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Linda Dunavant Cremer • 11 months ago

What situation would you recommend using lacquer vs wax? Thank you!

Lacquer is great for abrasion resistance (so we would always advise it for floors!) but as with wax, Lacquer will need protecting from heat as well as harsh cleaning products.

Ultimately, the choice between Lacquer and Wax is really a style choice, but bear in mind that wax has a curing time and should be treated with extra care for a couple of weeks after application.

Lori Meridith • 11 months ago

I have painted several pieces first one with a good quality paint brush. Next with Annie's brush. Annie's brush was exceptional. No paint lines and very smooth. I also used a laquior and it turned out amazing...

A10TOES . • 3 weeks ago

Previous owner put polyurethane over the stained cabinets, must I sand before applying the chaulk paint? Thank you!

james • 1 month ago

Can I use your CHALK PAINT and WAX on veneer fronted kitchen cabinets. If so do I need any special preparation.

Robert Hamon • 4 months ago

Robert Hamon. Hello Annie. I make picture frames and do picture framing and have been for some 48 years. rh Framing. I want to xpand into interior decorating and plan to use your paints. I've already experimented and the results are great. I'm starting on my own 1910 Edwardian house and will let you know how I get on. Cheers for now.

Robin Sollinger Gleeson • 4 months ago

Experimenting with dry brush and wash technique, in an effort to maintain the grain in the wood, but give it a lighter look. It seems like the white wax took off the wash of paint color....or is it my imagination? I dry brushed the piece a second time (paris grey), and it seems to have happened again. Am I doing something wrong? I lightly sanded to start and waited 24 hrs before waxing.

Lisa Harris • 6 months ago

Please can you help! I painted 2 old chairs with Annie Sloan chalk paint and was delighted with the outcome. The chairs had been previously varnished I presume so I just sanded lightly prior to painting. The chairs were decorative and only sat on at Christmas when we needed extra seating. The paint has completely lifted now and is flaking in large strips. I want to re-do them but want to avoid this happening again. I buffed them with wax after painting and as far as I am aware, followed all the advice. I have since bought the Annie Sloan Wax and dedicated brush in readiness for my next attempt. I am keen to do my kitchen window ledges too but they are oak and may have stain or varnish so I really need advice please before I start either project. Thanks in anticipation!, Lisa

Sand the chairs back in the flaking areas and apply a coat of clear shellac. You can then paint and wax again. I would recommend visiting your local stockist, as they will have lots of tips and advice! Search here to find your nearest shop: https://www.anniesloan.com/...

Melissa Morris-Hillman • 6 months ago

I want to paint and wax my front house door. Will it be able to be painted over at a later date if I use wax or should I use polyurethane or something else to protect to look ahead to the future ?

Wax is not a suitable finish for outdoors, so we would recommend using an exterior grade water based finish for the most long lasting results.

Shelby • 6 months ago

Which is the best technique for hiding the wood grain in oak cabinets? And would wax vs. lacquer help to hide it as well? Thanks!

janet clark • 7 months ago

Janet Clark
Is it possible to paint cupboards with chalk paint that have a 2 pac finish?

newscat01 • 7 months ago

A previous owner put varnish on our cupboards. Is it possible for chalk paint to sink into that surface sufficiently?

If it's really shiny varnish, you can give it a light sanding to break the surface and provide a better key. You could just paint over the top of the varnish though!

Jennifer Carnesecca • 7 months ago

Hi do you sand the paint before putting the wax on?

You can if you want to - it's up to you!

Tamjid Mujtaba • 7 months ago

Hi I have 1980s type gloss mdf cabinets. I have sanded down with 120grit sander but the Paint i bought just runs straight off it. Any advice please about preprepping cupboards. I bought ronseals cupboard chalk paint. Iv now come across annie sloan. Is there a difference in quality if i purchased some sloan paint would i need to do sanding or any other preprepping given my cupboards are glossy type. I am not diy-er and out of my depth If i could replace the cabinet doors in a cost effective way i would but.... Selling the place so trying to make it look presentable Thanks

Glossy surfaces can take a little more patience, but Chalk Paint should cover it. Leave plenty of drying time between coats and don't overwork the paint on the second coat - a roller may help.

Frances • 7 months ago

Is the chalk paint suitable for kitchen cupboards made of MDF? The old laminate covering is peeling off and was thinking to take it all off and paint them but not sure what the finish would look like.

It should be fine. You can always test if you're not sure!

Derek • 8 months ago

I'm extremely frustrated. I want to love the Lacquer so bad but it has ruined any project it has touched. I have ran it through a paint sprayer, rolled it, and even brushed it (with a quality brush that wasn't cheap). It leaves a complete white film over the entire project, flakes off, and shows every roller/brush/spray mark. And before anyone says that I put too much on, I've tried it very thin to very thick and it's all the same. What am I doing wrong? Most recently I wanted to use it on a night stand and had to repaint over the whole thing to cover the lacquer. HELP

Tami Reese • 6 months ago

If you use a flat finish laquer it almost always happens since there is a flattening compound in it. It helps to be super super stirred.

Hi Derek - sorry you're having a hard time with the Lacquer. Please could I ask you to email enquiries@anniesloan.com and we'll look into what has happened here.

Alicia Rise Up • 9 months ago

Any advise?? I painted my cabinets in my kitchen and waxed 3 coats however if water from the sink gets on it it will leave water lines. I thought the wax was good enough? Am I doing something wrong?

Wax should be water repellent, so after three coats I'm not sure what has happened here! Usually you will find that the marks disappear when dry. Wax doesn't like to have water sitting on the surface, so any splashes are best wiped up straight away.

Allison Glen • 9 months ago

We have a wooden worktop (no cabinet) in our kitchen which we've been oiling every year but it's looking pretty dire now. I know we can sand it and retreat but I was wondering if it's possible to paint then wax it. Just want something that I can wipe clean (we have a range so there's no worktop near that). Would this work?

Although Chalk Paint is generally great for use in the kitchen, we don't recommend it as a finish for worktops.

When sealed with Soft Wax or Lacquer, it makes a water resistant finish but is not completely waterproof. It does not hold up well to regular cleaning with kitchen cleaners or detergents. It's also not a heat resistant finish, so is not the best choice for worktops that see a lot of traffic in the way of hot cups of tea etc.

Nancy Webb • 10 months ago

My cabinets are not made of wood but partical board. Would you recommend me using Anne Sloan’s chalk paint? Would there be any special instructions or steps I would need to follow and do you think the paint would be durable for these type of cabinets?

Nancy Webb • 10 months ago


bettina hatami • 10 months ago

Hi there, I have badly scratched laminate kitchen cabinets and on a real tight budget. So I sanded them down to prepare for painting, and of course, some of the cracks revealed the mdf beneath the laminate...Can I still use the chalk paint over it? And I was thinking of using the craqueleur to "lessen" the cracks and then the lacquer after. Can I do that?

I would advise practising your technique first to make sure you like how it looks. Chalk Paint will crack on its own if you apply heat with a hairdryer while it is drying - you can Google this technique or email us at enquiries@anniesloan.com

Debbie • 10 months ago

Hi guys.
really wanting to paint our kitchen door units. I think they have a vinyl wrap coating to give it the wood look. Can you recommend where to start and if the paint would work on top of that?

Thanks. Debbie.

Vinyl wrapped units can be sensitive to moisture as the coating is so thin. In some cases the vinyl can be carefully removed - this will give you a better surface to paint, but is more work than just painting over the top! You could always test if you're not sure.

Shayna Bushman • 11 months ago

I’m painting my kitchen cabinets Napoleonic Blue and put a coat of laqueur over the top with a brush however you can see lines in the paint. Do you have suggestions? Also the laqueur seems frothy or bubbly is this normal?

Lori Meridith • 11 months ago

a few seconds ago
I have painted several pieces first one with a good quality paint brush. Next with Annie's brush. Annie's brush was exceptional. No paint lines and very smooth. I also used a laquior and it turned out amazing... The bubbles are prolly from being shaken and not stirred... Laquior needs a good stir from the bottom to the top of the can.

Kit Coldstream • 11 months ago

We are hoping to paint our kitchen cabinets, but are wondering whether this is advisable in areas near the (gas) cooker? Are the paints flammable, or is there a fireproof one recommended for use in kitchens? We have a small kitchen, so the cabinets are all quite near the cooker! Thanks in advance for answering! We love your paints!

Chalk Paint is not flammable and many people have successfully transformed their kitchen cabinets using our products. I wouldn't paint the area directly behind a cooker, as the finish will be susceptible to stains and damage from steam. Otherwise, it should be fine!

Kit Coldstream • 11 months ago

Thank you very much Hannah. Let's go!

Susan • 11 months ago

I've painted kitchen chairs in Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I've done two coats and waxed once. It still feels very chalking and rough to touch. How do I get it to a more sheen/shiny finish so that it is smoother to touch please

Try using a very fine grade steel wool to smooth out the finish.

Sheila Furnival • 12 months ago

I have a dining table I have painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Once I have applied the wax layer will this make the table heat resistant?

Painted furniture should be treated in the same way that you would treat natural wood - protect from heat, wipe up spills promptly and avoid harsh chemical cleaners. This is the same whether you use wax, Lacquer, varnish, poly etc.

Paige Quigley • 12 months ago

Would this paint/ wax finish be suitable for high traffic areas with small children. Or will it scuff easily and leave little fingerprints when heavily touched? Thank you!

A hand painted finish will never be as robust as a factory finish like laminate/melamine. It does need to be treated with care to keep it looking at its best, but lots and lots of our customers have young families and use the paint all the time. Maybe paint something small so that you get a feel for what the finish is like?

Oscar • 1 year ago

Painting kitchen cabinets. When this chalk paint dries, does it dry with a smooth and level finish (before waxing) or will it have brush lines? if with brush lines, how to avoid it and get a smooth finish. I understand waxing and buffing will provide the sheen. Trying to avoid the brush lines.

Have a look at this video to see how Annie achieves a smooth finish: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Lorraine Day • 1 year ago

I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets in grey. Do you have a grey paint that I can buy?

Yes - have a look here: https://www.anniesloan.com/... or visit your local stockist by searching here: https://www.anniesloan.com/...

Michael R Ireland • 1 year ago

We are looking to repaint our kitchen cabinets that have a golden oak color with gloss finish. Would you recommend a de-glosser or sanding?