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Gianmarco • 5 months ago

It probably will be enabled in the next "feature drop" at the beginning of March. Hopefully together with Nearby Sharing!

Ben Schoon • 5 months ago

I doubt Nearby Sharing will be Pixel only at first, but I could definitely see screen recording being in a feature drop!

Gianmarco • 5 months ago

Yes you're right, Nearby Sharing needs to support a wide range of devices ASAP.

FMLD • 5 months ago

I can see Nearby Sharing supporting the same qualifications as Google Messages/RCS, which is any device Android 6.0 and above I believe. Hopefully it'll be out by the end of the month!

Alejandro Ortega • 5 months ago

It really does annoy me that Google doesn't already have these features, features that many of us requested, already built into an earlier version of Android. Surprised their version of Airdrop won't launch with Android 11 or something.

realLifeUnicorn • 5 months ago

easy to enable.. unfortunately, like others, only the top portion of my screen is visible in the recording

David Walker • 5 months ago

Why can we not record internal audio with the screen recorder?

Odin Alexander • 5 months ago

I long press the screenshot button and it just takes a screenshot :(

Lucas de Eiróz • 5 months ago

I have it on my Motorola One (January 1st patch), but it crashes System UI.

Jay • 5 months ago

I have it on my Pixel 4 XL and get the same behavior

Vladislav Averbukh • 5 months ago

Pixel 4 , but all I get is a screenshot

Anton Shevchuk • 5 months ago

But what's the resolution, frame and bitrate of the video? And can you somehow choose it?

Joao M. Alvarez • 5 months ago

It's frustrating to see new, more expensive flagships dropping useful features like the headphone Jack , expandable storage, heartrate monitor, IR blaster etc. Pay more, get less.

GiBraiNe • 5 months ago

works perfectly in Essential PH1

wallin • 5 months ago

P2XL with January update is working.

Nelz91 • 5 months ago

I'm sitting here sort confused because I've had screen recording for a while now on my Pixel 3. I haven't tried long pressing anything though it should be a quick toggle in the notification drop down.

Ben Schoon • 5 months ago

That's using a 3rd-party app

Richard Servello • 5 months ago

Does it still block system audio tho?

Craig Stodolenak • 5 months ago

Works on my Pixel 3. Full-screen recording w/no missing or cropped areas.

Alvin Williamson • 5 months ago

where are the videos stored?

Ben Schoon • 5 months ago
The recording is also automatically saved to the “Movies” directory on the device.
Xenofastiq • 5 months ago

I feel you should also note that it won't exactly work well for everyone. There are people who have issues with it only recording part of their screen

Rocket • 5 months ago

I enabled this back on the Dec patch, and all my recordings are super low quality looking, would disabling/reenabling it get it looking as good as the one in the article?

DirgeExtinction • 5 months ago

I'm on the January patch, and unfortunately mine looks super low quality too.

Ben Schoon • 5 months ago

Technically it shouldn't have changed! I think it just needs a bit more optimization.

Kane Justus • 5 months ago

IF you're on the current update....Which my unlocked 4XL hasn't got yet...Whats the deal with all the delays?

Ben Schoon • 5 months ago

The January update seems to have rolled out much more quickly. I'm not sure what's going on behind the scenes.

Kane Justus • 5 months ago

I got the Dec update on Dec. 15th....Wondering if I'll see the Jan. update tomorrow.

Kane Justus • 5 months ago

And came back to say....Update came in this morning.

seetee • 5 months ago

Funny other MFGs have had their own screen recorders for a long while now AND they aren't limited to the cheap measly 64gb onboard memory