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❤️ my name? 😘 • 8 years ago

Another brilliant move by Obama.

The jihadists disposed of significant quantities of US made small arms including M16 assault rifles and included photos showing the markings “Property of US Govt”.

Also t anti-tank rockets used by IS in Syria were identical to M79 rockets transferred by Saudi Arabia to forces operating under the Free Syrian Army umbrella in 2013 .

Xeon • 8 years ago

This is a big LIE. The lion's share of ISIS' weapons of war has been directly given to them by the US. Look at the equipment they have. It's brand spanking new. Even the white sneakers they're wearing look like they just came out of the box.

The official story of 'captured' American weapons to explain away why ISIS is so well armed is BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the new pickup trucks the US gave ISIS.

Alex • 8 years ago

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you pay taxes for.

Rob • 8 years ago

amerikan scum again..

Billo • 8 years ago

To quote Hillary on the Syrian rebels. "I think they will be well armed". No kidding, Saudis paying the freight for US and Israeli Zionists mercenaries.

nunu • 8 years ago

ISIS are US government mercenary contractors (Senator Mc Cain's department)so receive the same equipment and supplies as the marines, Everyone in the world knows this except the ever comatose american zombies

Robby Daniel • 8 years ago

I'd heard the new "Allah-Shebang" brigade would attack America in Washington way back in the 80's around 1984 sometime ~ Word back then was they were going to get a few Muslim jet-fighter pilots to steal a Cessna and fly it into an audit office ~
"Where'd I hear that?" I hear you ask ~ Truth be told 'A LITTLE BIRDY TOLD ME' it was the plan Stan ~ It was all the way back in the 80's and I was very drug-fcuked at the time and probably pretty drunk after ~ And the 'Little Birdy's' name you ask? ~
Hmm ~ His name was 'Mister No-Comment' I think ~
(At-least that's the name he's been using ever since) ~

GODKILLAH • 8 years ago

Given them by one of their founders JOHN MCTALIBANI (JOHN MCCAIN)

Robert Gipson • 8 years ago

Than previously thought by WHO?

Mark • 8 years ago

stop building weapons and there will be no weapons in the hands of evil murderers.
the war machine has deceived most of humanity for such a long time. Now it is more and more obvious the war scam is starting to be exposed to all the humans of this planet. The war lords are the terrorists, they own banks, and control military empires to do their durty work.
War on terrorism the new world order that Bushes kept hammering in the minds of the American people and the world.
and these war minded people love deceiving the fools who line up to join the military to follow orders???? what in the hell is going on with all you humans anyway?