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Guest • 6 months ago
@TexDoc78154 • 6 months ago

Does it matter, a kid admitted with a broken arm, that has covid, requires the same additional isolation, costs, and care as someone admitted with just covid.

MrMeanie • 6 months ago

Where is the report that every person that test positive for covid has to experience those extreme measures?

EH Bridge • 6 months ago

Are you that unaware. The hospitals have to try to keep the infection
from getting spread from an infected patient to an uninfected patient.

Hence there are additional isolation costs. There are additional costs
of infection control within the hospital.

MrMeanie • 6 months ago

I seriously doubt most hospitals are doing that.

EH Bridge • 6 months ago

There's no choice. They are constantly monitored for compliance with infection control processes.
Perhaps, if not unquestionably, there would have been slip ups during the worst months, but there's no longer
any excuse unless admission rates skyrocket again.

MrMeanie • 6 months ago

It depends on the hospital.

EH Bridge • 6 months ago

Nope--- if they serve Medicare patients and they almost all do, they have to have infection control procedures
and use them.

Le'Ours • 6 months ago

The broken arm PLUS Covid makes it a much more serious infection. Covid being a cardiovascular disease and all.

MrMeanie • 6 months ago

Better get another jab... just to be safe.

Jameson Roberts • 6 months ago

The kid with Covid had no symptoms and was perfectly healthy except for his broken arm 99.9999999999999999% of the time. Now you know why the CDC said 75% of children have caught the virus and a handful have gone to the hospital because of it.

Dom Sanderson • 6 months ago

And here is the rest of the story….

According to data from over 5,000 Walgreens stores, the unvaccinated have the lowest incidence of COVID.

The unvaccinated show an 18% COVID rate. This is lower than those with 3 doses of the vaccine who have a 19.2 COVID rate.

Those with three doses, with their last dose taken over five months ago have the highest COVID rate at 31.3%.

Le'Ours • 6 months ago

Walgreen's numbers are wrong and so are you.

Dom Sanderson • 6 months ago

Love how you people argue your feelings…..it’s so cute.

dks59 • 6 months ago

And here’s the rest of the story. A large swath of the unvaccinated won’t get tested even if they are are sick. They are sociopaths who don’t care and could care even less about passing it on to others.

Dom Sanderson • 6 months ago

Nice story, filed under science fiction.

Avenged Knot • 6 months ago

This is because people have to work to pay bills and eat. You are right there are a lot of people not testing because they have no sick time to be off on quarantine. If you don't test, there is no positive.

Nuke'Em • 6 months ago

The sociopaths are those that get tested because they can't tell the difference between the common cold and the COVID virus

Le'Ours • 6 months ago

Yes, about three letters. You're still sick enough to need a hospital.

@TexDoc78154 • 6 months ago

Can we stop arguing and apply some common sense about COVID.

Get vaccinated, 3 doses for most of us. 4th dose for the vulnerable.

Get tested if sick.

Get medical help if you are positive, we have both oral antivirals and IV monoclonal antibodies to help you.

Stay home if positive till you are well.

MrMeanie • 6 months ago

Where's my jab? I gotta gits my jab! I got 4 jabs but I know I need at least 10!

Where's my jab, I gotta gits my next jab!

Jameson Roberts • 6 months ago

And you gotta wear 4 or 5 masks too.

MG • 6 months ago

I'm staying home until cases are zero.

EH Bridge • 6 months ago

Perfect. You hit it all spot on.

I'd just add wear a x-95/94 mask as much as reasonably possible.

Jameson Roberts • 6 months ago

So Kamala Harris is double vaccinated, double boosted, and wears a K95/94 mask. She still caught Coronavirus. And there isn't any scientific proof that's what kept her from going to the hospital and why she had mild symptoms. Proof? I caught Coronavirus before there were vaccines. I coughed a couple of times had a 100.1 fever off and on for a couple of days while laying around on my couch. The third day I was over it.

V for Vendetta 🌹 • 6 months ago

Please... get educated about this before you ramble about what you think is "proof" based on what happened to you.

Different people are impacted differently by COVID... and some are hospitalized and surprise... almost 1 million died. Those 1 million apparently didn't just have a cough or have the luxury of waiting it out on their couch. They were likely hospitalized and died.

If people are getting COVID... it's most often because they aren't always wearing a mask in a crowded setting... or in an enclosed area where infected people could have been. Because she is vaccinated, Kamala Harris showed no symptoms... yet they still test her and everyone else so they can be kept aware if they get infected.

And don't say "no there isn't any scientific proof" why she wasn't hospitalized... because you apparently haven't a clue... just talking BS out of the side of your mouth...

banned by the hill • 6 months ago

they must have had weak genes

Steve Vilkos • 6 months ago

here is the main problem with your "analysis": IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU

Jameson Roberts • 6 months ago

Here's the problem with your "analysis." I represent 98% of the people who did catch it.

EH Bridge • 6 months ago

Don't cause more deaths and more hospitalizations with deflection from the seriousness of the disease.

My middle aged son caught it and lost 13 pounds from it.

V for Vendetta 🌹 • 6 months ago

Ahhhh... it's always good to hear a voice of reason...

It's just a shame there are still too many people out there that aren't listening to reason. Some don't even care if they get infected, get sick, or pass it onto anyone else. They have it in their heads it's like the flu... so if they pass it onto someone else... and they become hospitalized or die... that's their problem.

True Story: I had a friend who had 3 vaccinations, yet took a cruise ship to Spain a few weeks ago. At the end of his cruise, he didn't feel well, but the ship did a quick test and told him he was negative (which was a lie). A few days later, he was to fly to Israel for a week's vacation.

But they tested him before his flight and he tested positive so they wouldn't let him on. He had to find a Barcelona hotel to stay for 7 days, was still positive, but paid $75 to get a US doctor to email him a "CDC permission note" to fly back to US. Apparently, the airline didn't even check passengers so he didn't even need his note.

After getting home... he still tested positive, yet kept telling me he's just a tad sick, but likely not transmittable and he was tired of self quarantine. I told him he was being selfish... and to wait until he tested negative. He ultimately did... but his initial mentality mirrors those of some people who don't care if anyone else gets infected.

That's why I still wear a mask whenever I go out... and make sure if I'm eating... I sit outdoors or at a distance from others... as my trust levels are low in regards to people's selfishness.

I may not get hospitalized or die... but I wouldn't like that to happen to anyone else who might have pre-existing conditions that might not survive an infection...

jason • 6 months ago

Well our president told us to live our lives and do what you feel safe doing you dont like it take it up with him

V for Vendetta 🌹 • 6 months ago

Any person who is stupid enough to listen to a politician... especially one who isn't a trained medical person... should get their head examined.

Remember... politicians are politicians... and by their nature... they often lie or make stupid inaccurate statements. Same is true of all these TV and online media pundits who tell you the opposite of what your doctor would tell you. They also lie... or distort the truth.

But... that's up to you if you prefer getting your medical advice from anyone other than your physician or from a medical expert...

jason • 6 months ago

Just saying if you have a bone to pick its with him who promised to make covid his #1 priority which he has definitely not

V for Vendetta 🌹 • 6 months ago

I don't have a bone to pick with him... as I don't rely on politicians as much as I do my personal physician and the CDC.

As far as politicians trying to change intransigent, stubborn or just plain ignorant people who won't follow medical advice or heed their warnings... there is nothing any politician can do about that... regardless whether that person is a Republican, Democrat or Independent.

Let's face it... even when Donald Trump was urging his supporters to get vaccinated... he got booed. So... if he's not able to convince his own supporters... then name one politician who can??

As long as we live in a country that is so divided... you are not going to get the cooperation from everyone. And blaming any particular politician is partisan nonsense...

banned by the hill • 6 months ago

why go out to eat???...are you that needy???

Le'Ours • 6 months ago

But what about Spring break? /s

John Tucker • 6 months ago

lol why do you think its spreads faster and more heavily in vaccinated areas ?

Pizza! • 6 months ago

It takes 3 weeks. Opening for business interests and discarding vaccine, masks and social distancing mandates is only going to make the current financial situation the country is in worse.

banned by the hill • 6 months ago

3 doses...just so stupid....why not just get it and get over it?

Max Headroom • 6 months ago

A little early for the midterm variant.

Duke Harris • 6 months ago

Timing is everything.

banned by the hill • 6 months ago


MrMeanie • 6 months ago

Notice how the wording leads people to think "WOW people are going to the hospital FOR covid at higher rates"

They simply test everyone for covid that is admitted to a hospital.

Do they test for the flu? How are those rates going?

Le'Ours • 6 months ago

Not like you want.

Pizza! • 6 months ago

They don't test here

jimezVT • 6 months ago

Vermont tests every hospital admittance. A positive result is recorded as a hospitalization case, even if the patient is asymptomatic and came in for a broken leg.
As a stat, it’s essentially useless at predicting severity.

Bud • 6 months ago

It is not over until it is over and, it is not over yet, wise up.

jimezVT • 6 months ago

It will never be over. This virus will be with humanity forever. It’s time to live with the virus.

aquablue13 • 6 months ago

Shouldn't we keep Title 42 in place due to the rising health risk