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MisterDavid • 4 years ago

Let me tell you what upsets me most about this abomination of an article.

It's not the self-righteousness, it's not the 'us against them' dualism, it's not the rampant biblical illiteracy, it's not its historical fallacies, it's not it's ethical double-standards, it's not even its dumb assumptions that all Arabs are Muslims or the misspelling of 'Islamophobia'.

What upsets me most is it's wholehearted rejection of the Great Commission.

Jesus did not say, "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, except Muslims - kill them." If you believe in the Jesus of the Gospels, then you have been commissioned to love and reach out to ALL the world, because Jesus died for us all. Every tribe and tongue. No exceptions.

Speaking as the husband of an Arabic Christian, and the friend of many missionaries and indigenous believers across the Muslim World, this article is an unChristlike abomination, disgusting in every way.

King Beauregard 🍩 💧 • 4 years ago

Hey Charisma Magazine, are you gonna come clean about this article of yours? I see you took it down, probably because you didn't like being called out on being supporters of genocide ... but can you be man enough to offer a proper retraction?

Get your scabrous hides out here, you cowards, and take your lumps like the good martyrs you always dreamed you would be if push came to shove! Except of course the martyrs were on the right side of history, and you and yours are, at best, 21st century Pharisees.

Doug Bristow • 4 years ago

2 Timothy 1:6-8

New King James Version (NKJV)

6 Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Not Ashamed of the Gospel

8 Therefore
do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner,
but share with me in the sufferings for the gospel according to the
power of God,

The Starship Maxima • 4 years ago

And they said, Amen.

Doug Bristow • 4 years ago


RJR Fan • 4 years ago

Çünkü Tanrı bize korkakluk ruhu değil, güç, sevgü, ve özdenetim ruhu vermiştir.

Doug Bristow • 4 years ago

And what language is that and what is the translation?

James Johnson • 4 years ago

What many critics of this author don't seem to understand is a "Muslim American" is an oxymoron. They can only be "American" in the technical sense of where they reside (quietly and patiently waiting for their numbers to increase)--in America. However, if you are using the term as an insinuation of shared American ideals of "All men are created equal (i.e. what undergirds our Civil Rights)", then you are using the term in the most oxymoronic way. This would be like describing someone as a "Christian Satan worshipper".

To the Muslim that adheres to the Koran, an American (that subscribes to our ideals of freedom) is an "INFIDEL". Therefore, a "Muslim American" (that supposedly shares our ideals of freedom) is actually a "Muslim Infidel". The only way it is possible for a Muslim to be an American in the patriotic (shared ideals of freedom) sense of the term is if the Muslim is not an adherent to the Koran, but a heretic. 

Here are some disturbing facts about what is taught in mosques here in America:

A 2011 study has demonstrated that 80% of mosques right in this country are teaching jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism.

Researchers Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi reported in the Summer 2011 issue of Middle East Quarterly about a new survey that found that “51% of mosques had texts that either advocated the use of violence in the pursuit of a Sharia-based political order or advocated violent jihad as a duty that should be of paramount importance to a Muslim.” Another 30% of mosques in the United States “had only texts that were moderately supportive of violence,” while only “19% had no violent texts at all.”

Timothy (TRiG) • 4 years ago

How many US churches teach Christian supremacism?

Ax2root • 4 years ago

Thanks for info

afchief • 4 years ago

Deport them???? 0bama has DOUBLED Muslim immigration!!!

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, “the estimated share of legal Muslim immigrants entering the U.S. each year has roughly doubled, from about 5 percent of legal immigrants in 1992 to about 10 percent in 2012.” And this rise in Islamic immigration has been accelerated by a series of moves by Barack Obama.

For example, earlier this year the Wall Street Journal reported on a decision by the Obama administration to bring thousands of additional Syrian refugees into the country by the end of this year…

U.S. plans to resettle thousands of Syrians displaced by their country’s civil war could hinge on those refugees receiving exemptions from laws aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the country.

A U.S. official stated publicly for the first time this week that some of the 30,000 especially vulnerable Syrians the United Nations hopes to resettle by the end of 2014 will be referred to the U.S. for resettlement.


Ax2root • 4 years ago


"help iraqui Christians
Christian post.com 09/05/14

"..."What Americans can do today is write to their representatives and tell them the U.S. government needs to take more aggressive action toward the Islamic State, because this group is not only a threat to Iraq, it's a threat to America, eventually. And we need to deal with them now, before it's too late," Dawood told The Christian Post.

Dawood added that when Americans write to their representatives on behalf of Iraqi Christians, they should ask that the government allow them to immigrate to the U.S. within six months, and to provide humanitarian aid through the United Nations while they're waiting, "so they don't suffer or [resort to] selling themselves for sex so they can survive."

"I heard the president say last week that he doesn't have a strategy. Well, ISIS' strategy is to kill us. Their strategy is to convert us and kill us," he asserted.

The second thing Americans can do, he said, is to provide tangible assistance to the 250,000 refugees in Iraq through trusted nonprofit organizations that are helping Christians and other religious minorities who've been forced to leave their homes to flee the terrorist organization.

He also believes that there needs to be special criteria for Iraqi Christians who are seeking asylum, one that is separate and apart from the current quota system that is used for Iraqis who are immigrating to the U.S.

"There needs to be a special category to be accepted faster because these people are really the victims of this conflict," he added.

Fourth, and the most important thing Americans can do, he said, is to pray.

And fifth, Dawood encourages Christians to take part in rallies and speak at their churches to bring greater awareness and attention to the plight of Iraqi Christians who are being persecuted in their homeland.

Pastor Stephen Broden of Fair Park Bible Fellowship, who will be a featured speaker at the Dallas rally, told CP Thursday that three of the nonprofits that have been helping Iraqi Christians are Open Doors, Samaritan's Purse and Voice of the Martyrs.

"Like Bonhoeffer said, if we are silent in the face of evil we are agreeing with it, we are part of it; we become accomplices and are allowing it to happen. We don't need to wait. We need to take action now and be heard before it gets too late."

davidramseur • 4 years ago

Christian just war doctrine is about self defense and standing up for the oppressed. It is not hard to find those who are oppressed by Muslims following the dictates of their religion; they are everywhere! If one really wants to know about Islam's true nature they should listen to ex-muslims who are living under a death sentence. Of course you could also investigate the matter for yourself by actually reading the Quran and Hadith. You will quickly see the demonic influence of this death worshipping, destructive, and totalitarian religion! Thank goodness the crusades were fought. The world is a much better place today because Christians defended liberty and freedom. If they were not waged we would not have gotten the enlightenment, economic free enterprise, the technological revolution, etc...A new crusade is needed. It is the state's job to punish the evildoer! The government must protect western society from this ruthless and sadistic ideology! Specifically, our nation should tie all international aid, support, and strategic alliances to those countries who not only speak against terrorism but who can show actions against it. Not only this, but who openly condemn the violent and oppressive suras in the Quran and passages in the Hadith.

epazote • 4 years ago

>>> "The world is a much better place today because Christains defended liberty and freedom."
Christians slaughtered and enslaved 80 million indigenous Amerindians while "settling" in the Americas.
That doesn't account for approx. 1500 years of savagery committed by Christians in Europe and the Middle East before setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean towards the western hemisphere in 1492.

John Jay • 4 years ago

There is so much leftist propaganda in that bit it makes me squeamish. First off, indigenous Americans died of because of disease largely. And if you condemn Christians for slavery you essentially condemn every consortium of people before abolition, which was done by Christans. Christians made slavery the most humane and then abolished it. I doubt you would lay claims like this to other groups of people, probably revealing your anti-christian leftist, but I repeat myself, bias.

Carlos IMG • 4 years ago

"Thank goodness the crusades were fought."

In a sentence you went from Islamaphobic to simply ignoring the political, religious, and social complexities of such a sad series of events.

You can't be surprised if you lose credibility fast when you applaud the annihilation of perhaps millions and find a sacred book to justify it. It's amusing actually, if it weren't so tragic

Lephteez Arfoneez • 4 years ago

And the Muslims were the innocent victims of invading Christians? Just stood there harmless while the Christians mowed them down?

Wow, that is turbo-stupidity. Millions of innocent dead Muslims, all pacifists. Too funny. Christians bad - Muslims good.
Are you a 9/11 truther?

Mr. Stache • 4 years ago

Anyone know the name "Neville Chamberlain"? He was the UK prime minister, and in 1938 he made an agreement with Adolf Hitler, whom Chamberlain called "a man of peace." Hitler was more of a realist, he referred privately to Chamberlain as "that senile old fool." Back in the UK, Chamberlain was lauded by the public as the "Prince of Peace."

In case you didn't hear, history proved that Chamberlain was a naive fool. Hitler broke every promise he made to Chamberlain.

Appeasers have good intentions, but good intentions aren't enough in this world, you have to be, as Jesus phrased it, "wise as serpents," because we live in a world where evil people are only too happy to cozy up to appeasers. Appeasement has never worked with Muslims, they hate non-Muslims regardless of whether they fear us or conquer us, so better that they fear us.

Beau • 4 years ago

Yes, everyone remembers Neville Chamberlain. But Churchill didn't turn around and stereotype all non-Anglicans as devils.

Muslims love me. Most of them, anyway.

Kyle • 4 years ago

They love useful idiots, so did the Nazis and Communists.

Guest • 4 years ago

Very awesome article! You speak the absolute truth and most here will attack you for it. Islam is a danger to the entire world and certainly does not belong anywhere in America.

Liadan • 4 years ago

Islam has been a part of America since its discovery by white Europeans. They lived and died fighting for its freedoms. How dare you denigrate all Muslims for the act of a few?

Guest • 4 years ago

No citations yet? You won't find any. But I will give you a hint about islam, check out the Barbary Wars.

Ax2root • 4 years ago

A poster posted this USA history regarding Islam

"Please excuse the long post, but this is nothing new...

The world has been defending itself against violent Islamic invasion and the imposition of a global intolerant "sharia" caliphate for more than 1500 years!

From the defeat of the Byzantine Empire at Constantinople, to the Moors occupation of the Iberian Peninsula for 700 years, their conquests were only occasionally stopped at such critical moments as the Battle of Poitiers in France and as far as the Gates of Vienna. Followed later by the destruction of the Ottoman Empire in WWI. This evil Islamic "jihad" against all other "Infidels" has never ceased, and remains a threat to our world as we know it, yet today. Islam's march has only paused briefly throughout their violent history, when met with superior force! Not appeasement.

Even our young nation, America has been fighting Islamists for longer than many realize. Before America's independence was declared, American ships were pirated and their Christian crews killed or enslaved by Muslim pirates. In 1786 Thomas Jefferson, then US ambassador to France, and John Adams, then US Ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the Muslim ambassador to Britain, in an attempt to negotiate a peace treaty, without success.

Subsequently, these two future Presidents then reported to the US Congress the reasons told to them for the Muslims’ hostility towards America, a newly formed nation that had previously no grievances. According to the Muslim Ambassador:

“…it is founded on the Laws of our Prophet Mohammed, that it is written in the Koran, that all nations who have not submitted to Muslim authority are sinners. And that it is our right and duty as Muslims to make war upon you wherever found, and to convert, kill or make slaves of all conquered, and that every Muslim who should be slain in Jihad will surely go to Paradise.”

Guest • 4 years ago

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli...

Kenneth Ferguson • 4 years ago

Please take this down. Not acceptable at all.

Skotiad • 4 years ago

Islam was born with a sword in its hand.
Jesus was the Prince of Peace, he died on a cross, praying for his executioners. His disciples were martyred.
Muhammad was a man of violence, leading an army. Islam has always been and always will be a religion of blood.

Nothing "irrational" about fearing a religion that has been claiming the right to kill all non-Muslims. The word "Islamophobic" has no meaning. You might as well say that people have an "irrational fear" of psychotic killers.

Andrew • 4 years ago

"Islam was born with a sword in its hand. Jesus was the Prince of Peace"

Really? (Matt. 10:34)

Carlos • 4 years ago

If you have any evidence that Jesus ever led an army, as Muhammad did, please provide it.

Ax2root • 4 years ago

The Jihadi Serial Killer No One’s Talking About
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2014
For two bloody months, an armed jihadist serial killer ran loose across the country. At least four innocent men died this spring and summer as acts of “vengeance” on behalf of aggrieved Muslims, the self-confessed murderer has now proclaimed. Have you heard about this horror? Probably not.
The usual suspects who decry hate crimes and gun violence haven’t uttered a peep. Why? Like O.J.’s glove: If the narrative don’t fit, you must acquit. The admitted killer will be cast as just another “lone wolf” whose familiar grievances and bloodthirsty Islamic invocations mean nothing.
I say: Enough with the whitewashing. Meet Ali Muhammad Brown. His homicidal Islamic terror spree took him from coast to coast. The 29-year-old career thug admitted to killing Leroy Henderson in Seattle in April; Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young in Seattle on June 1; and college student Brendan Tevlin, 19, in Essex County, New Jersey, on June 25. Tevlin was gunned down in his family Jeep on his way home from a friend’s house. Ballistics and other evidence linked all the victims to Muhammad Brown. Police apprehended him last month hiding in an encampment near the Watchung Mountains of West Orange, New Jersey.
While he was on the run, he disguised himself in a Muslim keffiyeh. He carried a notebook with jihadist scribblings and advice on evading detection. I obtained the latest charging documents filed in Washington state, which detail the defiant domestic terrorist’s motives.
Muhammad Brown told investigators that Tevlin’s slaying was a “just kill.” The devout Islamic adherent proclaimed: “My mission is vengeance. For the lives, millions of lives are lost every day.” Echoing jihadist Fort Hood mass killer Nidal Hasan, Muhammad Brown cited Muslim deaths in “Iraq, Syria, (and) Afghanistan” as the catalysts for his one-man Islamic terror campaign. “All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life.”
When a detective asked him to clarify whether all four murders were “done for vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East,” Muhammad Brown stated unequivocally: “Yes.” He added that he was “just doing (his) small part.”
Seattle’s left-wing mayor, Ed Murray, rushed to issue a statement — which might as well have sported an insipid “Coexist” bumper sticker across the page — asserting that Muhammad Brown’s seething, deadly hatred did “not reflect the values of Muslims.” But the fact is Ali Muhammad Brown has plenty of company. Seattle alone has been a long-festering hotbed of anti-American, anti-Semitic jihadism.
In 2011, a Muslim terror ring led by Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahidh plotted “to kill officers and employees of the Department of Defense who worked at the (Military Entrance Processing Stations) located in the Federal Center South building in Seattle, Washington, and to kill other persons assisting such officers and employees in the performance of their duties” using “fully-automatic weapons pistols, and fragmentation grenades.”
In 2007, Seattle jihadist James Ujaama pleaded guilty to terrorism charges related to his plan to establish a terror-training ground in Bly, Oregon. He had previously pleaded guilty to aiding the Taliban.
In 2006, Everett, Washington Islamic revenge-seeker Naveed Haq shot six innocent women and killed one at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle building while spewing anti-Israel hatred and Muslim diatribes.
In 2002, James Ujaama’s mosque leader, Abdul Raheem Al Arshad Ali of the radical Dar-us-Salaam mosque in Seattle’s Central District, was first arrested on illegal weapons charges. He had provided arms to fellow Seattle-area Muslim cleric, Semi Osman. The ethnic Lebanese born in Sierra Leone had served in a naval reserve fueling unit based in Tacoma, Washington. Osman had access to fuel trucks similar to the type used by al-Qaida in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers, which killed 19 U.S. airmen and wounded nearly 400 other Americans. Osman later pleaded guilty to illegal weapons possession.
Another militant Seattle jihadist, Muslim convert Ruben Shumpert (aka Amir Abdul Muhaimin) was arrested after an FBI raid in 2004 for his role in a terror-financing scheme. He skipped out on his sentencing hearing and turned up in Somalia, where he was killed fighting the U.S. military. Terror group al Shabaab hailed Muhaimin as a martyr.
Which brings us back to Ali Muhammad Brown, who had been arrested 10 years ago as part of Muhaimin’s suspected terror-financing ring. A decade later, despite being on the feds’ radar screen, four innocent men are dead at Muhammad Brown’s hand.
These homegrown Muslim haters don’t want to coexist. They want to kill and help fund and train other Islamic killers. They are living and working among us, embedded in local mosques and inside our military. Where are our political leaders? Making Kumbaya excuses, sitting on the sidelines and golfing while homegrown and global jihad burn.

James Johnson • 4 years ago

One of the great Christian philosophers of our time, Ravi Zacharias, wrote a book titled, " The Prince and the prophet: Jesus talks to Mohammed."

A synopsis of the book can be described as, "an imaginary conversation between Jesus and Mohammed, each claiming some fairly radical things. Whose life was more in keeping with the character and call of God?"

Try to purchase the book. You cannot buy the book now. Do you know why? It will not be released until Mr. Zacharias' death because if it were released before that, his death might be hastened.

But Christians have absolutely no reason to be Islamophobic.

Lastly, I wonder how many of those criticizing the author of this article have actually read the Quran. How was the Muslim conquest stopped in the beginning of the last millennium? Was it stopped by Christians "loving their enemy and praying for them?" How did we end our oppression from the British? Did we love and pray for the British? All you who criticize this author and celebrate Independence Day are HYPOCRITES!

Christians are not called to be pacifists. If you disagree, please read this article and copy and paste exactly which part you disagree with and why:

Guest • 4 years ago

Knowles argument is so full of errors that I laughed my way through it. The kind of facile argument that Knowles set forth is such nonsense that it should not be dignified with a reply. His first mistake, a fatal methodological thread running throughout the rest of his argument, was to interpret the NT in light of the OT rather than the other way around. THE NEW TESTAMENT COMPLETES THE OLD TESTAMENT, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. MOSES IS NOT GREATER THAN JESUS. On the Mount of Transfiguration, with Elijah and Moses present, God made it perfectly clear to the frighten disciples who has preeminence. HEAR HIM!!!

The essence of biblical pacifism is that God has already acted through the cross of Christ. Horrendous evil does not take Him by surprise. As Yoder explained, we are not called to be effective, not called to win. We are called to be obedient to Christ even if it means being thrown into the fiery furnace. As biblical pacifists, our job is to demonstrate to the world that there is a fourth man in the fire, a lamb who conquered the world by giving up his right and power to destroy it. By adopting pacifism, we participate in the victory of the lamb.

James Johnson • 4 years ago

So when a knife wielding maniac (enemy) breaks into a home to rape and murder everyone inside, you are saying the proper course of action of the Christian father/protector of that home should NOT be to grab the nearest weapon to protect his family.

After all, "horrendous evil does not take [God] by surprise. That father is not called to be effective, not called to win against the killer. That father is called to be obedient to Christ even if it means being thrown into the fiery furnace [or having his family tortured and killed in front of him]. By adopting pacifism, that father participates in the victory of the lamb. This is your view taken to its logical conclusion. Can you see how ridiculous it sounds?

annie • 4 years ago

Amen! I looked up the book on Amazon and it was published in 2005?

Dean Bailey • 4 years ago

I have two thoughts after reading this article. The first is that any alert reader can't help but to have noticed the obvious play on words at the beginning of the article, in the explanation of "islamaphobia." The obvious comparison that came immediately to mind is the emphatically overused term and accusation of "homophobia." So I wondered if the "irrational fear" comment wasn't also meant to be some sort of poke at those of us who take just as serious issue with the entire homosexual movement? Perhaps not... but I wondered about the intent there, nonetheless.

My second thought is that the Muslims he refers to as "radical" are not actually radical at all in their Islamic beliefs. They are actually the truly dedicated Muslims. These so-called moderates here in America are not actually observing the fundamentals of their own faith. So, yes! This is certainly an issue to be aware of and very concerned about, not only for our children, but right now in our own generation. And it is quite clear from some of the do-gooders, bleeding heart, Islamic sympathizing comments that there are too many "Christians" who choose to turn a blind eye to the world around us.

Take a look at any and every minor and major conflict around the world today, and you will find that they ALL have one commonality: Islamic involvement!

Nick • 4 years ago

Ukraine and Russia, doesn't involve muslims at all. Involves plenty of christians though. And lots,and lots of christians don't follow their own religious doctrines, like for example, loving their enemy, turning the other cheek, or love they neighbor. Basically you've removed theo nly redeemign parts of your own religion.

Ax2root • 4 years ago

And YOU KNOW JESUS CHRIST as your lord and Savior?

Nod you believe that Jesus the Christ come as almighty God in the flesh?

If not....you believe the spirit of antichrist

Beau • 4 years ago

Putin? Colombia (which is thankfully dying down)?

And I know a lot of well-educated Muslims who are quite convinced that they, not ISIS, are following the "fundamentals of their own faith," just as you have millions of Christians who choose not to take the most bellicose verses of the Old Testament out of context.

True Christians are bleeding-heart do-gooders who do not dare to put a limit on God's love.

Ax2root • 4 years ago

Did Jesus the Christ come as Almighty God in the flesh?

Paul M. • 4 years ago

Islam is hell bent on one-world of Muslim, that's the goal. Oh, we keep hearing, "I know many nice ones and they don't kill", that's only because they are weak in the faith, their children or grandchildren might take up their holy book and be more faithful.

Nick • 4 years ago

How exactly is that any different from christians?

Paul M. • 4 years ago

Christians have been instructed by Christ in the New Covenant to share the Goodnews(i.e. Gospel). If its not accepted then we are to walk away. Any so called Christian wars or fighting is politically driven not Gospel directed. Whereas the Koran instructs their faithful to kill the nonbelievers who wont convert.

Ax2root • 4 years ago

And recognizing that many Muslims are receiving Jesus Christ the Son of God and Son of Man as Lord and Savior

Paul M. • 4 years ago

Knowing what may await that decision; eternally great; the near future???

Guest • 4 years ago

Good one!

annie • 4 years ago

Good (bad) one Aiden!

D Sims • 4 years ago

This article goes against just about everything Christ stood for. I suddenly see many that profess Christianity proudly take this kind of rebellious stand. You would think that they pay no attention to scripture not only on how we are to respond to those that despitefully use us but that as the world comes into its final days these things will be happening and even worse.
Of course as I searched this mans name on the internet I discovered why he speaks this way. Father help us.

BereanMan • 4 years ago

Charisma worries me as it increasingly gives a prominent platform to those who, despite professing to know God, bring dishonor to Christ and cause unbelievers to blaspheme his name and turn further away from him.
The fact that they do not realize how fleshly it is boggles the mind.
Charisma claims to teach readers about prophetic mysteries, the supernatural world, the future, end times, and so on... but fails to grasp the most basic facts about Christ, his kingdom, and our mission on earth as it relates to unbelievers among whom we once were if indeed we know Christ.

John Jay • 4 years ago

The offended Christian drivel is entertaining yet lacking substance. The Christian thing to do would be to rid your society of a people who completely disagree with every aspect of your culture, who want to change your Constitution to Sharia Law, who don't want to assimilate like people groups before them, and who ultimately want to kill you and rape your daughters. If you want to allow such barbarity in your culture so be it for liberty allows it, but may your suicidal syllogisms be the tiny minority in this free and civil society.

BereanMan • 4 years ago

Christian thing to do? I bet you could give one or two bible verses backing that up (if indeed the Bible and not others writings and ideologies is your guide)?