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Skye Dyma • 6 years ago

Books to read when I lie in the sun, sunscreen of course and a sense of humor in case it rains :D

Natalie Stoute • 6 years ago

Big designer sunglasses, teeny-tiny bikinis and a personal butler (with a name like Juan) for rubbing in sunscreen and making me endless cocktails!

Tania Foster • 6 years ago

Snorkel, Bikini and Sunscreen - nothing else needed for this beachaholic

mustangmum • 6 years ago

Cash, family and sanity.

Danielle Brennan • 6 years ago

My family, my sunscreen & my razor.. Can't have hairy legs :)

Lauren Anastasiou • 6 years ago

No island holiday would be complete, without my BFFs -
Sunny brightens my day, Sandy helps me relax, and Coco is a real nut!

Andreea Nicolescu • 6 years ago

Books, dogs, and kids

Karla Oleinikoff • 6 years ago

Johnny Depp to be my towel boy, Prince Harry, 'cause he knows how to party, and sunscreen. DO NOT want to look like a lobster!

jonmic • 6 years ago

Sunscreen, bathers, towel....simple things but important

Jac • 6 years ago

I'd take my boys (husband & 2 sons), my camera & a horse - nothing like the freedom of cantering along a beach. Purely a dream for us as we live on a cattle station, no beaches around here!

Nicole White • 6 years ago

A solar powered generator, a Swiss-Army Knife and a First Aid Kit that includes pain killers! :D

spog777 • 6 years ago

Book called "How to learn to speak Island Lingo", a bugle so I could blow my own trumpet uninterrupted, a radio to throw seaward uncaringly

Claire H Simmons • 6 years ago

my 3 kids because if they can survive in what they call there rooms aka room of doom aka forbidden land, then they would help me survive the island

Val C. • 6 years ago

A 'Wilson' ball just in case, Bear Grylls for survival and my Bagpipes!

Michelle • 6 years ago

My three boys

Jacqueline • 6 years ago

I would take my kids, A good book and a towel

scattley • 6 years ago

War and Peace...which will never be read but kept as a reminder that if things get bad I can read it...industrial strength thongs...my feet are sensitive to everything and a Lemon tree...for all those fish I will catch

Em Lawes • 6 years ago

A Yacht so I could see the other islands, hairbrush…. dreadlocks
aren't my thing and a sarong, to double as a towel and dress.

Karolina Hartinger • 6 years ago

Excitement, happiness and a thirst for adventure.

Clinton M • 6 years ago

Truffle oil (to make every food scavenged meal deliciously decadent), Looking for Alibrandi (my nighttime classic that can be read over and over) and, of course, my better half!

Natasha Andrews • 6 years ago

The kids, a fabulous "Mary Poppins" nanny to look after them and my darling husband. Gosh it would be so nice to escape for a while - I like the idea of the Island Living range - perfect for escaping the everyday even when we are stuck at home :)

Vicki • 6 years ago

I'd be taking me a snazzy swimwear, a compelling book and a spunkaroony to make me cocktails at my demand!

amandagorton • 6 years ago

Designer swimwear, Havaiana thongs and a floppy straw sun hat - my imaginary picture perfect tropical holiday involves nothing more than lazy days basking in the sun on the beach!

Vija Leitis • 6 years ago

A happy positive attitude, a wardrobe that make me feel free and phrase book (if the island dwellers are not English speaking)

luigi costantino • 6 years ago

My wife, ipod and an appetite!

Fiona Charlton • 6 years ago

Music, cosi and a good book!

Rachel Kriss-Newell • 6 years ago

The obligatory sunscreen, mozzie spray and my family. As
much as they can be so annoying at times, I couldn’t fully enjoy myself without

Terri Todd • 6 years ago

Bathers, music and iPad

Fiona McLennan • 6 years ago

Bathers, sarong & a terrific book!!

Megangel • 6 years ago

Malibu to pour into some coconuts and go nuts, my husband to play with and my camera to capture all the memories

Emma Webster • 6 years ago

My husband because he always makes me laugh, my new bikini (feeling carefree) and camera to have some creative fun.

Suzie Sims • 6 years ago

A zany sense of humor, a thirst for life and a wild adventurous attitude!!

Charmaine Campbell • 6 years ago

Sunscreen, a loooooong book and earplugs to drown out the world!

Mummabear48 • 6 years ago

My loving husband who travels too much, suitcase full of clothes to last a month & coconut oil to share & revive the romance.

Kim Miller • 6 years ago

Ipod for entertainment, fishing line to catch my food and bikinis to work on my tan.

Charl Lowther • 6 years ago

Magazines, sunscreen and a sarong- relaxation here I come!

Sheridan • 6 years ago

The three B's! Bikini, books and my boys! What a wonderful prize. I love it all

Widge01 • 6 years ago

On my island holiday I'd take few books I have wanted to read, my family and a babysitter for the kiddies adventure time!

Emily C • 6 years ago

I am far too practical! It would be my sunhat, sunglasses and camera.

Rebecca Tompsett • 6 years ago

Love, peace and a little company ;)

Deb K • 6 years ago

A hunky man, a heap of wine
And a bikini!

Amanda Lewis • 6 years ago

Me, myself and I because I am seriously in need of a 'mummy time out' kinda place where nobody knows how crazy I really am 😜

Jo@Countrylifeexperiment • 6 years ago

The whole extended family, just to share the fun, my camera which goes every where with me, and a cheese platter. Hello cheese!!!!

Beck • 6 years ago

I love Salt and Pepper, they have some great products and gorgeous colours 😊

Sallyann Silver • 6 years ago

A holiday isn't a holiday without my family, our bathers and a fantastic holiday read!

Stacey Shailer • 6 years ago

A good book to lose myself in, oversized sunnies to keep the sun out of my eyes, and a box of Ferrero Roche chocolates!

Glenda McDonnell • 6 years ago

Last trip I went North and my luggage went West, talking from experience, I take a change of undies, make-up and a healthy credit card !

Kim Lennon • 6 years ago

definitely phone - otherwise the Facebook withdrawals will drive everyone nuts! a 120 foot long luxury fully decked out yacht annnnnd an infinite supply of wine! :P

Ayzsa Gibbs • 6 years ago

Bathers, towel and family... Easy!

Courtney • 6 years ago

Kindle, ipod and banana lounge.