if they caught me. Or put a few bullets in my back if they didn’t feel like pursing me.

When you are a penniless 16 year old kid a $200 citation for skateboarding was more than enough to gamble with getting away (and paying no ticket).

One of my white friends was put in the back of a police car in July for over an hour with the windows rolled up. Despicable.

Capn Dad • 10 months ago

I'm sure the car was running with AC on. In fact I know it was. Cops don't like getting in a hot car. You forget your audience here. They are smarter than you give them credit for. In the military we had a saying....."Never try to BS a BS'er"

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

I didn't see the vehicle. I have my white friend's story only.

rls976 • 10 months ago

How many nonwhites get shot for "mouthing off" to policemen?

Pushed to the limit • 10 months ago

I would sap them, and if that wasn't instructive, I'd fill their ears with pepper spray. That really makes them howl.

Copperhead Joe • 10 months ago

I've never heard of one, and I'm sure the MSM would let us all know about it

hondo • 10 months ago

Reference whites mouthing off - boy! you have no idea what a tune up is/was!
Anyway - whatever. We go our separate ways - you get to built your own lil' paradise with browns and blacks surrounding you - you can be happy!
Fess up! It's hopeless! We whites are hopeless! There is nothing you can achieve with us! Hell, I'll respect your boundaries! Even get others to do too!

Capn Dad • 10 months ago

Why were you running? What had you done? Have you committed some offense for which you felt the necessity run? You say recently you remain motionless? What's the difference between then and now? Your caveat "(again not all cops a like this of course) is not convincing. I believe you believe all white cops are like that. Are you afraid of black cops?

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago


And yes, I would be similarly anxious around cops of any race/gender

De Deplorable Doc • 10 months ago

White people mouthing off to police, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Sure. Even a White person making sudden jerky movements around police or being confrontational are being stupid. If you've done nothing wrong, why be a jerk to the law?

Max • 10 months ago

People who know that they have done nothing wrong may certainly have a reasonable fear of misbehavior on the part of police and suspect that it is THEY who are up to no good when confronted for no reason.
I'm no supporter of this BLM stuff but the concept that all cops are pure-motive blue knights and everyone else is a suspect is no good either.
One need only watch a few youtube clips to find both errors.

De Deplorable Doc • 10 months ago

I agree. The days of the laid back Mayberry policing are long over in light of recent incidents. And there are always a few bad apples in law enforcement. The wise default, however, when dealing with these guys and gals is to be polite, non-confrontational, and obedient to commands.

Max • 10 months ago

I think that you will find that police, statistically, appear to abuse people pretty even-handedly regardless of whether it is black-black, black-white, white-black or white-white.
An unfortunate number of people with violent tendencies appear to gravitate to work where violence is part of the job. Police, for example, are found to abuse spouses far above the average. womenandpolicing dot com

Floridian • 10 months ago

I have never mouthed off to a cop nor do I know anyone who has ever mouthed off to a cop. Not coincidentally, every cop I have ever interacted with was courteous to me. Your barely repressible urge to mouth off to cops must be genetic.

Pushed to the limit • 10 months ago

They're all dead criminals. Think of the black lives saved by putting these animals down.

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Yeah Tamir Rice was really dangerous......insane

Guest • 10 months ago
a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Just because the media didn't report the whites shot with a toy gun doesn't mean that Rice's shooting should be minimized

Max • 10 months ago

Look up "Empire State Building shooting" and you will find an example of risk to the public when they cut loose. Two officers fired a total of 16 rounds at the "suspect" and 9 bystanders were hit.
Apparently at least firearm safety rule #4 needs review in this department.

rls976 • 10 months ago

"The risk still needs to be shifted further away from the public." One instance that comes to mind is liberalism's Somali import "police officer" in Minneapolis killing the white Australian woman.

a multiracial individual • 10 months ago

Yes, that was another despicable display of poor police training. Only difference is few of you see it when the deceased is black/brown. I care about all cases.

rls976 • 10 months ago

The Minneapolis Somali was a case of affirmative-action immigration and affirmative-action police hiring. Then they tried to train the untrainable. None of this should have happened - that Minneapolis "police officer" should never have drawn one breath outside of Somalia.

Max • 10 months ago

This AA hiring of "public servants" is NOT GOING AWAY and this is another reason that police above all, must be held most severely accountable for their misdeeds and starting now.

Pushed to the limit • 10 months ago

There is no police misconduct. We are saddled with a low IQ, high violence underclass that takes no responsibility for anything it does. Don't want the wood shampoo, follow directions, and shut up. Statistically, blacks have a higher chance of being hit by lightning than being shot by a Cop.

Orivaa • 10 months ago

Their training definitely needs to be overhauled. Or rather, they need to go back to the old days before the "civil rights" movement got their claws into the police force, forcing them to lower standards and adhere to affirmative action.

Luca D. • 10 months ago

I can hear them already: "Once again, statistics and facts are used to oppress blacks."

Liberals ignore facts and statistics and blacks can't comprehend them.

Crazycat • 10 months ago

Fbeye b raycist!

MountainMan • 10 months ago

It's an easy charge to refute: "Once again, statistics and facts are used to oppress Whites."

Cheri Rodriguez • 10 months ago

Now you know why Whites imposed segregation and ruled over them with an iron fist. It wasn't "hate"; it was a public safety issue.

bobjo • 10 months ago

Exactly. It was safety and it was also the same in South Africa.
Can you imagine a negress holding a sign that says 'Stop Killing White people.'

hondo • 10 months ago

Still have family and friends with NYPD.
Simple rules - don't be pro-active, generally let blacks deal with each other.
In the past generally, containment within their areas was used - (NYC is highly segregated by neighborhood), but now they are ignoring much of the overflow - including white gentrified areas.