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Robby Daniel • 9 years ago

Those Martians from the Jack Nicholson 'MARS ATTACKS' movie were really saying something like 'HACK-HACK HACK-HACK' all of the way thru that movie, although the poor sound quality makes it sound like they're saying 'ACK-ACK-ACK' etc ~

Coup de gras • 9 years ago

As beavis would say....." ARE YOU THREATENING ME"?

Bill Dando • 9 years ago

It doesn't matter one way or another. Bitcoin is open source, this means that it is publicly developed.

So it doesn't matter who started it or why, it has developed well beyond the original idea.

No single entity has control over the Bitcoin network.

Lycan • 9 years ago

People here are even more ignorant. Bitcoin is the end of your old world.

In short:
Account compromised, nothing more than just an old e-mail.

ctlovesnathanhale • 9 years ago


I woun't pay. Bitcoin's creator was most likely that weird ass asian guy. Unless the hacker can prove he has a different name to offer he's not telling us anything we don't already know. Either way 11 grand is way more than the info's worth.

RevoltNOW • 9 years ago

I'm picturing the Asian guy from the Movie 'The Hangover'!!!!