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Railfan • 7 years ago

It has been pointed out by a knowledgeable person that a loaded coal train from the Powder River Basin and headed for the Iatan power plant would not pass through Parkville (as the article implies). Most likely it would be emptied and returned from that point.

Danny Wood • 7 years ago

Hi Railfan,
You're right, thanks for pointing it out...my wording for the article was slightly different to the radio report and does now imply that - apologies. We'll change that text. You also allude to empty coal trains - what's interesting there is that according to the reports I've read, empty coal train cars can produce more coal dust than full coal train cars.
Danny Wood

Railroader • 7 years ago

The crews that work on and often times walk along side of these trains are the people who have the first and closest contact. There have been countless times where I have been on the inside of an engine that was used as a rear unit, and you could write your name on the wall with your finger, or I've had a light black dusting on my skin or clothes. It's all been deemed "ok" by OSHA (allegedly).