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794 • 1 week ago

Can you add functionality for styles to modify the browser client itself, not limited to just websites?

For example: https://userstyles.org/styl...

Currently trying to add them gets you an Error 404 popup window. Adding them personally through creating a custom script does nothing. Would love to have this feature back as I had several tweaks to my Firefox like this.

wOxxOm • 1 week ago

WebExtensions can't do it directly via CSS. See documentation for userChrome.css instead. There are extensions that automate editing it to a degree.

794 • 1 week ago

Worth mentioning I'm on Firefox ESR 52 for xul-based extensions. Not a fan of the limitations imposed by their new extension system.

narcolepticinsomniac • 1 week ago

If you're using a legacy browser, use the legacy Stylish 2.1.1. You're aware that legacy extensions have much more access than WebExtensions, so why would you choose to use a WebExtension? The legacy Stylish can affect the browser UI.

794 • 1 week ago

I was using an older version of Stylish, but recently I added a new stylesheet for a website and somehow it managed to force Stylish to update to the latest version, breaking all my scripts. The new Stylish owners deleted all previous versions from being available. System restoring didn't revert Firefox to the old version, and sadly I haven't had made a FEBE backup in quite some time.

Really blows what happened to Stylish. Even tried using wayback machine to access the old versions, but it doesn't work.

Luckily I'm still able to access all my old stylesheets via my stylish.sqlite file, but that isn't helping me for my client modifications.

tophf • 1 week ago

Jefferson Scher maintains a copy of the old Stylish 2: link.

794 • 1 week ago

Hell yes, thanks a ton! Definitely saving that for backup.

Akeem • 1 week ago

Would love to see an Edge version!

wOxxOm • 1 week ago

You'll have to make one.

CraX • 1 week ago

Is there an estimate for when syncing styles is coming? (Possibly the selection of styles from userstyles.org might get put into a database which gets synced over)

stonecrusher • 1 week ago

No estimate, but development seems to be good as the guy from the PR is active again:

On the other hand you can always use UserCSS format and host the styles yourself - they will update / sync automatically.

wOxxOm • 1 week ago

No, there's no such estimate. Features appear as they appear, no one rushes anymore.

Nathan Han • 2 weeks ago

Any chance of releasing stylus to Microsoft Edge?

stonecrusher • 1 week ago
wOxxOm • 1 week ago

We are simply users and we use Chrome or Firefox. Someone who uses Edge will have to solve all compatibility issues and constantly maintain the relevant code.

Nae • 2 weeks ago

How can I code, I am really new to his, so if someone could explain, it would be very much appreciated! 🍓

wOxxOm • 1 week ago

I think you can use any CSS tutorial you like.

stonecrusher • 1 week ago
Jonn Wolfe • 2 weeks ago

Any chance of this working with the Pale Moon browser?

narcolepticinsomniac • 2 weeks ago

Highly unlikely. PM still doesn't support WebExtensions AFAIK. You should use the legacy Stylish 2.1.1, or "Stylem" which is a fork of 2.1.1 made specifically for PM, IIRC.

Jonn Wolfe • 2 weeks ago

All right. 2.1.1 doesn't have that sniffer, yeah?

stonecrusher • 2 weeks ago

Yes, 2.1.1 is still clean.

tn5421 • 2 weeks ago

When I go to export my styles in vivaldi, the resulting file download doesn't actually download.

Vivaldi 1.15.1147.55 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
Stylus 1.4.17

tophf • 2 weeks ago

The new version of Stylus will have a workaround for this Vivaldi quirk.
Until then, you can enable automatic downloading to the default folder in Vivaldi options (screenshot).

J Ryan • 2 weeks ago

I find it a tad hypocritical that data farming for profit would be against Chrome web store's ToS when that's exactly how Google make their profit.

Also, how is Stylus able to support its inline search feature if it doesn't also report back the site you are visiting? :/

tophf • 2 weeks ago

Accessing the search API when you explicitly click the find link, which is performed when you search for a style, obviously isn't the same as monitoring the entire browsing history of a user in all tabs all the time. If you seriously want to know the difference, don't speculate, simply inspect the network traffic the way it was shown in the articles that exposed Stylish, or see other tutorials on network traffic inspection.

J Ryan • 2 weeks ago

I asked a question. There was no need to be so rude about it.

tophf • 2 weeks ago

Sorry, didn't mean to be rude, but English is not my native language and I use it mainly for programming where speculations don't work, only hard facts do.

narcolepticinsomniac • 2 weeks ago

Nothing rude in your response. OP intentionally worded their "question" to come across as accusatory, ridiculous false equivalence and all.

As for Google being hypocritical, in other news, the sky is blue and water is wet. We are not Google, so complaining about their policies to us accomplishes nothing.

eddy0131 • 3 weeks ago

Hi, i learned that Stylish sold some personal data (if I understand correctly or it's only on the last version ?) so i removed quickly this addon. I'd like to download Stylus but it's incompatible with my good old Firefox 28. I know it's a improbable question but is there a special version ? thanks

narcolepticinsomniac • 3 weeks ago

No, Stylus won't work in browsers that old. You should use the legacy Stylish 2.1.1.

eddy0131 • 2 weeks ago

I read again your message, so old Stylish versions are secure ? so removing was useless for me...

Lyle Shannon • 2 weeks ago

would stylish work on chrome 50 or no? i know a way to downgrade my chrome so i am wondering this

narcolepticinsomniac • 2 weeks ago

Pretty much. FF 28 is ancient, so I have no clue why anyone would choose to use it, but if you do, you should use ancient extensions as well. Stylish spyware was only added to recent versions, so the legacy versions should be okay security-wise. Whether or not they still work in old versions of FF might be the luck of the draw.

eddy0131 • 2 weeks ago

ok thanks ! Yes it looks strange for FF 28 but it's really the most stable browser for me. I've already tried to update several times : to the next version the first time (29), and after : in the -40-... -50-, it was working slowly, blocking... for a browser released 4 years ago, web still working well on the most sites ! So for the moment i have no reason to update.

k DEADbOT • 3 weeks ago

been using stylus for month or so, love it! thanks guys!

just curious; is there a shortcut key for commenting out text please?
being able to use // would also be a blessing

is there a reason this stuff isn't included? or (hopefully) it is, and i've not found it yet :P

stonecrusher • 3 weeks ago

CSS only supports commenting within

/* */

If you use UserCSS format for your own styles, you can define a preprocessor (lass or stylus-language) which both support javascript-like single line comments after



k DEADbOT • 3 weeks ago

thanks for your help :)

tophf • 3 weeks ago

Select the text then press Ctrl-/ (Ctrl-Slash).
When nothing is selected, pressing Ctrl-/ will comment out or restore the current line.
Click the (i) icon next to the "Keymap" selector to list all available shortcuts.

k DEADbOT • 3 weeks ago

thanks very much for helping

ive tried the shortcut suggested with both keyboard and on-screen keyboard and neither worked

im on mac. so have looked for alternatives like cmd+/ but cant find that either annoyingly

ive checked the (i) shortcut list and mine doesn't say anything about comments nor the shortcut ctrl+/

thanks again

tophf • 3 weeks ago

Try switching to other keymaps in that selector and click on (i) each time to update the help list. I'm using "sublime".

k DEADbOT • 3 weeks ago

youre a legend dude

thank you so much!

MasterJ360 • 3 weeks ago

ugh this sucks I honestly need everything with a black background even the google browser. It helps mitigate headaches from staring at a white screen all day. But the fact stylish was stealing our browser info makes me sick. Hopefully someone is willing to make a copy cat under free usage

tophf • 3 weeks ago

This is a support site for Stylus which is already doing what Stylish was supposed to do sans data mining.

MasterJ360 • 3 weeks ago

Thanks im using Stylus now and pretty much got every site that I frequently use with a black background. Only 1 site still didn't have theme yet, but you guys are doing a great job so far. It feels like Stylish just got a new name rather than being pulled down

Lyle Shannon • 3 weeks ago

i jsut recently switched from stylish to this becauusse stylish was deleted and i heard they are bad guys now stealing data, and i love your extension so far but i would like to know if you could add an option to export websites, and it would be so awesome if you could somehow impement it in the stylus button so when i am on a website i can just click exclude website, that would be so intuitive, thanks!!!!

tophf • 3 weeks ago

Already suggested. We're working on implementation.

Lyle Shannon • 2 weeks ago

thanks so much sir

Andy Fitzsimon • 3 weeks ago

is anyone looking at creating an alternative to userstyles.org now that they are owned by the bad guys ?

FONZACUS • 3 weeks ago


has the same features as pre 'modern' userstyles.