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Fred • 6 years ago

Yeh right! Cant afford ads so bungs on a bit of a scandal to grab some publicity. Sorry champ...huge fail...again!

Nick R • 6 years ago

The guy achieved just 3% of the vote in the 2012 Lake Macquarie local government election, coming last. He's not a political threat. No political opponent would waste their time looking up his address let alone committing criminal acts.

Future Thinker • 6 years ago

Obviously the major political parties are scared that an Independent candidate will represent the best interests of the electorate rather than the wishes of the unelected political hacks that control pre-selection in major parties for the benefit of political patrons.

Independents get things done for their communities. Thank you Tony Windsor, Peter Draper and Richard Torbay.

Fred • 6 years ago

Richard Torbay ???? Forced to resign after being referred to the ICAC! You might want to read this before you continue singing Torbays praises....http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/the-secr...

Garry • 6 years ago

You've only got to look at which candidates posters are trashed to know who's responsible for the acts of vandalism that hit this region at election time.

Funny thing is I've never seen a Labor candidates posters defaced.

Lake Mac Guy • 6 years ago

I have an ALP one around the corner from me that is always defaced. So there goes that theory Garry.

Garry • 6 years ago

Where is that Lake Mac Guy I'd like to see it for myself.
That's what I thought no such poster exists.

rob ward • 6 years ago

You obviously don't look.

Garry • 6 years ago

Looked long & hard for near 20 yrs & never seen a labor persons electoral posters trashed anywhere in the region.
Seen plenty of Libs & Ind signes ruined though.

Directeur Sportif • 6 years ago

It is just another form of political expression but peraps a bit childish. As you say it does get shared around as well. Do you think we should ban the sale of Artline Textas to developers during the campaign period? And do you think a charge of vandalism of a campaign poster would get up?

acrula • 6 years ago

One of my kids' cars and two neighbours' cars were attacked in a similar way three weeks ago, but the perpetrator(s) chose the eggless recipe. None of them are running for election as far as I know.

Pete • 6 years ago

Cool story bro

acrula • 6 years ago

Hmmm ... Arjay wants to legalise pot. Know anything about that?

Arjay Martin • 6 years ago

Medical 'Pot' for Terminal and Chronic conditions... studies have shown anti-cancer fighting abilities, pain removal, etc.

Prohibition didn't work for alcohol either - but led to Bonny and Clyde, the Gangsters, etc. It'd be better if people could go to Court about 'being ripped off bro', rather than shooting people (innocents caught in the cross fire).

Zero IQ • 6 years ago

Probably don't vote either. Judging by the capacity of their intellect they wouldn't know how to anyway.

Anthony Fry • 6 years ago

Good to see somebody fighting for alternate medicine, this will scare the hell out of drug companies profits if Arjay can get these through, if you do get elected watch your back.