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ReynaldoH • 7 years ago

Way of the samurai is an old franchise, first game was on PS2 and 3 sequels on PS3 and even X360.

Guest • 7 years ago

no. way of the samurai 1 and 2 were on ps2, 3 was ps360 and 4 was ps3 only

ReynaldoH • 7 years ago

I know, I didn't mean to specify what game was on each platform, only that it is not new nor exclusive.

Allisa James • 7 years ago

Ah thanks for the clarification! I'll add that to the post then :)

General Hades • 7 years ago

can you fix the article?
Way of the Samurai is defintely NOT Samurai Warrior Chronicles.
Not the same genre and not even the same company.

General Hades • 7 years ago

Allisa -_-

Way of the Samurai is NOT Samurai Warrior Chronicles.
How in the world did you get those two mixed up.

they're not even been made by the same company
one is Spike Chunsoft and the other is KT/TK.

Guest • 7 years ago

>aka Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3

It's not. And where have you seen about WotS being 3ds/vita?

Arngrim • 7 years ago

On the 3ds?! Omg, thats awesome! I'm about to grab a Ps Vita aswell though so i can play SAO. But this is great news!

Like the mix up there with the a totally different series. Good work.

TheFatDelinquent • 7 years ago

Wait...Samurai Warriors Chronicles? Isnt that the game by Koei? I think you got something wrong...

General Hades • 7 years ago

she does, and its a pretty bad mixed up too.

TheFatDelinquent • 7 years ago

Luckily the news of the PS4 getting new games sorta nullify to disappointment but I do really really really hope WoTS5 is in development. I enjoyed WoTS4 but Im a fan of WoTS2...Really wishing they would bring back the instant kills, player home and partners and make the world bigger for 5!

PrinceHeir • 7 years ago

Good Stuff :D

TallSilhouette • 7 years ago

I have great memories of WotS 1. I hope this turns out well and it comes to the West. I would love to have it on my Vita.

Suzaku • 7 years ago

Way of the Samurai and Samurai Warriors are two completely different franchises. WotS 1 and 2 were on PS2, 3 was on PS3/360. While 4 was PS3 only, digital only in America.