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Incitatus • 2 years ago

Thirty years ago, those who warned about exactly this, were shouted down and silenced as "right-wing" and "raayyyseeests."

Right was right.

BigThief • 2 years ago

Exactly. The ANC has proved the doubters (and the Apartheid Government) right

BigThief • 2 years ago

Cyril’s ANC vs ANC NDR: Either way we are screwed.

Tim Bester • 2 years ago

Hope is all we have...even if forlorn.

Geoff Smailes • 2 years ago

As has been said before, "hope is not a strategy".
A properly co-ordinated strategy by like-minded opposition parties and activists to destroy the entire anc, by whatever means, is urgently needed but unlikely to happen.

CentralLimit • 2 years ago

A good article by Mr Hoffman.

David Steward • 2 years ago

I would love to be able to agree with Paul that CR has suddenly discovered constitutionalism and has decided to place it above the NDR - but I fear that this is not the case. CR has admirably taken a stance against corruption - and the faction that espouses it - but not because he has suddenly discovered the constitution but because he regards corruption as a threat to the NDR. He hasn’t changed his mind on expropriation without compensation, radical economic transformation, the NHI and the idea that whites are the bearers of “original sin” who are not the rightful owners of the land to which they hold title. These are all core elements in the NDR creed. Unfortunately, CR’s very welcome stance against corruption does not mean that he has abandoned the NDR. Opponents who have integrity may, ironically, be an even greater threat than those who do not. We should all welcome CR’s NEC victory - but don’t pop the champagne until he has shown his true colours on EWC, RET and the NHI.

Geoff Smailes • 2 years ago

Agreed. Not one single element of the evil anc can be trusted, regardless of what they might say, or even (appear to) do.

Glyn Morgan • 2 years ago

Great article, thanks. Now let's get a strong opposition going! That means putting the Purple Party, the Good Party and all those tiny parties on hold until the ANC is shown the door. Then we can go wild.

wisedog • 2 years ago

My believe is should the ANC lose an election we will see an anarchy as never seen before. They will organise a mayhem that will make the anti apartheid movement look like a party.

Norman McFarlane • 2 years ago

In the last national election, more eligible voters (registered and unregistered) did not vote, than voted. This is the first time this has happened since 1994. I fear it is set to happen again in the next national election. Voter apathy favours the ruling party, which means the ANC will once more have a majority in the National Assembly, and in most Provincial Parliaments. Quite how the 2021 local government election is likely to play out is a separate matter, but suffice to say, an apparent shift away from the ANC, won't translate into a concomitant shift in the 2024 national elections. We are cursed by a political system that places control of the levers of state power in the hands of the party bosses of the ruling party. Until we implement the needed electoral reform to make public representatives directly elected by, and accountable to, voters, the current system will endure indefinitely.

Johan Rademeyer • 2 years ago

Vintage Hoffman and a must read for anybody that has an interest in the protection of our constitution and the future of our beloved country . This is a document that can be taken onto a stage by any serious contender in the 2021 local government elections , to explain what South Africa should NOT look like going forward .

Neil Wright • 2 years ago

Cyril seems to be keeping the wolf from the door. High profile leaders like Blades Nzimande should rise above the NDR and do a Mikail Corbachov and pronouce on what does not work. Or take a leaf out of Chinese President Deng Xiaoping's book, who said. "I don't mind if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice." Paul Hoffman has cleared a great deal of murkiness by his analysis. Important for us all to stay on the track of our Democratic Constitution.and be able to achieve prosperity for all.