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DucLap • 8 years ago

"" Lakewood police spokesman Chris Lawler said that after speaking to everyone it did not look like race was a factor."" This Chris Lawler fellow is one of those Dumbest Humans on Earth folks that we just read about. When a racial slur is used in combination with a violent act, it IS a display of Hate in conjunction with that crime. I suggest that Lawler be fired from Lakewood PD for being either a fool or a knave.

ScoobyDieu • 8 years ago

Hate crime laws were passed to punish whites, not to protect them.

ncpride • 8 years ago

And when Eric 'my people' Holder sat before Congress and made it clear hate crime laws were not meant to protect Whites, what did our so-called White Representatives do? Not a THING. There was barely a blip in the news about his clearly biased statement, and not a soul challenged him.

dogbone • 8 years ago

About 15 years ago, around 12 black high school aged yoots beat up 1 white 7th grade kid, and put him in a comma. The blacks claimed he called them n166ers. The police claimed it was not a hate crime, and did nothing to the black yoots. I think they were going to charge the white kid with a hate crime, but they couldn't question him because he was in a comma.

About a year ago, a friend's aunt who is 87 was attacked by a 22 year old yoot, for a gold chain necklace. The police caught the guy, but they still haven't done anything (no court date is set). She still can't walk because of the attack.

jackryanvb • 8 years ago

In these instances you should hire a private eye or do the investigation on the attackers who got away. Who are they, where do they live, hang out, who do they sleep with?

There are people who will implement justice, when justice was denied.

Michael Christopher Scott • 8 years ago

Don't hire a private detective! Doing so will leave a chain of evidence leading straight back to you, and then YOU will be charged with a hate crime, while the thug is played up by the media as a Saint Trayvon clone.

jackryanvb • 8 years ago

A good PI is discrete. You can do a lot of this on your own. Read a few books. Lot's of things are legal.

Do what the Left does, whenever one of our guys gets a job in Conservative Inc. call up employers and let them know who they hired.

Stop wasting your time with guns, guns, guns that are never used.

Michael Christopher Scott • 8 years ago

Never, ever leave a paper trail.

A P.I. can still be subpoenaed by a grand jury or in felony court.

Urbane Neanderthal • 8 years ago

And yet the "official" FBI numbers still show blax commit a disproportionate amount of hate crimes.

I wonder what the numbers would show if they were honest.

Harold Barnett • 8 years ago

Lawler knows that the murderers were just "looking for fun" and (in the murderers' eye's) white people are pussies and easy to attack. It was a random attack by a pack of mad dog Negroes on a weak victim, like the attack on that Chinese guy in New York City. One false step and you are done for. The burden will always be on white folks not to provoke an attack by the pack of mad dogs. The Negroes that attacked the soldier were just looking for a fight, and they got it. They are feral creatures. Sad that the soldier was not streetwise.

ncpride • 8 years ago

Heard this morning the 'undercover' cop that was riding with that pack of thugs in NY who claimed he didn't intervene to save his cover was actually involved in the assault. Why am I not surprised?

Michael Christopher Scott • 8 years ago

When a racist slur is used in combination with a violent act, it is a hate crime only if the perpetrator is white. Hate crime laws exist solely to enforce the helotization of whites in our own countries, and on the infrequent occasions when they are applied to blacks, it is entirely accidental.

What planet have you been living on?

FormerlyEdNY • 8 years ago

Exactly, these laws were passed and arbitrarily enforced to reduce and oppress Whites.

Guest • 8 years ago
Guest • 8 years ago
Erasmus • 8 years ago

I have always told my more PC family members in a very Jesuitical way. I pretend to be a rube and innocently raise questions bound to force them to think: "How interesting. Three African-American soldiers called a white soldier a cracker and murdered him in cold blood. How relieved I am to find out, however, that it wasn't a hate crime. Thank goodness after that awful Trayvon Martin affair. It isn't possible for an African-American to commit a hate crime, is it? "

Guest • 8 years ago

You obviously have a black-belt in sarcasm.

Audieleon • 8 years ago

He's a UFC champion!!! You want to challege HERO

Spartacus • 8 years ago

If that were my family, I'd have dealt with it by now .

Guest • 8 years ago

What would you do? Get a divorce and leave town?

The reason we have a choco-preezy is because of white guilt.

That won't change. How would you have "dealt with it by now".?

Spartacus • 8 years ago

At the very least, I would've disowned them and never talked to a single one ever again. At most... Well, I can't give out the details here because Amren would delete my post, but you can imagine .

Guest • 8 years ago

Thanks, I imagine those same actions.

Geezus, it won't be long.

Guest • 8 years ago

I did this years ago. My father died last year and I only heard about it because of one senior cousin that still cared about me. I hadn't spoke to anyone in my family, including most cousins for ten years or more. That's the price I pay and more besides. My oldest friends are also gone. The whites I do meet, even when they appear to share my views are so messed up that I often wonder if there is anything left to save or preserve. But there is nowhere to go and nothing to do but carry on. I settled that personal despair issue long ago. Read this poem and think about it....


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley (A white man)

Whitetrashgang • 8 years ago

My previous response about a god was just a joke,anyway I moved from Winnipeg to a bedroom community outside winnipeg 99% white and everyone is like posters on this board or better. These are people who have money and made it themselves and know what is happening .People that think and work for themselves are very aware

dogbone • 8 years ago

What are they putting in the school lunches?

Sloppo • 8 years ago

I'm sorry to read about the horrible things happening in your family. Please don't give up on yourself.

Guest • 8 years ago
jackryanvb • 8 years ago

Please get your daughter sterilized.

whiteuncleruckus • 8 years ago

I truly sympathize with you. I've had several exes who dated and remained friendly with bantus and I thought that was bad, but it's nothing compared to the problems you have described. White girls rejecting White guys for blacks. White guys cranking rap music. Our race, culture, and country may be lost forever.

Guest • 8 years ago

Don't do that to yourself. But get out and away from all that. We need to begin to create some sort of support - physical establishment a new sort of "Underground Railroad" for whites to escape and find safety and support.

Guest • 8 years ago

Utah is calling my name.

Maybe just mine.

Columbus is an infestation of groidz, phagz and skinneez.

But no one else in the family seems to care.

Guest • 8 years ago
The Final Solution • 8 years ago

Utah is a conservative stronghold and voted for Romney by the highest margin in America. The Mormons have the highest white birth rate in the nation and are a major deterrent to non-whites moving here.

The Final Solution • 8 years ago

Come to Utah - this state is fantastic! Nothing but a sea of white faces, white children everywhere, and plenty of jobs and prosperity. I wouldn't hesitate.

Guest • 8 years ago

That is mighty good to hear.

Thank you.

Jesse_from_Sweden • 8 years ago

Lakewood police spokesman Chris Lawler said that after speaking to everyone it did not look like race was a factor.

Lakewood police spokesman Chris Lawler spoke to everyone and looked at the perpetrators and saw that they were non-white and then saw that the victim was white, so he then clearly knew that this crime wasn't racial.

After all, only whites can be racists.

sbuffalonative • 8 years ago

The original story reported that witnesses heard the 'alleged' perpetrators call the white men 'crackers'. Did that not happen?

Guest • 8 years ago

I saw the initial article on this on CNN Monday morning. Within two hours, they changed the initial witness claim to a police declaration. This is an old and ongoing media and even government campaign to prevent whites from figuring out what is happening and avoiding reaction, which is what they fear most.

Jesse_from_Sweden • 8 years ago

It probably did but in what way is that relevant?

Was the N-word used? That is the question, that is what will make it a hatecrime.
Well, what would've made it a hatecrime if the victim had been black.

But as I said, this is clearly not a hatecrime, since the victim is clearly not a non-white.

Guest • 8 years ago
sbuffalonative • 8 years ago

Yes. Did they question them further as to what criteria they used to pick who they would attack?

Are the police stupid, have they been given specific instructions about not reporting black on white hate crimes, or both?

Jesse_from_Sweden • 8 years ago

They've probably been given specific instructions on what makes a crime a hatecrime.
With the most important part of the definition being that whites can only be perpetrators of a hatecrime and never victims of one.

Harold Barnett • 8 years ago

The soldier came from a rural white area. He was unaware of the risks traveling in an urban war zone. When they pass you in a moving car and make racist comments do not rise to the bait. Do not yell after them. You don't know how many are in the car. They like to attack from behind, so if there are three or four they can easily surround you.

Worse, you may feel compelled to verbally react if you have a woman with you and do not want to appear wimpy. Her presence, however, adds additional risk since you now have to protect her AND yourself.

Always remember, Negroes and Mexicans in groups of three or four traveling in a car and yelling racist comments are trying to provoke a reaction so they can "have some fun" (i.e. rape, rob and kill).

Finally, always travel armed. At the very least carry a club. When traveling overseas (where guns are banned) I always carried a short unadorned walking stick with a brass head walking through the street markets and waterfronts. It looks pussy and non-threatening as you walk along the street ... until you clench it halfway down the shaft, look right in their eyes, smile, and say, "May I help you?"

Guest • 8 years ago

Lakewood is a little, cozy, cute hamlet on the greater Puget Sound in Washington State. I've been there. The problem is that it's too near Ft. Lewis. I used to work in a clinic near there and treated many soldiers stationed at the bases.

Lakewood, at least 10 years ago, had a cute little downtown on the waterfront with boutiques and such. I haven't seen it lately, but something tells me that things have changed.

Ragnarök • 8 years ago

It's pretty third world now. Lots of blacks & mexicans. Plus some Indians & Koreans.

Luca D. • 8 years ago

Since a person with only one drop of common sense, rationale and the evidence would indicate that it was absolutely a racially motivated murder, I would like to hear the reasoning and evidence that would make a police officer not see that motive.

There is none; only the ever-present political correctness instituted by liberals to protect minorities and punish Whites.

This is a disgrace.

Question Diversity • 8 years ago

Why are they so sure it wasn't a hate crime?

Because Seattle is the capital of BRA. Seattle, the largest city in Martin Luther King County, Washington.

sbuffalonative • 8 years ago

MLK made headlines when his image appeared on trash bags.

dogbone • 8 years ago

It would be more appropriate to put his image on toilet paper.

r j p • 8 years ago

Or dog poop bags.