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Stewart Miller • 6 years ago

I would be similar to superman, bullet and rocket proof but without being vulnerable to kryptonite, i would then scoop up all the terrorists, murderers and general scum bags into a giant net and fly them into space and chuck this giant net full of evil directly into the sun, of course there is not air in space so most would probably be dead by the time they reached the sun but i would at least be clearing up the rubbish from the planet and disposing of it by incineration.

Maurice Mitchell • 6 years ago

The winner is Stewart Miller! Congratulations Stewart! Email us at geektwins (at) gmail.com so we can send you your prize!

Tom Badguy • 6 years ago

If I had super powers, I'd probably be considered a super villain. I would use my powers to take what I want and form a dominating corporate empire. I would use them to get to this point and establish a constant influx of cash and funds. Then I wouldn't use my powers any more once this starts. I would let a board of directors run my company while I chill back and go on vacations and support me and my loved ones for the rest of their lives. All while doing this, never letting the public know who my alter ego is(this is key) but using a figurehead instead that does my actions.

I would purchase the best audio and video equipment and continue to make videos and content for a website or probably make a movie. I would also use the cash to go back to school and master writing so I can start writing and publishing my own comic books. Since my alter ego is unknown, I will have to start from the bottom up(which is what I prefer) but won't have to worry about working or having no money.

Finally, I would buy every single copy of Chrono Trigger on eBay regardless of the price and just hoard them all until I die.

I would be 100% selfish and basically abuse my powers to get things established financially for myself and those closest to me and then just go back to being me. This is the truth.

Mr. Johnson • 6 years ago

I would go around giving people money and hugs ! x x x

Kristen Mcclary • 6 years ago

i would control the world

Pat Dilloway • 6 years ago

I doubt they have it in my size, ie enormous.

Alex J. Cavanaugh • 6 years ago

If I still dressed up for Halloween parties, that would be cool.

NaomiB • 6 years ago

I would be a mutant Human/Coffea Plant hybrid. I would have caffine running through my veins so i can get everything done at superfast speed and be wide awake and alert all the time so i manage to get everything done and never miss out on fun x

Ellie powell • 6 years ago

If I would have super powers it would be the ability to turn water into cider so everyone would be more merry! Oh and for world peace of course!

mandy • 6 years ago

I would be a helping hermit using my super powers to help people over come problems and crisis s they face everyday employ other helping hermits and give them powers and also use the powers to determine the people who was telling the truth and really in need :)

Jill • 6 years ago

I'd be invisible and sneak into places I shouldn't b :-)

Emma Price • 6 years ago

I'd love to have the powers of superman (supergirl in my case!) I think to begin with i'd use my powers to have some fun, make myself a unique costume and then scare people at a number of comic book conventions around America by randomly flying when in a queue or being able to blow the annoying people out of the way when a celebrity appears! After that i'd just go around and fight some crime - cos that's what good superheroes do!

surrey34 • 6 years ago

If I was a superhero, I would fly around and destroy every single weapon and leave fluffy pillows so if any one wanted to fight the would have to use them

matthew fuller • 6 years ago

I would investigate time and perhaps do some good!

pam kelly • 6 years ago

Id use my superpowers to zoom in and zap violent criminals before they got the chance lol

Monika Bascombe • 6 years ago

Hm...I'd like to think I would be on the good side...but....the baddies have much more interesting days:)

Susan Pringle • 6 years ago

I would be invisible and trip up people who were being stupid.

Janine Atkin • 6 years ago

I'd be an invisible spy because i love being nosey

Jihane Bernichi • 6 years ago

If i were a superhero, i would try to help all the poor people who dont have food ror water to drink or even clothes toput on. So they can have some hope in life!

wobblycol • 6 years ago

I would use my superpower of flight to avoid all those annoying long waits and endless queues at airports.

Kelly law • 6 years ago

I would be super fast so I can get all the rubbish cleaning jobs out the way in the matter of seconds!

Natalie Crossan • 6 years ago

I'd be invisible and see all the wonders of the world :) x

Jenny Long • 6 years ago

I would use my electronic capabilities to destroy all recorded answer machine messages so that nobody would ever have to go through the pain of 'press one to be given another long list of options' again.

dawn hales • 6 years ago

I would use my powers to fly to war torn countries and rescue all the children that are caught up in it.

Laura Pritchard • 6 years ago

I would use my super invisibility to listen to trading conversations & buy good stocks!

Beverley • 6 years ago

I want to say something magnanimous like using my super powers to bring world peace, end suffering and cure disease, but frankly, I'd be lying.

There's an old saying that states: "Eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves" - well, that depends who you're listening to, doesn't it?! I would use my superpower, batlike sonar hearing to listen.

New product being talked about in a boardroom? My company would bring it out first! Celebs behaving badly? My media would have the scoop. New film plots being floated? I'm there. Contract tenders being whispered about? I'll do it for less!

I'd be known as the Mistress of Innovation and nobody would know how I was doing it!

I'd also use it for good - if I overheard skulduggery being planned, I would of course attempt to prevent it, but ultimately the power is all about me.

Jim Radford • 6 years ago

By day I would be Tony Starch and by night I would be "Iron Man"-helping people by doing their ironing when they don't have time!

Diane Radford • 6 years ago

I'm a mum so I would have super speed so I can do everything at once and stretchy and extra arms to hold the baby and make dinner in the kitchen at the same time.

i would use my powers to read peoples minds so i knew what was troubling them and how i could make them happy

samantha margetts • 6 years ago

i would read peoples mind. that way i could please everybody, hear all the mindfull gossip, and make things to my advantage. mooooo ha ha ha ha ha ha

Melanie McNair • 6 years ago

Make the rich have to actually work hard doing manual jobs

maci234 • 6 years ago

I would save the world from poverty somehow

Kelvin clarke • 6 years ago

I would use my powers to rid the world of stress, there would be no rush to do anything. My name would be 'Chill out man'

Maxine M Partridge • 6 years ago

tbh I think I already am she hulk!! if not I'd be a superhero who could shout really loud and break stuff! so want this prize for my hubby lol!

DAVID WALSTON • 6 years ago

I would be The Brown Recluse. Only striking out at crime if it attacked me, and then with deadly force.

Dave • 6 years ago

I would use my powers of telekinesis to suspend anvils over politicians and CEOs, to inspire them from evil. I may be a well meaning supervillain.