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codefool • 8 years ago

Forget this transhumanism garbage .Why do people think they need to put every whim and thought out on the internet .

Terry Butts • 9 years ago

And how long after such an invention will they be able to use it to edit someones thoughts to change their mind as easily as a hacker can change a webpage today to say whatever they want it to say instead of what it actually says or worse?

TruthAreLies • 9 years ago

This article is just another example of what was once a conspiracy theory becoming a fact. If this keeps up people might actually start to realize that the illuminati are the Freemasons.

rockyvnvmc • 9 years ago


SantosGarcia • 9 years ago

We are watching the precursor to this: http://zionsgate.wordpress....

Terry Butts • 9 years ago

So they want the "Sci-fi" world were the person at the other end can push a button and fry their brain? NO not in this or any other lifetime.

Laura Foote • 9 years ago

The young generation will think this is "cool", and look what their "cool" votes got us to, no way will i ever accept this dumbing down ploy, they will control everything last thing you do, truly the dumbest thing i've read today,smh.....

Guest • 9 years ago

Such implanted technology would change the world, especially the way humans learn. Consider surgeons with instant access to all available medical data? The transhuman would have access to all available human knowledge, instantly.

Nam1 • 9 years ago

With the touch of the screen, click of the mouse, they will control your vote... Ya, go right ahead people and give your free will away.

Guest • 9 years ago

Must every argument by anti transhumanists, like yourself, be about your assumed "free will" and your "vote"? You are not free now, you were not free when you were growing into adulthood and you will not be free in the future. Get over it. Move forward or be left behind.

The future is about WE, not ME.

Nam1 • 9 years ago

Your exactly the kind I'm talking about, YOU gave up along time ago!

Guest • 9 years ago

What did I give up?

Nam1 • 9 years ago

Your soul

Guest • 9 years ago

What is a "soul"?

Nam1 • 9 years ago

Enough said!

Guest • 9 years ago

You refuse to answer my question?

Nam1 • 9 years ago

I don't have to you answered it already

Guest • 9 years ago

I do not understand.

Nam1 • 9 years ago

That's ok Aaron, maybe someday you will!

Lance Steele • 9 years ago

Won't it be difficult for those folks to have the necessary circuitry installed when their heads are so far up their rectums ?

KDS • 9 years ago

Gee Odumbo will be able to control you from the Oval Orifice!

gardeninggal1 • 9 years ago

God like? Hardly. Look to the dark side.

lazarus • 9 years ago

The Mark of the Beast is coming closer and closer.

Alisa • 9 years ago

That was my first thought too.

Stephanie Wilson • 9 years ago

what in God's Holy Name??? anybody see what i see? [if not, it's antichrist]

J.B. Young • 9 years ago

Good grief! Freaks!

Craig Gorsuch • 9 years ago

And people freak out about the NSA spying on our computers & email... With WiFi chips in our brains, our minds could be hacked and we would then be persecuted for thought crimes.

Guest • 9 years ago


royce • 9 years ago

Aaron, I have no choice but to conclude that you are a total idiot!

Craig Gorsuch • 9 years ago

Only if one believed such things absolutely would transpire. I only point out the potential things that may transpire. It is the abuses of technology, and those who misuse technology that we should be wary of. The idea of a brain to computer interface I think is a cool idea, the problems associated therewith generally go unforseen by most. Merely bringing up the unforseen problems doesn't make me paranoid, simply realistic.

Guest • 9 years ago

Caution is logical. However, if there are none to beta test the technology because they all think as you, how can the technology progress? Innovation is about risk, correct? Why the fear? Are governments of the world forcing you to get this technology? Again. Why the fear?

Craig Gorsuch • 9 years ago

The NSA didn't require that we used email, but they misused that technology. Same with spammers. The people writing computer viruses didn't mandate that we use computers. Internet stalkers didn't force us to use Mark Zuckerberg's creation. It's the uses of technology the inventors of that technology don't our can't foresee that cause the problem. Those same problems also lead to new solutions.

Why the "fear"? Because we're living in a time when government has run roughshod over the civil liberties of We The People regarding improper use of technology by blatantly spying on the citizenry. More importantly, there is no technology that can't be hacked and/or used for nefarious purposes, by those who are only exercising what is common in all human nature.

As cool as future-tech can be, realists are commonly called pessimists when we comment that coolness comes with inherent dangers.

Guest • 9 years ago

Can you inform me why the United States government has found reason to monitor email to begin with?

However, I do understand your concern regarding hackers. This is a realistic concern, though not a sufficient reason to boycott the innovation.

Craig Gorsuch • 9 years ago

The US government has already engaged in warrantless wiretaps and spied on US citizens




Just three articles that illustrate the U.S. Government presents themselves not as a means to cyber security, but as a threat to the cyber security of the innocent individual. It's the classic question, "Who watches the watchers?

It is not my responsibility to tell you why the State is engaging in this activity, but theirs!

The U.S. Government has no reason to do this, yet when they engage in the same activities as hackers for the same reason as hackerswith all the same tools as hackers with the same outcome as hackers, are they any less malicious than hackers?

I'm far from paranoid, but the existing track record against the State regarding actions against its citizens has become increasingly concerning.

NeylandSmyth • 9 years ago

Generation Wi-Fi doesn't have brains.

MyRoseHasTHORNS • 9 years ago

they were indoctrinated

Read Between the Lines • 9 years ago

Born in 1987 and Lord help us.

Stephanie Wilson • 9 years ago

i was born in 1978 & i was thinking the same thing! i see the number 666 as well.

enough_is_enuff • 9 years ago

Hmm... this would end up making those in control of the internet the equivalent of the fungi that makes ants into zombies, for its own benefit. Only the implanted people would be the human form of "zombie ants". Mind control to force a person to do the bidding of the ones in control? How elitist. Have a kill switch as part of the device to eliminate the host when they are no longer useful. This doesn't sound like it would be a positive for the common people.
Nope, bad idea, really bad.

boomer babe • 9 years ago

WOW.. just WOW
'mark of the beast already"? '666'?
this is what many who thought the mark in the forehead was THIS
PUTTING A SMARTPHONE in your forehead
but then again
Gen Wifi kids are those who came from BROKEN or NEVER FORMED HOMES and have no 'point of reference' to see what normal is
my 19yo, from this generation, is one who isn't too much into the internet, and she thinks it wastes her time..LOL
and NO she wont put silly naked pics on facebook!!
those don't go away

DrShock • 9 years ago

Even without the religious implications, just think, if I were implanted with the chip and I was walking down the street and saw a "nice" looking woman walking the other was and thought I'd like to have a sexual encounter with her and she knew it instantly thru her connection .....SMACK!

wandakate • 9 years ago

DRSHOCK: Smack...then you could "BOTH" commit a sin...Then you can both account to GOD on judgment day. But if you don't care and would prefer to have the lust of the flesh take over then that is your choice as Hell will always have room for 2 more.

Watch it • 9 years ago

It's bad enough that cookies get put on our computers, they will develop a way to put them in our brains - make us want to buy their products. But even scarier is what the government can do. They will create a more advanced 'NSA" that will monitor your thoughts. If you are perceived as a threat to the party in power or the government, you will become a political prisoner. They won't call them that, just like they denied that certain journalists and detractors who were jailed recently were. And if they can monitor your thoughts, they will be able to put their own special "cookies" in our minds. We will be a nation of automatons. We are well on our way already as is evidenced by the people who bought into Obamacare and the rest of the Obamaworld, and as Jonathan Gruber said, the people are too stupid to figure things out..

evoval • 9 years ago

Once they have your mind there's nothing left after that.

wandakate • 9 years ago

EVOVAL: YES, absolutely, you are correct...The mind is a terrible thing to waste. I can't imagine even considering something like this and in my opinion it's just plain stupid, and people who want to do this have no sense whatsoever. They have completely lost their minds. I'm keeping my own mind, and my own thoughts and I'll be just fine.

Technicallysane • 9 years ago

It will be widely accepted by the dumbed down generation.

an8340 • 9 years ago

I'd prefer a wired connection. I guess I'm old fashioned. 4-Jack Parallel Duplex like Ghost in the Shell (also a good thing to see if you're in the mood for the moral and spiritual aspects of transhuman living).

But I'd get one. The on tap access to relevant information would, to me at least, be worth the very dubious idea of "loss of humanity".

The truth of the matter is that we are all more cyborgs than most would like to think. Machines already serve as our voices by which we communicate to the world; they already serve as eyes and ears through which we learn about the world; they already serve as our external memory (Try to remember phone numbers and email addresses of all your family and friends. Don't worry, I'll wait). Machines are already an integral part of ourselves, even without being connected to our meat. We became cyborgs without even noticing.

Guest • 9 years ago

Well said.

Cooky642 • 9 years ago

That's the scary part: that we became cyborgs without even noticing!

Mike Slaney • 9 years ago

I don't think so, Tim!